A Shark Swims Up To A Diver At An Aquarium And Surprises Him. Then Things Get Strange!

A lot of people have a fear of sharks.  Maybe it’s because of the movie Jaws or maybe it’s because they have read stories of people getting their limbs torn off by the vicious and hungry apex predators.  Whether you are scared of sharks or not, being stuck in a shark tank seems like something most people would try to stay away from.

But what happens if you work at an aquarium and your job is to clean the shark tank?  In that case the number 1 rule is to just stay calm and avoid panicking at all costs.  In the following video a shark approaches the tank cleaner but then something happens that no on expected!

The shark begins to act like a puppy and all he wants from the cleaner is a nice belly rub and some love.  Somehow, the tank cleaner knew exactly what to do and the shark seemed to enjoy it immensely. Maybe sharks will be man’s new best friend instead of good ol’ puppers!  This is so wild. Enjoy The Video Below.

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Enormous Whale Will Not Let This Diver Swim Away. She Is Stunned When She Realizes The Reason Why!

image via – youtube.com

If you ever have been lucky enough to go whale watching, you know how incredible the first moment is when you see a giant whale breach the surface. Their sheer size and magnificence is breathtaking and an experience you will never forget. It’s even better if you get to go scuba diving and swim with the giant aquatic creatures.

This brings us to today’s incredibly unbelievable story featuring a marine biologist named Nan. For almost 30 years Nan has been following whales all across the planet. Nan like many other marine biologist is fascinated with these gigantic mammals of the sea. She has studied their behaviors, biology, physiology and every other aspect of these beautiful animals. Over the past 30 years, Nan has been an avid scuba diver as she loved swimming beside the creatures she has tried so hard to protect and understand.

Nan lives on the Cook Islands located in the stunning South Pacific. She created a Research center called the Center For Cetacean Research and Conservation. Throughout her 30 years as a marine biologist she has all been an avid activist and a spokesperson for protecting whales from illegal poaching which if left unchecked will ultimately lead to their extinction from planet earth.

One morning September morning Nan put on her scuba gear jumped into the ocean, began to swim and explore the area that had lots of active whale sightings. Within just a few minutes a giant humpback whale swam toward the veteran marine biologist. Most people would probably be terrified if a 40 ton/60 foot long animal was coming directly at them, but not Nan, she was used to this sight and was pleasantly surprised by how quickly she came across the humpback.

But very soon, Nan realized this wasn’t going to be like any encounter she had previously had with a whale. It began displaying very odd behaviors for a humpback and she really didn’t know what to make of it. For some weird reason, the giant whale was holding Nan under its fin! Luckily she had enough oxygen in her scuba gear, but she was beginning to panic because the whale was showing no sign of releasing her. She wasn’t being hurt by the whale, but it just wouldn’t let her go. While Nan was underneath the whale she had all her camera and video equipment because she was making a documentary on whales.

After about 10-20 minutes of this Nan’s panic go even worse as she knew if the whale didn’t release her soon she was most likely going to die that September morning. As she began to come to terms that she was going to die by the fin of the creature she devoted her entire life to, a second whale was coming towards her. As the second whale got closer the first humpback who had her pinned under his pectoral fin finally released her near the surface of the water and she jumped back onto the boat as fast as she could happy to be alive!

Besides for a couple scrapes and bruises Nan escaped with very minimal injury. Immediately after she got on the boat, the scientist within her quickly kicked into gear. She was completely baffled and could not understand what had just happened between her and the giant male humpback whale. She began watching the two whales she had jus encountered in the waters swim by the side of the boat.

She then looked over and spotted another fin that had just breached the surface.  This was no whale, it was the second most lethal shark to humans in the world Tiger Shark. The only other shark that is responsible for more human deaths per year is the notorious Great White Shark! It suddenly dawned on Nan what the giant humpback was doing for that 10-20 minutes where she was pinned beneath his fin. She believed the whale was actually protecting her from coming into visual sight of the ferocious and deadly Tiger Shark.

She couldn’t be 100 percent positive, however humpback whales have been known to do this exact same thing to their babies and sometimes even other aquatic creatures such as sea turtles and seals. Also the fact that the second whale approached when it did was a clear sign both whales knew of the oncoming danger. Humpback whales usually come together as a group to try to avoid predators from attacking.

Whether the whale was truly trying to shield her and save her life from the threat of the looming Tiger Shark is still up for debate. However Nan, is thankful and completely amazed that whales could potentially have the capacity to exhibit such behaviors! Nan has spent her whole life helping whales and this humpback may of just paid her back by saving the veteran marine biologist’s life from the hungry Tiger Shark!

Watch the video below for the footage and full story:

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He Tries To Rob A Gas Station. But He’s In For An Unexpected Surprise With This Marine Working The Counter!

This man chose the wrong gas station to rob. I imagine he was thinking he would get some easy cash by threatening the innocent clerk and running off with the winnings, and I’m sure he assumed that the clerk would be terrified and easily give up the stash.

He would probably be right in almost all cases, but not this one. What made this robbery go very poorly for this would be thief? In this case, the clerk turned out to be a former marine combat instructor, as well as a karate blackbelt who had been practicing kung-fu for the last 25 years.

How did an untrained, common thief sneak up on such a well trained veteran? That part is simple: the clerk lives in a town where the crime rate is low, allowing him to be trusting of his fellow man. This is a rare thing in many places, but there are still areas left where people trust each other for good reason.

In this rare instance, his customer was the antithesis of trustworthy, but his experiences on the job up to this point warranted giving him the benefit of the doubt. The young man walked up under the pretenses of buying soda, but when the clerk turned to put the cash in the register, the suspect snuck up behind him, brandishing a menacing knife.

The former marine’s training kicked in and he immediately disarmed the attacker and stunned him by putting him in an arm lock and pushing him into the wall. He was being careful not to mess up the store too much, he says, because he knew he would have to clean it up after.

In the end, he sent the suspect running out the door, not likely ever to return again.

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Westboro Baptist Church Protesters Attempt To Ruin a Marine’s Funeral But They Didn’t Expect This.

The story you are about to hear in the video below, will simultaneously evoke emotions about mans’s inhumanity to man, and restore your faith in our ability to stand up to intolerance and cruelty. Why would members of the congregation from Westboro Baptist Church, come to protest the funeral of a serviceman who had given his life for the United States?

Marine Corporal Richard Bennet, was being laid to rest after dying in a helicopter crash in Iraq, at the age of 25.  This radicalized group of congregants didn’t think he deserved respect; they firmly believe that American troops are punished by God because our country accepts homosexuality.

They were all revved up chanting angry slurs at Corporal Bennet’s grieving family, never expecting that their hateful speech would be prevented from being heard, and intruding on the family’s ability to grieve with respect and privacy.

The video you are about to watch, will tell the loving and courageous interference of “The Patriot Guard”, a group of bikers who used their bodies and American flags to form a wall that would prevent the hateful speech from being seen or heard by the grieving family.  The hateful rhetoric was spewed, as free speech allows, but the bikers made sure that their it was not heard by the people mourning.  This was all done without any violence; the revving of their bikes combined with the human wall of visual protection, allowed this family to grieve in peace.

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