They Were Just Filming The Water. What They Caught At :09 Seconds Is A Once In A Lifetime Moment!

Whale watchers often have to be very patient while hoping and waiting to get a glimpse of these magnificent creatures. They may have the pleasure of enjoying a beautiful spot, such as The Bay of Fundy, that sits between Maine and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. However, tourists come here for more than the beauty.

On the Atlantic coast, this bay is known to be the habitat for more than 12 species of whales. This increases the likelihood that whale watchers won’t be disappointed in their quest to actually see one. Despite the fact that this spot inhabits all these whales, it still remains the “luck of the draw” as to whether tourists will actually be privy to a sighting.

On this particular day, these whale watchers got the view of a lifetime! Luckily what they saw was captured on video, which allows all of us to enjoy this literally breathtaking appearance. A massive humpback whale, unbelievably close to their boat, flew into the air! The sight was both startling and completely exhilarating!

I hope you enjoy what you are about to see as much as I did. This was the best video I have seen all week. I hope one day I’ll be able to witness something even close to this in person!

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He Was Filming Seagulls But He Never Expected This Once In a Lifetime Surprise!

Alaska is one of the wildest places on earth. The state is filled with all sorts of nature’s wonders and its land and seas are teeming with wildlife. From the scenic rocky coasts to the stunningly beautiful snowy inland peaks, there are millions of acres of pristine untamed wilderness and thousands of miles of coastline to explore.

With limited roads and ways to reach the wilds, the best way to get around and see things up close and personal is by boat. When you’re out on the open waters that run along the coast of Alaska you can expect to see some pretty amazing things. This couldn’t have rung truer for one man, Brad Rich, who was fishing with friends near Resurrection Bay off the coast of Seward, Alaska.

The experienced group of fishermen had spotted a bunch of seagulls off in the distance and knew that there must have been a pod of humpback whales feeding nearby so they headed over to check out the scene. With his camera ready to capture any sightings of the whales, Dan aimed it towards the area where the seagulls were making a racket.

Moments later the group’s intuition paid off. The whales suddenly breached the waters surface, not over near where the gulls were, but right in front of the boat instead! All Dan had to do is pan left and there they were! At least 10 or so of the giants poked their heads out of the water as they gulped down fish right off the stern of the boat. The incredible, once in a lifetime experience was all captured on film and the footage is truly amazing.

Brad was naturally beyond shocked and excited as his reaction in the video shows. Be forewarned that he had some choice words to say at the moment and the clip does contain a bit of audible profanity. Regardless of that, Brad now has one heck of a fishing story to tell his friends and family and if anyone ever doubts it he can refer them to the video!

Check it out to see one of nature’s most awe-inspiring and naturally occurring spectacles extremely close up. It’s an exceedingly rare sight to see this many of these majestic, gentle giants feeding on fish all together at once. Brad’s reaction to the whales shows just how surprised and astonished even a seasoned fisherman from Alaska can still be. However, that’s exactly what the state is known for; once in a lifetime experiences with the awesome power of nature.

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Man Is Filming Some Seagulls When He Gets The Unexpected Surprise Of Lifetime Which Make Him Poop His Pants!

For many people a trip to Alaska is a dream vacation. The state is filled with nature’s wonders, from the scenic rocky coasts to the enormous snowy inland peaks. There are millions of acres of untamed pristine wilderness and thousands of miles of coastline to explore.

With limited roads and ways to access the wilds, one of the best ways to get around and see things is by boat. Boating is big business up in Alaska, whether it’s for fishing, sight seeing tours, transportation, or recreation.¬†One man, Brad Rich, was recently out on the water off the coast of Seward, Alaska with his friends.

The group noticed a bunch of seagulls off in the distance and that there was a pod of humpback whales feeding nearby. In hopes of capturing some whale action on film, Dan whipped out his camera and started recording the area where the sea gulls were making a racket.

He trained the lens on the birds and a couple of moments later his efforts paid off. The whales breached not near the gulls, but instead right in front of him! At least 10 of the giants poked their heads out of the water as they gulped down fish right off the stern of the boat.

Brad was beyond shocked and excited, as his reaction on the video shows, and ended up capturing amazing footage of the once in a lifetime experience.¬†Check out the video to see one of nature’s many awe-inspiring spectacles close up and naturally occurring. It’s a pretty incredible sight to see these majestic, gentle giants feeding on fish all together at once.

