THIS Teen Breaks Her Back When She Jumps Off The Pier To Save a Little Kid By Doing The UNTHINKABLE!

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Anyone can be a good Samaritan, all you need to do is act selflessly to help someone else out, especially a person who is in distress.  They are the people who react naturally to try and save others in emergency situations and who don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. Nineteen year old Hanna Pignato is such a person and once you hear her story, you’ll understand why she fits the definition of a good Samaritan.

Hanna had been waiting on tables at around 7 pm while working at Joe’s Crab Shack in Daytona Beach, Florida when she suddenly heard a woman screaming outside.  She headed out of the restaurant to see what the matter was and realized the woman’s young son was struggling to stay afloat in the water. A rip current had knocked the 8 year old off his boogey board and was taking him out to sea, yet despite all the people who were on the crowded beach, no one seemed to be willing to help. 

Hanna sprang into action and ran down from the rooftop deck to the Main Street Pier below where she handed off her apron and phone to a customer.  Without hesitating she jumped off the pier into the water below, she didn’t even stop to think, and when she reached the bottom all she could feel was immense pain and pressure.  Unbeknownst to her, the spot where she had jumped from was right above a sandbar and she’d landed in less than three feet of water, causing her to break her back and foot. Despite the waves of pain washing over her, she still tried to swim towards the boy and didn’t stop until she saw someone else come to his rescue.  

At this point it was now Hanna who needed to be rescued, she too had gotten caught up in the rip current and her broken foot and back were making it nearly impossible to swim.  She was thankfully rescued from the water and immediately taken to a nearby hospital. After examining her injuries the doctors told her the terrible news; she had broken the top of right foot, her right heel, and had fractured her lower back in three places.  

Despite her selfless efforts to save a young boy she didn’t even know; she was now facing the sad reality of her situation.  Hanna would be unable to work or even move much for the next couple of months and her medical bills alone were over $75,000. She didn’t have health insurance and on top of that she lived in a third story walk up.  Her friends started a Go-Fund me page to help cover, or at least offset, the costs and she’s grateful for whatever help she can get.  

In the end, Hanna says she has been awed and amazed at the overwhelming messages of love and support she has received from people all over the world who’ve heard her story.  All she was trying to do that fateful day was save a child who needed help and despite what happened to her she doesn’t regret it, and that’s why she’s a good Samaritan.

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Teenager Disappears For Over 3 Years Then Shows Back Up At His House. But Things Aren’t How They Seem!

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Every year thousands of children are reported missing to authorities across the country, but thankfully the vast majority of them are soon found safe and sound.  For the few ongoing cases that remain unsolved, police and families work tirelessly to keep the investigation active and leads coming in. All they need is one clue to help break the case wide open and it can come at any time.  When one young boy went missing in Texas, his family could have never imagined how it would play out. It’s a case that has stunned everyone involved and it really makes you wonder how could this have happened?     

This past June 13, 2019 marked the 25th anniversary of the date that Nicholas Barclay went missing from San Antonio, Texas.  He was just 13 years old when he went to play basketball with some friends near his house and afterwards he disappeared without a trace.  His family did not report him missing at first because they thought he had run away and would soon be back. He had already run away from home several times before and had a troubled history of behavior.  The police had been called to the house several times after he’d argued with his mother and he would also talk back to his teachers and skip school.  

It got to the point where he had a sentencing hearing scheduled to see if he should be placed in a juvenile home, which he was vehemently opposed to.  The night he disappeared was the day before the hearing, which was another reason why his family assumed he’d run off, to avoid going to court. By the time a missing person report was filed, and the police started searching, the trail had already gone cold.  There were few clues to follow up on and no one seemed to have seen Nicholas.

Three years went by with no leads until one day authorities in Spain called and claimed they had found a boy who looked like Nicholas.  They said he claimed to be 16 years old and had told them how he’d been kidnapped from America and trafficked to Europe before he finally managed to escape.  Overjoyed that the long missing boy had finally been found, the Barclay family welcomed him back with open arms.  

