Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Dog’s A.M. Ritual So She Got a Hidden Cam and Caught This

Do you remember the first time your parents left you home alone for an extended period of time? They finally thought you were old and mature enough to be responsible, and maybe you were, but many of us were definitely not. Some people took full advantage of their newfound freedom and some also took on the motto ‘no parents, no rules!’ Whether they stayed out super late, took a car they knew was off limits, or threw a raging house party, they did things that were unexpected and maybe even a little crazy!

In the same sense that many teenagers act a fool when their parents leave them home alone, so do lots of our pets! Think about it, if you have animals that you leave home alone, do you really know what they get up to when you’re gone? Most people assume that their pets either take it easy and rest all day long or they cry for a bit and get upset, but eventually settle down. While that could easily be the case, it can just as easily not be! Perhaps they act like the dog in this video, which is in a totally unexpected way!

The adorable Golden Retriever seen in this home security camera footage doesn’t mope around or head to bed when his parents step out for the day. Instead, the eight month old dog seems to think that it’s time to party and he doesn’t take it easy! As you can see, the amped up puppy runs around in circles in the living room while a fellow Retriever looks on. The only time the dog stops going in circles is when he takes a break to jump up on the couch and bark in his sibling’s face. It looks like he’s trying really hard to get the other dog to play with him, but his aggressive approach is just not working.

This puppy is seriously like the energizer bunny, he keeps going and going and going, in circles! His energy knows no limits and it’s hilarious to watch him in action. At least he’ll be tired out by the time his owner returns home and he isn’t crying or depressed when they’re gone. Heck, it actually looks like he’s having the time of his life!

In the end, the big goofy cutie-pie finally takes a break and heads for his water bowl in search of some much needed refreshment. Check him out if you want to smile and this clip will definitely make you say “awww” because that’s the typical response to these types of adorable videos!

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Lady Stumbles Upon a Secret Hidden Factory! Then She Enters and Realizes She’s Made The Biggest Mistake of Her Life!

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For some people urban exploring is more than just a pastime, it’s a way of life.  Such is the case for Lana Sator, a Russian photographer who writes about the places she visits on her blog.  She’s explored many old abandoned buildings and long forgotten places in her country, but it was one site in particular that got her in a lot of trouble.

Other urban explorers and her fans had given her hints and tips about how to reach a mysterious factory located in the Khimki Forest just outside of Moscow.  No one knew for certain exactly what went on at the site and so Lana made it her mission to find out. She enlisted the help of her two closest friends, and they set out on a moonless night through the woods towards the factory. 

It didn’t take long for them to find a hole in the fence to slip through and once they were on the other side, they noticed dog tracks in the snow. The place was being guarded by several large dogs who suddenly appeared up ahead.  The group shined their flashlights on the animals who then ran off towards the shelter of a barn.

Lana set her sights on gaining access to the large pipes sticking out of the ground that loomed up ahead.  Once they got closer, they were able to simply walk inside the buildings and into whatever room, hallway, or corridor they came across and climb up any ladder they pleased.  There was no one else around, not even a security guard or signs of anyone have recently been there. While they did come across some old security cameras, they were either not functioning or no one was watching them because no one ever came, no alarm ever sounded, nothing stopped them.   

The group took pictures of the rooms that were packed with tubes, pipes, and control panels.  Still unsure as to what they were dealing with, they forged on and that’s when they came across a rocket engine and it all started to make sense.  They were inside a top secret rocket factory. Before leaving, Lana posed to take a picture with one of the rockets, which turned out to be a huge mistake.  

Days later Lana uploaded photos of her latest trip to her blog and not only did her fans take notice of them, the Russian government did as well.  A short time after that she received a cease and desist letter from Dmitry Rogozin, the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Defense industry in Russia.  On that same day, police came to her door and told her she could never enter the top secret facility ever again. If she did, there would be consequences the next time around.  Lana did receive a fine for trespassing, but when she was told to remove the pictures she had taken from her website, she refused to take them down!

Once the story broke about how easily three civilians were able to sneak into a top secret missile facility, Russian defense officials were obviously not happy.  Most of their disdain fell not on Lana and her friends, but on the dismal lack of security at the sensitive site. New and improved security measures were ordered to be put into place at all Russian military and space related factories and anyone who allowed similar types of breaches going forward would be harshly punished. 

