These Two Women Drink Helium Infused Wine For The First Time Ever. The Result Is An Unexpected Surprise!

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When you were a kid, was there anything that tickled your funny bone more, than sucking in helium from a balloon and hearing how crazy your voice sounded?  It was sooooo much fun to do at birthday parties…saying funny things in that high-pitched cartoon-like voice, was like magic!

Apparently, that magic is just as hilarious when you are an adult, as you will see in the video you are about to watch below.  This “mature” twist on helium fun comes with a little alcohol…helium infused wine!

High-pitched hilarity ensues as two girlfriends get a little tipsy and try out wine that has been infused with helium.  Not really sure if the helium effect will work, they tentatively take a few sips and…Voila!  They become hysterical as they perform a song and dance routine to the infamous whip and nae nae song…this new version with helium voices knocked me off my chair.

Hold onto yours, for this laugh out loud fun!

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She Started Posting Photos Of Herself With No Makeup. These Are The Sick Comments People Left Her!

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What is perfection? Are humans responsible for being perfect? Or has nature made us exactly the way we should be? We have been taught by a long history of entertainment and media not only what perfection looks like, but that if we are not this perfection we should strive to be.

We believe we should have flawless skin, hair only in certain places, be completely symmetrical, and that our value is inversely proportional to our physical size. We have learned to base our self worth on what we look like compared to what we think we should look like.

The idea of aesthetic perfection is perpetuated by the allowance and encouragement of sharing opinions in response to what we are exposed to online. Through the use of social media people have been empowered to put their two cents in, whether it is positive or negative.

In this way we have been granted permission to forget all social filters and common courtesy because we often don’t know the people affected by the feedback. The result is a build up of what has been deemed perfect and a harsh beat down of anything contrary. By creating this video, Em Ford shines a light on unrealistic expectations of beauty.

After posting images of herself sans makeup on social media, she was bombarded with hurtful remarks and insults. She used the criticism as inspiration to share her story and became a revolutionary for people who suffer from similar issues due to false ideas of perfection.

Em says, “You are beautiful – no matter how flawed you feel, no matter how upset you may be about the way you look or how hard you find it to make friends, or be confident. Believe in yourself, and never let anyone tell you you’re not beautiful – not even yourself.”

Let us know what you think!

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100 Horses Were Trapped On A Flooded Island. Now Watch These Few People Attempt THIS Rescue!

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More than 200 horses were surprised by a heavy storm in the northern part of the Netherlands. Water rose and surrounded a small piece of land leaving the horses stranded. Despite the sustenance provided by firemen and animal rescuers, close to twenty horses drowned or died from sun exposure or exhaustion in the three days that they were stuck on the tiny sliver of land.

Wind and icy rain tortured the horses as they huddled together with their rears against the weather. Boats failed by getting caught in the sand in attempts to reach the horses, but nonetheless 20 horses, including small and vulnerable foals, were relieved in the first rescue. One the third day, after the water had resided somewhat, a new approach became feasible.

A group of women with horses would use their animals to try to lure the helpless horses off of the deathly island. A 1 to 2 meter deep escape route was set in place by local firemen between drainage channels and submerged barbed wire fences. The frightened horses panicked as the women approached, scattering in all directions but with little place to go.

Once they got close enough to provide some guidance, the mass of stranded animals recognized the opportunity and formed into a stampede. People on all sides of the group stood to nudge the horses in the right direction and slowly, few by few, the horses trampled through the deep water to march to their recovery.

Whinnies and neighs filled air, making the feat even more magnificent to witness as they succeeded in reaching dry land.

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The Very Strange and Surprising Reason Women Began Shaving Their Armpits!

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Ok, so this is not a big statement to get women to stop shaving or waxing.  That is a completely personal choice, but the point of the video you are about to watch below, opens up a discussion and historical perspective on attitudes towards women’s body hair.  I found it particularly interesting since I have my own esthetic reactions to women with long underarm hair.

Shaving underarm hair wasn’t even a notion at the turn of the 20th century.  For that matter women having their God-given leg hair was just as normal.  However, when the fashion changed for women to wear sleeveless dresses, the media, which dictates what is acceptable, began promoting ads that were shaming of underarm hair.

An example of an early ad that created shame around armpit hair said: “The fastidious woman today must have immaculate armpits if she is to be unembarrassed.”  It sounds shocking to hear such rhetoric now, but if you really think about it, this was just the first of a long line of fashion marketing that shamed women about their natural state of being.

It seems somewhat obvious that women have body hair in many of the same places as men, because nature meant for it to be there for adaptive reasons.  I think it can be said that we all hate the shaving or waxing process, yet we succumb to the social pressure to do so.