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Vacationers Were Gazing Into The Water When They Got The Unexpected Surprise Of a Lifetime!

The greatest thing about the summer months is the freedom to be outside and explore nature in all it’s forms. ¬†It brings families together on vacations to places they have never been and to see sights that simply aren’t available in their own backyard.

True nature lovers have that wanderlust that takes them on adventures that open up the possibility of seeing something new and memorable. ¬†The group of tourists in this video standing on giant boulders near the water’s shore on Saturna Island in British Columbia, Canada were enjoying the beautiful day, when to their surprise they were to behold a sight that took their breath away!

They had gathered hoping to spot a whale close enough to view. ¬†There was some movement in the water when suddenly not one, not two…but an entire pod of Orca Whales began emerging from the water in a playful rhythm prancing past the excited tourists practically within arms reach of where they expectantly stood on the rocks. ¬†The people squealed with delight at the majesty and abundance of these beautiful creatures.

This once in a lifetime experience of such close proximity to these whales is something these tourists will surely never forget, and the video is thrilling to behold.

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A Giant Whale Kept Swimming Up To These Guys. Then They Realized Something Was Seriously Wrong!

Two young fisherman from Australia recently had an amazing run in with an enormous whale while out on their boat. Seventeen year old Michael Riggio and his friend Ivan Iskenderian were returning from a fishing trip in Middle Harbour, which is north of Sydney, when a whale swam up to them.

At first the boys were surprised and amazed that a whale was coming in so close to shore and the boat. It repeatedly poked the tip of its barnacle speckled head up out of the water and even nudged the boat several times.

As the whale continued acting more and more atypical another fisherman took notice. Ron Kovacs was in a boat across from the boys and started to record the strange scene. The whale circled the watercraft and swam underneath it a few times before it resumed poking its head out of the water. That’s when the boys realized the reason for the whale’s uncharacteristic behavior; it needed help.

In its mouth was a tangled mess of fishing wire and several plastic bags that had gotten stuck. The unwelcome garbage was clearly aggravating the whale and it wanted it removed. Iskenderian sprung into action and leaned out as far as he could when the whale neared the boat.

He managed to snag the trash and free the whale from having it stuck in his mouth. As he was doing that, Riggio whipped out his cell phone and used the scene as a backdrop for some selfies. He ended up capturing and preserving the incredible, unbelievable, once in a lifetime moment and shared it with the world.

After the wire and plastic had been removed the whale happily swam off to deeper waters. As it glided out to sea it slapped its fin on the water’s surface, as a way to show appreciation and say thanks to the people who helped it out. The man recording the video, Ron Kovacs, summed it up best when he later wrote on his Facebook page ‚ÄúHe was very enquisitive and more interested in us.

You could see that big eye coming out watching us. They are not dumb for sure.‚ÄĚ He is 100% correct, whales are far more intelligent and clever than most humans ever give them credit for. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and when Kovacs looked into the whale’s eye he saw a peaceful, smart, wise, and gentle creature who needed a little help. Once the whale received that help, it expressed thanks and continued on its way.

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Man Puts His Hands Over The Side Of The Boat Everyone Is Stunned By What Emerges From The Water!

The oceans are filled with beauty and mysteries that most of us have never even begun to imagine. Every once in a while we are given a look at the miracles that bring this blue planet life. In this video you are to experience the majesty and wonder of whales.  Despite their gigantic size they command a kind of grace and peacefulness that intrigues those who watch them.  It is quite exciting when humans catch sight of them in their natural habitat.

A group of whale watchers in the waters of San Ignacio, Belize were hopeful of catching a glimpse of these magnificent creatures, as they are often spotted in this area. They were elated to have this encounter with a female gray whale but had no idea they were in for a great unexpected surprise.

As the whale came right next to their boat she lifted her baby calf out of the water with a mother’s pride. ¬†As the watchers cooed and squealed with elation at the cuteness of this sight, they were able to pet the calf and it’s proud mama. ¬†This was quite amazing, as these great grey whales are quite protective of their cubs. ¬†She must have sensed the friendly vibe and trusted that they were safe. ¬†Enjoy this beautiful encounter.

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