From the start the family noticed that the Nicholas they had known had changed a bit.  However, they’d also been warned that he’d been through a lot and so when he seemed to act and look different than what they’d remembered, they didn’t really question it.  His eyes and hair color were much darker than before, which he attributed to his captors having dyed and medically changed them in order to alter his appearance in a bid to conceal his identity.  He also seemed to speak with a French accent, but he told them he was forbidden to speak English the whole time and had picked up his kidnapper’s accent. Not wanting to upset and question him too much after all he’d been through, the family let their suspicions slide and tried to get back to normal.

One man who couldn’t ignore the obvious differences was a private investigator named Charlie Parker.  He didn’t buy the boy’s story and noticed that rather than being upset by what he claimed to have gone through, the boy was incredibly open about it all and retold his story to anyone who’d listen.  He thought it was an imposter pretending to be Nicholas and after studying pictures of the two closely something finally jumped out at him and blew a hole in the boy’s story. The person claiming to be Nicholas did not have ears that looked anything like the missing boy’s ears.  

A person’s ears are like their fingerprints, uniquely individual and unchanging with time.  Since the ears did not match up, investigators, the Barclay family, and police finally knew the boy was lying and could not be Nicholas.  It turned out that the boy was actually a 23 year old French man named Frederic Bourdin. He was a renowned con artist who’d been nicknamed “the Chameleon” by Interpol for posing as missing children and stealing hundreds of different identities.  When Spanish police found him, they’d made an offhand remark about how he looked like the missing boy Nicholas Barclay, and from there he assumed the boy’s identity.

Naturally the Barclay family was stunned and heartbroken when they heard the news that they’d been lied to and that Nicholas was still missing.  They had wanted to believe it was him so badly that they’d convinced themselves it was, despite the obvious differences. Due to all the strange twists and mysterious circumstances in the case, no one knows for sure who to believe or what really happened.  For more information on the story check out the video and decide who you believe.     

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This Teen Girl Died From A Fatal Heart Attack While On Vacation After She Drank THIS Popular Drink!

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It’s a beverage that can be found in just about every gas station, grocery market, and convenience store in America and abroad. Many people love it and some drink it to excess or even mix it in with alcohol. There is no denying that energy drinks, like the market leader Red Bull, are incredibly popular.

The amounts being consumed have sky rocketed in recent years and now the sugary, caffeine laden drink is being blamed for the sudden death of a healthy 16 year old girl. Lanna Hamman, a 16 year old girl from Arizona, was on vacation in Mexico when she went to the beach with her friends.

According to those with her at the time, she had been drinking Red Bull all day and no water when she suddenly suffered a heart attack. Tragically, she ended up dying and now many are saying that the energy drinks she drank before her death are what likely caused it.

Specifically, the excessive caffeine she consumed, in conjunction with dehydration, led to her fatal heart attack. Lana’s mother, Kris Hamman, said that her daughter regularly drank Red Bull and she believes it’s likely that the beverage contributed directly to her death.

Cardiologist Jack Wolfson agrees with her and places the blame on the drink’s high sugar and caffeine content. He told the local Arizona news station KSAZ Fox 10 that “There is medical evidence that these things do harm, they can cause changes in the heart rhythm, and impact blood pressure.”

In recent years, energy drink related hospital and ER visits have sharply increased to levels not seen before 10 years ago. People come in complaining that they feel sick and unwell, and many turn out to be dehydrated and experiencing irregular heartbeats. The majority of them are also teenagers and young adults.

Energy drinks are notorious for being bad for our health and bodies, yet many people continue to consume them. While what happened in Lanna’s case is an extreme example of what can happen when you drink Red Bull excessively and forgo water, it’s also eye opening.

She was a completely healthy, normal, athletic teenager and what happened to her can happen to anyone.

Do you still drink this stuff?

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Teen Girl Is In A Very Dangerous Position With An Older Guy. But Watch The How The Bystanders React.

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If you saw a 16 year old girl meeting up with an older man she didn’t know, would you step in and say something? That’s exactly what an ABC News show focused on in a recent episode. The television news magazine show, Primetime: What Would You Do? (WWYD?), features actors who publicly act out different scenarios while a hidden camera captures bystanders reactions.