In the end, Lana and her friends escaped prosecution for sneaking onto the site.  It turned out that they were at an active NPO Energomash rocket factory. Energomash manufactures the Soyuz rocket, as well as the RD-180 liquid fuel engine which America uses to power its Atlas rockets among others.  Rather than apologize for what she did, Lana claims she exposed serious security flaws that were being overlooked and that she hopes they have been fixed and improved since then.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Nanny Heard a Strange Sound Upstairs! The Father Looks At Hidden Cam and Caught THIS Nightmare In The House!

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Any working parent knows how hard it can be to leave a young child under the watchful eyes of someone else, but usually hiring a nanny is the best and only option.  Finding a trustworthy candidate for the job is essential and you always need to ensure your child really likes them as well.

Which is why when Jonathan Lai, the father of a little 3 year old boy, interviewed Jenna Baker to be the family’s nanny, he knew she would be a great fit.  From the start she was hard working, savvy, and best of all, his son loved being around her.

One day Jenna and the boy had gone out to run errands and do some grocery shopping so they could make dinner later.  When they arrived back at the family home Jenna had an uneasy feeling. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what was bothering her, but something just didn’t feel right.  As soon as she stepped inside the house she froze, there was an unnerving presence in the house. Before she could stop him, Lai’s son ran past her, and that’s when she heard a noise.

The child immediately turned around and walked back towards Jenna.  She grabbed him, ran back out the door they came as quickly as she possibly could, and headed straight to the neighbors.  What had spooked the pair was a burglar who had been in the middle of robbing the house when they walked in on him!  

The whole scary scene was caught on tape by video surveillance cameras Lai had set up in his home.  The footage shows a man prowling around from room to room, digging through drawers and looking for something valuable to steal.  At one point he riffles through a purse and the whole time he was on a cell phone talking to someone, it’s as if the other person on the line was directing him. 

When Jenna and the boy came home, they interrupted the suspect, who was on the stairs and headed straight towards them.  To get out the door he needed to get past her, so she scooped the child and ran away. In the end, the man ran off down the street, carrying a distinct backpack with blue and white polka dots.  

While his sense of security has been violated, Lai is just grateful that no one got hurt.  After viewing the footage he’s also grateful for Jenna’s quick reaction. She quickly got his son out of the dangerous situation and her instincts were spot on

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Things Kept Going Missing In THIS Apartment So He Set Up A Hidden Cam. What He Found Is So Scary!

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A guy living in NYC started to notice that food kept disappearing from his apartment. In fact, so much food had seemingly disappeared that it prompted him to ask his girlfriend if she was taking the food and devouring it all down!

She said no way and that’s when he decided to figure out what the heck was actually going on here. He quickly set up a hidden cam in a corner and aimed it right at the kitchen. A couple hours after he fell asleep, the hidden security cam caught one of the scariest things ever!

In the dark, upper right hand corner, a lady suddenly appears and slowly creeps her way out of a deep storage crawl-space, which extends into the kitchen. She moves slowly, creepishly and carefully as she drops down onto a table and then slithers to the floor, trying her hardest to not making any noise!

She heads straight over to the sink and pees in it, then pops open the fridge for a drink, swigging directly out of the carton. After, she grabs some food in the pantry and then sits down on the couch to relax and enjoy her snack.

All the while, just feet away, the man is asleep right in the next room. The weird woman seems to know where everything is as she deliberately moves her way slowly around the kitchen. She has done this more than a few times before and by now it seems like she’s at ease raiding this poor guys kitchen.

While the whole clip makes my skin crawl, the worst part was when the guy got up to get a drink in the middle of the night. The woman hears him coming and runs out of the shot to hide, while he passes right by her unknowingly.

He grabs the carton she just drank out of and pours himself a drink before heading back to bed. The woman was there watching and hiding the whole time which makes this feel like it could be straight out of a horror movie. Even the way she slithers back up into the crawlspace seems menacing!

When the man first saw the footage he instantly ran out of the apartment and called the police who arrived and took the creepy lady away. After investigating they told the guy that she had been living up in the storage area for weeks. It was likely that she initially broke in to rob him while he was out, found the space, and decided to stay and make herself at home.

A person’s home is supposed to be the one place that they feel safe and secure in. This video is so ominous and alarming because the woman violates the man’s personal space to such an extreme degree, and takes away any safe feeling he had in the process.

Also, the police told the man that this wasn’t the first time they had come across a case like this. Which makes me wonder, how many people out there are living with uninvited guests in their own houses, who eat their food, and hide in the shadows?

Let us know what you think of this footage!

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