We actually feel gross when we are hair-laden and sexy when it’s gone, because that is the social norm that we have completely internalized. It takes a lot of courage to counter the social norms for what makes a woman feel attractive and sexy.  Going against the social norms is really hard to do, but if you are a woman who hates the hairless social norm, it can really be empowering to do your own thing.

There will always be societal fashion and beauty standards that are idealized; following this ideal or not should allow for freedom of expression.  The more people show individuality, the greater will be the spectrum of acceptability, which will promote healthier self-esteem and body image.

This video is really enlightening about the evolution of how shaving armpits became “mandatory”.  It highlights current celebrities who are brave enough to counter the social hairless norm “loud and proud”.  I hope you enjoy watching the following footage and that it will open up a consciousness about the choices we make as women.

It has given me food for thought, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to grow my underarm hair just yet!  What do you think?

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When You See A Woman Wearing This Small Black Circle. It Means THIS..

In this day and age personal safety is always a concern for people, yet it’s often overlooked. While there are many different options and things available to choose from to increase your well-being, they aren’t always the best fit for everyone. The most common personal protection items like pepper spray, rape whistles, mace, tasers, and handguns often come with strings attached.

They are usually highly regulated or illegal to carry in certain places, expensive, ineffective, and some people just don’t feel comfortable carrying such an item with them. Plus, even if someone does end up with mace or a taser in their purse, it can be hard or impossible to get to it in time if and when they actually are attacked.

However, there is now a new personal safety device available that can protect people from physical assaults with just the touch of a button. It’s called Athena and it’s a simple, easy to access, wearable button that emits an extremely loud alarm and alerts others to possible trouble.

In the event that someone wearing it is attacked all they need to do is press the button for 3 seconds. That will immediately activate an alarm the company describes is “louder than a freight train” to scare the attacker off and grab the attention of others nearby.

Also, after the button is pushed text messages containing your exact location are sent to loved ones cell phones alerting them of the possible danger. These emergency contacts that you choose to receive the messages are further urged to contact the police.

The aim is to both stop the attack as soon as the button is pushed and to notify people who care and who can act on your behalf to get a police response if you are unable to.

In terms of how accessible it is users can wear it as jewelry on their wrists or as a necklace, tuck it into waistbands and under clothes, or clip it easily onto belts, bags, and other clothing items. The device is discreet in that it’s both small and lightweight, and it’s understated simple design doesn’t make it outwardly obvious.

It also can be carried anywhere and places where other personal security items cannot be taken, such as through security at airports and concerts. When it comes down to it, women are more likely to actually use the Athena device in the event of an attack over alternatives like guns, mace, or tasers.

It provides a safety net for wearers and empowers women in particular to go about their lives with an added layer of security. The device has already raised and far exceeded its $40,000 funding goal on Indiegogo and if you’d like one for yourself you can claim one on that site before they are available for retail purchase.

Check out the video for more details and information on how to stay safe!

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They Called Her Fat and Laughed At Her In The Gym. Her Response Is Just Epic!

The majority of women, especially in the United States, have some kind of issue with their body. We look at ourselves in the mirror and dissect our imperfections, wishing we looked different. Women think their bellies are flabby, arms are too thick, legs are pushed together, ass is too flat, too wide, their breasts are too small, too saggy. The list goes on and on.

We base our criticisms on what we have been shown by the media to be beautiful. Tiny, anorexic, airbrushed models, waxed with precision, with symmetrical features and a face full of make up. So what happens when we realize that the perfect we’ve been taught isn’t perfect after all? We begin to love ourselves for what we are.

That is exactly what Loey Lane has done in her plus-size swimwear fashion show. She filmed two minutes and seven outfits narrated by her words of love for herself. She confesses that she struggled with her weight and eating disorders, but has now overcome by choosing to be proud of who she is.

She focuses on her positive attributes and not what other people think she should be. Loey knows her body is strong and healthy and she sees the beauty in that. Her message is inspiring for all. But why not take it even further? Women should challenge themselves daily to push the limits of what has been deemed socially acceptable regarding our bodies.

Why are we pulling all of our hair out or shaving it off? Men aren’t required to do that. Why are we covering our faces with chemicals and colors to disguise our features and skin? Why do we strap a tight band around our rib cage and straps over our shoulders in attempt to conquer what is inevitable?

Why have we not questioned the confinement we’ve been trapped in? This video is a step in that direction, a breath of fresh air. As long as we support and encourage all the Loey Lane’s out there, women will be dancing in elegant freedom before we know it.

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