She Was Up Partying At Night Then She Was Given A Pill. What She Looks Like Now Is Heartbreaking!

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In a local town of Glasgow, Scotland a beautiful 16-year-old, Amy Thompson, met up with her friends at a party.  The purpose of this party was for all who attended to take “Ecstasy”; they believed that the pill they were taking was MDMA.

Almost immediately after ingesting their doses, Amy and her two friends collapsed, and were rushed to the hospital.  Amy’s two friends completely recovered after a short period of time, but Amy remained in a coma.  She was kept on life support for over a month, as her family sat by her side in disbelief and anguish.

Miraculously she awoke, but it immediately became apparent that something was very wrong.  She had suffered severe physical and brain damage.  She has courageously made strides in an attempt to recover as much functioning as possible, and hopefully will continue to make strides in physical and cognitive therapy.

She and her family have posted the footage of Amy, in her current condition, as a way of thanking all those who lent their support in her recovery.  Further, they want her story and this video to be used as a warning about the potential devastation of what a single pill looking for a night of fun, can do to a life.

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A Deer Family Is Partying In This Human’s Backyard. But Then THIS Unexpected Visitor Shows Up!

You won’t believe who crashes this backyard deer party! Friends can be found in the unlikeliest of places, just ask this mother deer and her two spotted fawns. While they are just minding their own business and having a nice family outing, an overly gregarious and frisky otter shows up and clearly wants to play. The otter’s antics and back flops had me in stitches the entire time!

The word otter comes from the same root word as water, which is appropriate as they are semi-aquatic. Otters are technically part of the weasel family, along with minks, martens, honey badgers and wolverines. The behavior of the otter in this video is typical, as they are known to be quite playful and often engage in activities for pure enjoyment. They sometimes make water slides or play with small stones.

The deer in this video are a subspecies of mule deer called the black-tailed deer. At one time, they could be found as far east as Wyoming, but are now limited primarily to the Pacific Northwest. Deer are gentle creatures that exemplify courage in intimidating circumstances. The otter, on the other hand, reminds us to see the lighter side of life, and to enjoy whatever opportunities arise.

What do you think about this rare rendezvous? Let us know!

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Shy Dad Didn’t Want To Dance But His Daughter Insists, So He Surprises Everybody and Does THIS

There is nothing better than a father-daughter dance.  Whether it’s at a wedding, Bat Mitzvah or just a special birthday, everyone watching just goes “Awwww”.  This young girl was having a very special celebration of her 12th birthday.  She and her dad get on the dance floor to the heart-pulling strains of “My Girl”, while friends and family enjoy the heartwarming scene.  When the song ends and more up-to-date pop music begins to play Jessica’s dad shyly starts to leave the dance floor.

He seems too self-conscious to continue to dance when the radio tunes begin.  Jessica cajoles him into staying to dance with her, when suddenly the DJ starts a series of pop classics that suddenly transforms this seemingly shy old-fashioned pop into a guy with some impressive moves.

Watch as they surprise everyone with their choreography.  It’s fun and so heartwarming that Jessica took the time to practice this with her goofy loving dad.  They’re so proud of each other! What a great celebration of their relationship!

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This Guy Puts A Wine Glass Over A Candle. The Result Has To Be Magic!

Ok, this is really crazy! It’s amazing how the mechanics of scientific principles can produce byproducts that are beyond imagination. In fact, in this case it results in what can be said to be the coolest party trick. Get ready to impress your friends, acquaintances and strangers in any social situation. This will guarantee to pay off as the most awesome thing at any party.

By the mechanism of providing a vacuum, you will get to watch wine magically levitate into an upside down empty wine glass. I know it sounds impossible but I saw it happen before my very eyes.

A small tea candle is lit, and wine poured around it before the wine glass is placed over it. The enclosure produces gas and the heat of the candle meeting the gas causes the pressure inside the glass to rise. This pulls the wine up into the glass. You won’t believe what you are seeing!

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