As Soon As This Strange Fish Opens His Mouth Starts Making THIS Sound I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Many a little fish has inspired the human mind to create weird and wonderful things. If you have ever played the classic Super Mario Brothers Nintendo game then you should know all about the flying fish in certain levels. They were to be avoided at all costs and if they hit Mario or Luigi you’d lose a life and have to re-start the level.

Then there are those quirky animatronic talking fishes which look like a real mounted game fish, but are actually fake and made out of rubber. The motion activated “trophy” comes to life and flops around while singing a song whenever someone walks by.

Now there is a new strangely entertaining fish making a splash on the internet. The little aquarium fish is a natural born star as it appears to sing along to a song called “Zerem Treska.” The upbeat tune is in Slovak and the translation given for it on the YouTube link and other sites is a bit confusing.

Apparently, the lyrics point to the fish singing a song about its hero, a big sea fish with swag, which is most likely a Cod fish. This assumption comes from the fact that “Treska” is the Slovak word for Cod. In fact, Cod is the main ingredient in a popular Slovak salad which is made out of the white fish and mayonnaise.

The big mouthed star of the video appears to be a type of suckerfish. They are a popular variety of aquarium fish because of their strange looking behavior when they feed on algae in a tank. The fish attaches its mouth to the inside of the glass and stays suspended there for hours or even days at a time.

Their big-lipped mouths form a suction cup which securely attaches them to whatever it is they are sucking on, and usually that is anything with algae present on it. Whatever is happening in this video, it is pure mindless entertainment at its best.

It definitely is reminiscent of the “Narwhals, Narwhals swimming in the ocean!” song and is just as catchy. When it’s all said and done, the random and strange video fits in perfectly among all of the countless other wild and zany things you can find on the internet!

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