Video: THIS Simple Trick Will Make Opening Tough Packaging A Breeze and It’s Done With Only 2 Quarters!

Have you ever tried to open something that was packaged but just couldn’t get it unsealed? I’m talking about those annoying moments when no matter what technique you try the wrapper won’t rip, tear, or budge. After a little while you just end up getting really frustrated and angry, and still can’t get the thing open!

Usually it happens with food, candy, or some other type of product that you’re trying to get at, and the struggle is all too real. Eventually you have to grab a knife or scissors to open the darn things and your left feeling defeated, weak, and incompetent.

These days it seems like companies are wrapping stuff up in childproof packaging that is a real pain to break into. It may look like a simple wrapper, but looks can be deceiving. If you have ever wrestled with packaging then you need to check out this super quick video that shows a simple method on how to easily open up stuff.

All you need is 2 quarters or something similar in shape, size, and firmness to them. Other change would also work, but quarters are the biggest coins and so they’re easier to handle. Find the spot on the wrapper where you wish to open it.

Place a quarter on one side of the edge and a second quarter on the opposite side and down a little ways, so it’s not directly atop or flush with the first one. Hold them in place against the wrapper and then take the quarter on the underside and pull it towards you. The packaging should tear easily and now you can get to whatever it is you need.

This method works because it gives your fingers something to firmly grip onto. They won’t slide around or simply bend and mush the packaging which is what often causes problems when you try to open them to no avail. It also creates a nice, neat tear and keeps the wrapper in place, which is a lot better than ripping it wide open and having everything fly out all over the place.

Nothing is worse than wanting to eat a Nature’s Valley bar and having it explode in your hands, with crumbs going everywhere, and half your snack on the dirty floor! Try this out yourself the next time you have issues with a wrapper and never look back. Be sure to share the knowledge and pass this solution on to others who also suffer from wrapper-incompetence!

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