She Spots a Guy Crying As TSA Makes Him Toss His Box In The Garbage. What She Pulls Out Tore My Heart Up!

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Whenever you fly you have to pass through airport security first and any belongings that you wish to bring on the plane with you must be screened and checked over.  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are the ones who set the rules for what can and cannot be brought on an aircraft and the list seems to always be changing.  

Most people know about the liquid container rule, that no bottles with liquids over 3.4 ounces are allowed, but smaller travel sized ones are ok.  There are also obvious things that are absolutely banned, such as guns, brass knuckles, pepper spray, num-chuks and throwing stars (yes, people have tried).  However, there are some things that aren’t allowed which may surprise you. For example, magic 8-balls fall afoul of the 3.4 ounce liquids rule, cast iron skillets can be used as weapons, and certain types of paints are flammable and therefore banned.

While it’s always best to check ahead to make sure you can bring questionable items on the plane with you, that’s not always possible and sometimes the most innocent and unlikely items end up getting confiscated and thrown in the trash.  

When Ivelise Hernandez headed to the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport in Florida to catch a flight she headed straight to the security line.  Her boyfriend Rico had driven her and was accompanying her until she passed through when they noticed that a man up ahead was taking longer than usual. He was being held up by TSA security who refused to let him go through with a small package he was clutching.  He was arguing with them and clearly frustrated, but eventually the TSA agents forced him to throw the item in the trash. They wouldn’t even let him bring it to lost and found where he could try to claim it later and have it sent to him.

Watching on, Ivelise and Rico saw that the man was practically in tears as he discarded the package in the trash bin.  Wanting and being able to help since her boyfriend wasn’t going through security, she told him to get the item out of the trash.  A couple hours later she had landed and immediately called Rico who told her that he’d found the item and unwrapped it. What it turned out to be was a beautiful bespoke snow globe that contained a picture of a little girl and her dog on one side and an older couple on the other.  Engraved on the bottom were the words “We love you Katie Nana & Papa 1/25/2016.”

Seeing that the snow globe clearly held sentimental value, Ivelise decided to try and track down the owners.  She uploaded a picture of it to Facebook where it quickly went viral and was shared over 48,000 times. Eventually a woman who worked at a gift shop called “Things Remembered” saw it and sent the picture to the company headquarters in hopes they could locate the order and match it with the owner.  Her idea worked, the company found who placed the order and that was Linda Modry.

Linda had ordered the snow globe for her 5 year old granddaughter Katie and the girl’s dad was supposed to deliver it, but TSA made him throw it out.  Linda happened to live nearby so she got in touch with Ivelise and Rico and made plans to stop by their place. She arrived with a bouquet of flowers in hand and told them that the globe was a present for Katie’s birthday and the date inscribed on the bottom was the date of her adoption.

Once she had the snow globe, Linda called her granddaughter to let her know and the girl was over the moon happy.  As for Ivelise, the positive feedback she received for helping a stranger was unexpected yet wonderful. She’s also pregnant now and will no doubt be a great mother!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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A Thief Kept Stealing Their Packages. So They Came Up With a Plan and Got An Epic Revenge.

When one man noticed that packages left at his door were mysteriously vanishing, he naturally assumed they’d been stolen. After discussing the issue with his neighbor, he found out that he wasn’t the only one in the neighborhood who was missing items. That’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands and play a little game with the suspected thief. His plan involved sweet revenge and near-instant karma, something that was inevitably about to catch up with the criminal anyways.

His name is Tom Mabe and his payback plan involved a box rigged with poop that would explode all over the mail thief or his car! Before leaving the bait box he did a test run to make sure his device and plan would work, it did, before setting it out on his doorstep. With the lens of his home video surveillance system focused on a wide shot of the front yard, he sat back in his home office watching and waiting for the bandit to show up once again.

It didn’t take long before a car slowly rolled up right in front of his house and an older bald man hopped out the passenger side door. He sauntered down the front walk, up the stairs, and reached down to pick up the bait box. The bald man then turned and headed back to his waiting ride, walking calmly and acting nonchalantly the entire time. He climbed back in the car, shut the door, then drove off.

Mr. Mabe was watching this all unfold in real time and immediately recognized the thief. Now he knew for certain the identity of the culprit! According to him, the package was set to go off exactly 40 seconds after being moved and so unfortunately the camera above his door would miss it.

However, he was prepared for this and had set up a second camera which was trained further down the street. That one did capture the moment the poop box exploded and you can see the passenger door fly open and the bald thief spill out of the car!! He appears shocked and disgusted, it even looks as if he’s about to throw up or something as he lens forward bent at the waist with his hands on his knees. He just got covered in two day old, stinky, stolen poop, it’s just so gross!

In the end, he got what he deserves for stealing from others, people that he even knows. It’s justice at last for Tom Mabe and the other homeowners he took from. That should teach him a lesson he’ll never forget!

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Video: THIS Simple Trick Will Make Opening Tough Packaging A Breeze and It’s Done With Only 2 Quarters!

Have you ever tried to open something that was packaged but just couldn’t get it unsealed? I’m talking about those annoying moments when no matter what technique you try the wrapper won’t rip, tear, or budge. After a little while you just end up getting really frustrated and angry, and still can’t get the thing open!

Usually it happens with food, candy, or some other type of product that you’re trying to get at, and the struggle is all too real. Eventually you have to grab a knife or scissors to open the darn things and your left feeling defeated, weak, and incompetent.

These days it seems like companies are wrapping stuff up in childproof packaging that is a real pain to break into. It may look like a simple wrapper, but looks can be deceiving. If you have ever wrestled with packaging then you need to check out this super quick video that shows a simple method on how to easily open up stuff.

All you need is 2 quarters or something similar in shape, size, and firmness to them. Other change would also work, but quarters are the biggest coins and so they’re easier to handle. Find the spot on the wrapper where you wish to open it.

Place a quarter on one side of the edge and a second quarter on the opposite side and down a little ways, so it’s not directly atop or flush with the first one. Hold them in place against the wrapper and then take the quarter on the underside and pull it towards you. The packaging should tear easily and now you can get to whatever it is you need.

This method works because it gives your fingers something to firmly grip onto. They won’t slide around or simply bend and mush the packaging which is what often causes problems when you try to open them to no avail. It also creates a nice, neat tear and keeps the wrapper in place, which is a lot better than ripping it wide open and having everything fly out all over the place.

Nothing is worse than wanting to eat a Nature’s Valley bar and having it explode in your hands, with crumbs going everywhere, and half your snack on the dirty floor! Try this out yourself the next time you have issues with a wrapper and never look back. Be sure to share the knowledge and pass this solution on to others who also suffer from wrapper-incompetence!

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