When You See A Woman Wearing This Small Black Circle. It Means THIS..

In this day and age personal safety is always a concern for people, yet it’s often overlooked. While there are many different options and things available to choose from to increase your well-being, they aren’t always the best fit for everyone. The most common personal protection items like pepper spray, rape whistles, mace, tasers, and handguns often come with strings attached.

They are usually highly regulated or illegal to carry in certain places, expensive, ineffective, and some people just don’t feel comfortable carrying such an item with them. Plus, even if someone does end up with mace or a taser in their purse, it can be hard or impossible to get to it in time if and when they actually are attacked.

However, there is now a new personal safety device available that can protect people from physical assaults with just the touch of a button. It’s called Athena and it’s a simple, easy to access, wearable button that emits an extremely loud alarm and alerts others to possible trouble.

In the event that someone wearing it is attacked all they need to do is press the button for 3 seconds. That will immediately activate an alarm the company describes is “louder than a freight train” to scare the attacker off and grab the attention of others nearby.

Also, after the button is pushed text messages containing your exact location are sent to loved ones cell phones alerting them of the possible danger. These emergency contacts that you choose to receive the messages are further urged to contact the police.

The aim is to both stop the attack as soon as the button is pushed and to notify people who care and who can act on your behalf to get a police response if you are unable to.

In terms of how accessible it is users can wear it as jewelry on their wrists or as a necklace, tuck it into waistbands and under clothes, or clip it easily onto belts, bags, and other clothing items. The device is discreet in that it’s both small and lightweight, and it’s understated simple design doesn’t make it outwardly obvious.

It also can be carried anywhere and places where other personal security items cannot be taken, such as through security at airports and concerts. When it comes down to it, women are more likely to actually use the Athena device in the event of an attack over alternatives like guns, mace, or tasers.

It provides a safety net for wearers and empowers women in particular to go about their lives with an added layer of security. The device has already raised and far exceeded its $40,000 funding goal on Indiegogo and if you’d like one for yourself you can claim one on that site before they are available for retail purchase.

Check out the video for more details and information on how to stay safe!

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An Unexpected and Easy Way To Make Tarnished and Grimy Jewelry Look Surprisingly New With Stuff Already In Your Kitchen!

If you wear a lot of silver jewelry, that you constantly find becoming tarnished and unwearable, you will want to watch the following video.  I know I don’t have the time to constantly run to the jeweler to have my stuff cleaned.  Not only does the following alternative work for cleaning silver jewelry, but for any silver serving items or home accessories that you suddenly realize are tarnished.

What is great about this remedy is that it requires very little elbow grease. To clean your silver at home, all that is required are the following items: a glass bowl, aluminum foil, salt, baking soda, boiling water and dish detergent.  For proportions of each item just watch this easy to follow DIY.

There is a miraculous chemical reaction that occurs within 10 minutes of soaking in the aluminum covered bowl; the bicarbonate of soda and the foil chemically attract to loosen the grime from the silver! Watch how easily your silver shines as it is removed from the liquid mixture and dried off with a cloth or paper towel.

An old toothbrush can be used to get into any small crevices.  I tried this right after watching this video and Voila!  It really works!  It actually works safely for all metals.

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This Necklace Is Completely Tangled In a Knot But Doing THIS One Fast and Simple Trick Will Fix That!

Everyone who wears necklaces have faced the problem of a chain getting knotted so tight that it is impossible to unknot it, without going to a jewelry store. Sometimes it happens because the necklace isn’t kept separate from other chains, but often it can knot up on itself. This video is done by this Russian guy with a really thick accent, that makes it all the more charming, while offering a solution for detangling that can be done at home.

All you need is a tiny screwdriver.Watch and see how easily he detangles a seriously knotted chain in a matter of minutes. This is a really useful DIY video.  Once you see how he does it and you detangle your chains, you can keep it from happening again by getting a good jewelry organizer.

If you don’t want to spend the money, you can use at-home solutions such as separate ziplocs, using each space of an egg crate, threading through a straw etc. Hopefully this will prevent knotting, but you will always have the handy remedy offered by the Russian, should it happen again! It seriously will save you hours of frustrating attempts at detangling.

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