These Two Women Drink Helium Infused Wine For The First Time Ever. The Result Is An Unexpected Surprise!

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When you were a kid, was there anything that tickled your funny bone more, than sucking in helium from a balloon and hearing how crazy your voice sounded?  It was sooooo much fun to do at birthday parties…saying funny things in that high-pitched cartoon-like voice, was like magic!

Apparently, that magic is just as hilarious when you are an adult, as you will see in the video you are about to watch below.  This “mature” twist on helium fun comes with a little alcohol…helium infused wine!

High-pitched hilarity ensues as two girlfriends get a little tipsy and try out wine that has been infused with helium.  Not really sure if the helium effect will work, they tentatively take a few sips and…Voila!  They become hysterical as they perform a song and dance routine to the infamous whip and nae nae song…this new version with helium voices knocked me off my chair.

Hold onto yours, for this laugh out loud fun!

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This Guy Puts A Wine Glass Over A Candle. The Result Has To Be Magic!

Ok, this is really crazy! It’s amazing how the mechanics of scientific principles can produce byproducts that are beyond imagination. In fact, in this case it results in what can be said to be the coolest party trick. Get ready to impress your friends, acquaintances and strangers in any social situation. This will guarantee to pay off as the most awesome thing at any party.

By the mechanism of providing a vacuum, you will get to watch wine magically levitate into an upside down empty wine glass. I know it sounds impossible but I saw it happen before my very eyes.

A small tea candle is lit, and wine poured around it before the wine glass is placed over it. The enclosure produces gas and the heat of the candle meeting the gas causes the pressure inside the glass to rise. This pulls the wine up into the glass. You won’t believe what you are seeing!

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