He Pushes A Fork Into The Latch Hole Of His Door. The Result Could Save You In An Emergency!

As technology continues to progress at rapid speed, so does the high level of security systems for homes all around the world.  Many security systems for your house use technology that was once reserved for only huge banks and government security.  HD cameras and laser sensors are commonly seen in many houses these days.

The main issue here is that as security technology becomes more sophisticated so do the burglars technology to break the systems.  Now that most security alarms rely on high tech computers, criminals everywhere may be able to break into your house with nothing more than their smart phone.

In the video below, you will learn about an old form of medieval security that has worked for centuries.  All you will need is a fork, and those burglars will face a security system that can’t be broken.  They will never see this one coming. Would you use this fork security system?

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