Nanny Heard a Strange Sound Upstairs! The Father Looks At Hidden Cam and Caught THIS Nightmare In The House!

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Any working parent knows how hard it can be to leave a young child under the watchful eyes of someone else, but usually hiring a nanny is the best and only option.  Finding a trustworthy candidate for the job is essential and you always need to ensure your child really likes them as well.

Which is why when Jonathan Lai, the father of a little 3 year old boy, interviewed Jenna Baker to be the family’s nanny, he knew she would be a great fit.  From the start she was hard working, savvy, and best of all, his son loved being around her.

One day Jenna and the boy had gone out to run errands and do some grocery shopping so they could make dinner later.  When they arrived back at the family home Jenna had an uneasy feeling. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what was bothering her, but something just didn’t feel right.  As soon as she stepped inside the house she froze, there was an unnerving presence in the house. Before she could stop him, Lai’s son ran past her, and that’s when she heard a noise.

The child immediately turned around and walked back towards Jenna.  She grabbed him, ran back out the door they came as quickly as she possibly could, and headed straight to the neighbors.  What had spooked the pair was a burglar who had been in the middle of robbing the house when they walked in on him!  

The whole scary scene was caught on tape by video surveillance cameras Lai had set up in his home.  The footage shows a man prowling around from room to room, digging through drawers and looking for something valuable to steal.  At one point he riffles through a purse and the whole time he was on a cell phone talking to someone, it’s as if the other person on the line was directing him. 

When Jenna and the boy came home, they interrupted the suspect, who was on the stairs and headed straight towards them.  To get out the door he needed to get past her, so she scooped the child and ran away. In the end, the man ran off down the street, carrying a distinct backpack with blue and white polka dots.  

While his sense of security has been violated, Lai is just grateful that no one got hurt.  After viewing the footage he’s also grateful for Jenna’s quick reaction. She quickly got his son out of the dangerous situation and her instincts were spot on

Watch the video below for the full story:

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She Spots a Guy Crying As TSA Makes Him Toss His Box In The Garbage. What She Pulls Out Tore My Heart Up!

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Whenever you fly you have to pass through airport security first and any belongings that you wish to bring on the plane with you must be screened and checked over.  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are the ones who set the rules for what can and cannot be brought on an aircraft and the list seems to always be changing.  

Most people know about the liquid container rule, that no bottles with liquids over 3.4 ounces are allowed, but smaller travel sized ones are ok.  There are also obvious things that are absolutely banned, such as guns, brass knuckles, pepper spray, num-chuks and throwing stars (yes, people have tried).  However, there are some things that aren’t allowed which may surprise you. For example, magic 8-balls fall afoul of the 3.4 ounce liquids rule, cast iron skillets can be used as weapons, and certain types of paints are flammable and therefore banned.

While it’s always best to check ahead to make sure you can bring questionable items on the plane with you, that’s not always possible and sometimes the most innocent and unlikely items end up getting confiscated and thrown in the trash.  

When Ivelise Hernandez headed to the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport in Florida to catch a flight she headed straight to the security line.  Her boyfriend Rico had driven her and was accompanying her until she passed through when they noticed that a man up ahead was taking longer than usual. He was being held up by TSA security who refused to let him go through with a small package he was clutching.  He was arguing with them and clearly frustrated, but eventually the TSA agents forced him to throw the item in the trash. They wouldn’t even let him bring it to lost and found where he could try to claim it later and have it sent to him.

Watching on, Ivelise and Rico saw that the man was practically in tears as he discarded the package in the trash bin.  Wanting and being able to help since her boyfriend wasn’t going through security, she told him to get the item out of the trash.  A couple hours later she had landed and immediately called Rico who told her that he’d found the item and unwrapped it. What it turned out to be was a beautiful bespoke snow globe that contained a picture of a little girl and her dog on one side and an older couple on the other.  Engraved on the bottom were the words “We love you Katie Nana & Papa 1/25/2016.”

Seeing that the snow globe clearly held sentimental value, Ivelise decided to try and track down the owners.  She uploaded a picture of it to Facebook where it quickly went viral and was shared over 48,000 times. Eventually a woman who worked at a gift shop called “Things Remembered” saw it and sent the picture to the company headquarters in hopes they could locate the order and match it with the owner.  Her idea worked, the company found who placed the order and that was Linda Modry.

Linda had ordered the snow globe for her 5 year old granddaughter Katie and the girl’s dad was supposed to deliver it, but TSA made him throw it out.  Linda happened to live nearby so she got in touch with Ivelise and Rico and made plans to stop by their place. She arrived with a bouquet of flowers in hand and told them that the globe was a present for Katie’s birthday and the date inscribed on the bottom was the date of her adoption.

Once she had the snow globe, Linda called her granddaughter to let her know and the girl was over the moon happy.  As for Ivelise, the positive feedback she received for helping a stranger was unexpected yet wonderful. She’s also pregnant now and will no doubt be a great mother!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Things Kept Going Missing In THIS Apartment So He Set Up A Hidden Cam. What He Found Is So Scary!

