They Spotted THIS Strange Horse Shackled To A Tree! But They Were Sickened and Stunned When They Realized Why!

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In September, Spanish police encountered a pony tied to a tree. The elderly animal was not in a good place. The pony had been abandoned in the heat of a Spanish summer. Essentially, the animal was not in prime condition.

When the police officers approached, they couldn’t help but gasp at the poor pony’s emaciated body. Evidence of poor treatment was all over the animal’s torso. When the officers got closer, the animal wouldn’t even look up at them. Luckily, the officers knew what they were doing.

The officers were from the Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre (EHCRC) located in a village nearby. The officers brought the pony to the center. Specialists estimated the pony to be around 20 years old. They noted that upon arrival, he was malnourished, dehydrated, and weak. Worst of all, one of the pony’s eyes was literally rotting inside his head likely caused by a neurological disorder.

Luckily, the pony was finally in a place where he had the opportunity to experience real love and care. After taking care of his immediate injuries and thoroughly feeding the pony, the EHCRC devoted a page on their website to the animal. They wrote on the page that while the pony was a special needs animal and would require special care, he is already much healthier. It was truly a miracle that the officers found the poor animal in time.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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THIS Guy’s Horse Kept Vanishing Every Night. So He Set A Hidden Cam and Caught The UNTHINKABLE!

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The folks at Misty Meadows Farm had a real whodunnit on their hands.  The horses who were boarded at the barn kept getting out of their stalls somehow and no one quite knew what to make of it.  Before they called in Dateline or some investigator, they decided to set up their own little sting to see what they could catch on camera and the footage they gathered was quite enlightening!

As you can see in the video, it wasn’t some teenagers goofing around as they had suspected, rather it was an inside job!  The culprit turned out to be none other than a beautiful black mare named Mariska who lived at the farm.

The video shows her taking her stall door latch in her mouth and pulling it up before she slides the door along the track with her neck and body.  All of this is expertly accomplished in under 30 seconds, this horse knows exactly what she’s doing.

However, Mariska, aka “Houdini Horse”, isn’t done yet.  She wants some companionship on the other side and so she casually shuffles along and skillfully opens all her fellow horse friends’ stalls.  One by one she unlocks the doors and frees them. The clever horse is not one to be selfish, she wants all her pals to enjoy a little taste of freedom as well!

The best part of the video is watching Mariska open a little freezer in the barn where the food is kept.  She reaches in and helps herself to a tasty snack before closing the lid. After grabbing a bite to eat she then opens the main barn door and heads outside, which makes us wonder; is there any door that she can’t figure out?

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100 Horses Were Trapped On A Flooded Island. Now Watch These Few People Attempt THIS Rescue!

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More than 200 horses were surprised by a heavy storm in the northern part of the Netherlands. Water rose and surrounded a small piece of land leaving the horses stranded. Despite the sustenance provided by firemen and animal rescuers, close to twenty horses drowned or died from sun exposure or exhaustion in the three days that they were stuck on the tiny sliver of land.

Wind and icy rain tortured the horses as they huddled together with their rears against the weather. Boats failed by getting caught in the sand in attempts to reach the horses, but nonetheless 20 horses, including small and vulnerable foals, were relieved in the first rescue. One the third day, after the water had resided somewhat, a new approach became feasible.

A group of women with horses would use their animals to try to lure the helpless horses off of the deathly island. A 1 to 2 meter deep escape route was set in place by local firemen between drainage channels and submerged barbed wire fences. The frightened horses panicked as the women approached, scattering in all directions but with little place to go.

Once they got close enough to provide some guidance, the mass of stranded animals recognized the opportunity and formed into a stampede. People on all sides of the group stood to nudge the horses in the right direction and slowly, few by few, the horses trampled through the deep water to march to their recovery.

Whinnies and neighs filled air, making the feat even more magnificent to witness as they succeeded in reaching dry land.

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2 Horses In A Pond Get Caught On Camera Pulling Off The Most Unexpected and Surprising Trick

Taking a nice dip in cold water is a very quick way to cool off and relax. Not many things can equal the refreshing and rejuvenating feeling that water can provide, as it envelops your skin and makes your body buoyant, floaty, and light. It’s no surprise that horses love water, they are natural and powerful swimmers who acclimate easily to all sorts of bodies of water. Many won’t hesitate to cross rivers and streams and some even enjoy swimming in the ocean.

The two beautiful equines in this video are proof of just how much some horses love water. They both waded chest deep into a small pond to cool off in, and escape from pesky bugs, on a hot summer day in Osgoode, Ontario.

The pair look completely content and at ease as they sit immersed in the water and entertain themselves by blowing bubbles. The sight is adorable and even kind of relaxing to watch, as they steadily blow air out of their large nostrils under the water and fill it with a bunch of bubbles.

Many horses, just like humans, are fascinated by water and these two seem captivated by their bubble blowing abilities. This is a common horse behavior, as some will even blow bubbles in their water troughs or buckets, just like people do with their drinks and what kids do in the bathtub.

According to Equus Magazine, horses will often amuse themselves and pass time by blowing water bubbles. This reminds me of my childhood and blowing bubbles in the small milk cartons kids used to drink out of at school, it was a similar way to entertain ourselves back then.

When horses have access to natural bodies of water they will even roll around in the shallow areas and go for a swim, if they are adventurous and it’s deep and large enough to do so. When swimming, a riderless horse will hold its nose high up out of the water and steadily exhale while moving along with a doggy paddle style stroke.

If you are a horse lover, be sure to check out the clip. There is just something magical, calming, peaceful, and serene about watching these horses happily blow bubbles!

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Video: This Pony Was Named The World’s Smallest Horse But What She Does For Others Melted My Heart!

She may be tiny, standing at only 44.5 centimeters tall, but Thumbelina brings a whole lot of joy and smiles to children all across America. She is a dwarf miniature pony and weighs just 26 kilograms, which makes her about the size of an average dog. That is not the only thing she shares in common with dogs. She spends her days bringing comfort and love to children all over the map, just like a therapy dog would do, but call her a therapy horse instead!

Thumbelina was born at Goose Creek Farm, outside of St. Louis, Missouri, to owners Paul and Kay Goessling on May 1, 2001. She turned out so little that she can officially be called the world’s smallest horse. In fact, she is the shortest horse in history and has a Guinness Word Record to prove it! However, she wasn’t bred to be this tiny and was born with a genetic condition; dwarfism.

Her parents are average sized miniature horses and almost double the size of their cute little baby. She came out as what her owner describes a “fluke,” but her personality and star power are anything but that.

She is a very calm, gentle, and loving miniature pony. Because she has such a great personality, and a world record title, her handler is taking her on a 47 state tour of the USA. They visit local children’s hospitals and meet face to face with special kids, who range from 6 months to 5 years old, so many of them are even taller than Thumbelina is!

Their visits give the kids a chance to get outside and interact with her up close and personal. They are always free to touch and pet her, which for many is a new experience that brings them joy and happiness. Plus, because she is so tiny the kids feel comfortable and at ease around her.

Another similarity that she shares in common with dogs is the fact that she travels in a dog house on tour. Thumbelina was a baby when she went into the dog’s house, fell in love with it, and refused to vacate the premises until the dog was gone.

After she claimed her new digs she said goodbye to her stall in the the barn for good and now calls it home. That story just makes her all the more adorable and endearing!

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