Nanny Heard a Strange Sound Upstairs! The Father Looks At Hidden Cam and Caught THIS Nightmare In The House!

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Any working parent knows how hard it can be to leave a young child under the watchful eyes of someone else, but usually hiring a nanny is the best and only option.  Finding a trustworthy candidate for the job is essential and you always need to ensure your child really likes them as well.

Which is why when Jonathan Lai, the father of a little 3 year old boy, interviewed Jenna Baker to be the family’s nanny, he knew she would be a great fit.  From the start she was hard working, savvy, and best of all, his son loved being around her.

One day Jenna and the boy had gone out to run errands and do some grocery shopping so they could make dinner later.  When they arrived back at the family home Jenna had an uneasy feeling. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what was bothering her, but something just didn’t feel right.  As soon as she stepped inside the house she froze, there was an unnerving presence in the house. Before she could stop him, Lai’s son ran past her, and that’s when she heard a noise.

The child immediately turned around and walked back towards Jenna.  She grabbed him, ran back out the door they came as quickly as she possibly could, and headed straight to the neighbors.  What had spooked the pair was a burglar who had been in the middle of robbing the house when they walked in on him!  

The whole scary scene was caught on tape by video surveillance cameras Lai had set up in his home.  The footage shows a man prowling around from room to room, digging through drawers and looking for something valuable to steal.  At one point he riffles through a purse and the whole time he was on a cell phone talking to someone, it’s as if the other person on the line was directing him. 

When Jenna and the boy came home, they interrupted the suspect, who was on the stairs and headed straight towards them.  To get out the door he needed to get past her, so she scooped the child and ran away. In the end, the man ran off down the street, carrying a distinct backpack with blue and white polka dots.  

While his sense of security has been violated, Lai is just grateful that no one got hurt.  After viewing the footage he’s also grateful for Jenna’s quick reaction. She quickly got his son out of the dangerous situation and her instincts were spot on

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He Tries To Rob A Gas Station. But He’s In For An Unexpected Surprise With This Marine Working The Counter!

This man chose the wrong gas station to rob. I imagine he was thinking he would get some easy cash by threatening the innocent clerk and running off with the winnings, and I’m sure he assumed that the clerk would be terrified and easily give up the stash.

He would probably be right in almost all cases, but not this one. What made this robbery go very poorly for this would be thief? In this case, the clerk turned out to be a former marine combat instructor, as well as a karate blackbelt who had been practicing kung-fu for the last 25 years.

How did an untrained, common thief sneak up on such a well trained veteran? That part is simple: the clerk lives in a town where the crime rate is low, allowing him to be trusting of his fellow man. This is a rare thing in many places, but there are still areas left where people trust each other for good reason.

In this rare instance, his customer was the antithesis of trustworthy, but his experiences on the job up to this point warranted giving him the benefit of the doubt. The young man walked up under the pretenses of buying soda, but when the clerk turned to put the cash in the register, the suspect snuck up behind him, brandishing a menacing knife.

The former marine’s training kicked in and he immediately disarmed the attacker and stunned him by putting him in an arm lock and pushing him into the wall. He was being careful not to mess up the store too much, he says, because he knew he would have to clean it up after.

In the end, he sent the suspect running out the door, not likely ever to return again.

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