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A guy living in NYC started to notice that food kept disappearing from his apartment. In fact, so much food had seemingly disappeared that it prompted him to ask his girlfriend if she was taking the food and devouring it all down!

She said no way and that’s when he decided to figure out what the heck was actually going on here. He quickly set up a hidden cam in a corner and aimed it right at the kitchen. A couple hours after he fell asleep, the hidden security cam caught one of the scariest things ever!

In the dark, upper right hand corner, a lady suddenly appears and slowly creeps her way out of a deep storage crawl-space, which extends into the kitchen. She moves slowly, creepishly and carefully as she drops down onto a table and then slithers to the floor, trying her hardest to not making any noise!

She heads straight over to the sink and pees in it, then pops open the fridge for a drink, swigging directly out of the carton. After, she grabs some food in the pantry and then sits down on the couch to relax and enjoy her snack.

All the while, just feet away, the man is asleep right in the next room. The weird woman seems to know where everything is as she deliberately moves her way slowly around the kitchen. She has done this more than a few times before and by now it seems like she’s at ease raiding this poor guys kitchen.

While the whole clip makes my skin crawl, the worst part was when the guy got up to get a drink in the middle of the night. The woman hears him coming and runs out of the shot to hide, while he passes right by her unknowingly.

He grabs the carton she just drank out of and pours himself a drink before heading back to bed. The woman was there watching and hiding the whole time which makes this feel like it could be straight out of a horror movie. Even the way she slithers back up into the crawlspace seems menacing!

When the man first saw the footage he instantly ran out of the apartment and called the police who arrived and took the creepy lady away. After investigating they told the guy that she had been living up in the storage area for weeks. It was likely that she initially broke in to rob him while he was out, found the space, and decided to stay and make herself at home.

A person’s home is supposed to be the one place that they feel safe and secure in. This video is so ominous and alarming because the woman violates the man’s personal space to such an extreme degree, and takes away any safe feeling he had in the process.

Also, the police told the man that this wasn’t the first time they had come across a case like this. Which makes me wonder, how many people out there are living with uninvited guests in their own houses, who eat their food, and hide in the shadows?

Let us know what you think of this footage!

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When You See A Woman Wearing This Small Black Circle. It Means THIS..

In this day and age personal safety is always a concern for people, yet it’s often overlooked. While there are many different options and things available to choose from to increase your well-being, they aren’t always the best fit for everyone. The most common personal protection items like pepper spray, rape whistles, mace, tasers, and handguns often come with strings attached.

They are usually highly regulated or illegal to carry in certain places, expensive, ineffective, and some people just don’t feel comfortable carrying such an item with them. Plus, even if someone does end up with mace or a taser in their purse, it can be hard or impossible to get to it in time if and when they actually are attacked.

However, there is now a new personal safety device available that can protect people from physical assaults with just the touch of a button. It’s called Athena and it’s a simple, easy to access, wearable button that emits an extremely loud alarm and alerts others to possible trouble.

In the event that someone wearing it is attacked all they need to do is press the button for 3 seconds. That will immediately activate an alarm the company describes is “louder than a freight train” to scare the attacker off and grab the attention of others nearby.

Also, after the button is pushed text messages containing your exact location are sent to loved ones cell phones alerting them of the possible danger. These emergency contacts that you choose to receive the messages are further urged to contact the police.

The aim is to both stop the attack as soon as the button is pushed and to notify people who care and who can act on your behalf to get a police response if you are unable to.

In terms of how accessible it is users can wear it as jewelry on their wrists or as a necklace, tuck it into waistbands and under clothes, or clip it easily onto belts, bags, and other clothing items. The device is discreet in that it’s both small and lightweight, and it’s understated simple design doesn’t make it outwardly obvious.

It also can be carried anywhere and places where other personal security items cannot be taken, such as through security at airports and concerts. When it comes down to it, women are more likely to actually use the Athena device in the event of an attack over alternatives like guns, mace, or tasers.

It provides a safety net for wearers and empowers women in particular to go about their lives with an added layer of security. The device has already raised and far exceeded its $40,000 funding goal on Indiegogo and if you’d like one for yourself you can claim one on that site before they are available for retail purchase.

Check out the video for more details and information on how to stay safe!

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He Pushes A Fork Into The Latch Hole Of His Door. The Result Could Save You In An Emergency!

As technology continues to progress at rapid speed, so does the high level of security systems for homes all around the world.  Many security systems for your house use technology that was once reserved for only huge banks and government security.  HD cameras and laser sensors are commonly seen in many houses these days.

The main issue here is that as security technology becomes more sophisticated so do the burglars technology to break the systems.  Now that most security alarms rely on high tech computers, criminals everywhere may be able to break into your house with nothing more than their smart phone.

In the video below, you will learn about an old form of medieval security that has worked for centuries.  All you will need is a fork, and those burglars will face a security system that can’t be broken.  They will never see this one coming. Would you use this fork security system?

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