THIS Guy’s Horse Kept Vanishing Every Night. So He Set A Hidden Cam and Caught The UNTHINKABLE!

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The folks at Misty Meadows Farm had a real whodunnit on their hands.  The horses who were boarded at the barn kept getting out of their stalls somehow and no one quite knew what to make of it.  Before they called in Dateline or some investigator, they decided to set up their own little sting to see what they could catch on camera and the footage they gathered was quite enlightening!

As you can see in the video, it wasn’t some teenagers goofing around as they had suspected, rather it was an inside job!  The culprit turned out to be none other than a beautiful black mare named Mariska who lived at the farm.

The video shows her taking her stall door latch in her mouth and pulling it up before she slides the door along the track with her neck and body.  All of this is expertly accomplished in under 30 seconds, this horse knows exactly what she’s doing.

However, Mariska, aka “Houdini Horse”, isn’t done yet.  She wants some companionship on the other side and so she casually shuffles along and skillfully opens all her fellow horse friends’ stalls.  One by one she unlocks the doors and frees them. The clever horse is not one to be selfish, she wants all her pals to enjoy a little taste of freedom as well!

The best part of the video is watching Mariska open a little freezer in the barn where the food is kept.  She reaches in and helps herself to a tasty snack before closing the lid. After grabbing a bite to eat she then opens the main barn door and heads outside, which makes us wonder; is there any door that she can’t figure out?

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