The background for this episode is that Maria, a 16 year old girl, has been texting and chatting with a boy named Brian that she met online. Brian told her that he was also 16 and they decide to meet for the first time in person at a cafe in New York. When Brian arrives he is clearly much older than 16 and starts to pressure Maria to leave with him.

How do fellow diners react to this sketchy situation?  The first couple, a man and woman seated nearby, stay silent until the two are about to leave. The woman pulls Maria aside and offers her a ride home, saying that she is a mother and the man she’s with is a police officer.

She refuses to let Maria leave with the creep, then directs her to sit on the inside of the booth. The whole time she remains adamant that the girl will not be leaving with the older man, even when he challenges her and begins to argue. Finally the host, John Quiñones, comes over to explain the situation and interview the couple.

The woman, upset and shaking, gives her take on the situation and says to never trust anybody. The second set of diners sit down and the scene replays. Maria and the older man get up to leave, and the woman bystander steps in saying, “Don’t go with him. Don’t. You don’t know him.”

Another couple ask Maria her age, learn she is 16, then threaten to call the police. Over and over, the customers step in to stop Maria from leaving with the man. They all voice warnings and every woman reports having the same reaction; they are so upset they shake. They see the young girl as if she were their own child, and simply react in the way that they’d want other strangers to, if it were their child in Maria’s place.

They want to protect the young girl and stop her from leaving with the man. The last segment involved seeing what would happen if teenagers were in the cafe, instead of adults, and overheard the situation. Two teen girls sit nearby, giggling and joking, before growing worried as they figure out what’s happening.

After the man gets up they ask Maria if she’s all right and let her sit with them. They warn her about how dangerous the situation is and say that the man is likely a pedophile. He returns and they confront him, and when he grabs Maria and tugs her towards the door they call the cops, follow him outside, and do whatever they can to stop him from taking her.

It appears that every single person spoke up and intervened, would you have?

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This 17 Year Old Built His Own Mortgage-Free House. But When You Step Inside Whoa!

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One boy’s school project turned into a new lease on life, or actually mortgage-free life, when he ended up building a tiny house for himself. Austin Hay began building his tiny home when he was a fifteen year old freshman in high school and finished it at age seventeen. It all began when he was assigned to do a research project on anything he was passionate about.

His interest in the tiny house movement was already budding and after looking more into it he decided this would be perfect for his assignment. To start, he bought a used trailer for around two thousand dollars and the rest was built up from there. Money he had saved from summer jobs and basic knowledge gained from one woodworking class he had taken were all applied to the project.

After he had framed and put a roof on it he began work on the interior and design elements that would make it compact, comfortable and perfect for what he needs. Many of the items he used in building the house were found at junk yards and are second hand parts, such as the doors, windows and flooring.

He put in a lofted bed and even fit a complete bathroom with a hot water shower and composting toilette. By the time he finished his tiny house, Austin had spent around twelve thousand dollars and gained a lot of knowledge about construction, materials and building in general. He even had an open house for people to come by and check out the finished project.

In the future he plans on living in it through college and beyond, taking it with him wherever he ends up. The video gives a guided tour of the tiny house and shows it in various stages of completion. It includes reactions and interviews with his friends and family as well.

Austin’s sense of pride and joy at accomplishing the home is well earned, and shared by his grandfather, whose interview in the clip is especially touching. Check it out!

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He Had A Strange Pain In His Ear And Thought It Was A Bad Earache. But They Pull Out This Unexpected Surprise!

We have all heard that ear wax can build up and become impacted in the ear canal, causing eventual pain and even hearing loss.  What you are about to watch in the following video, that was causing this boy’s distress, is far worse than ear wax. What came crawling out of his ear is just beyond belief!

Fourteen-year-old, Grant Botti, woke up in excruciating pain coming from his ear.  In a state of panic, after feeling something moving, he reached inside his ear to see if he was just imagining the movement.  Incredibly, what he pulled out was so disgusting and startling, that I feel the need to forewarn you.

He grabbed onto the tail of a 4-inch centipede that had become lodged in his ear!!!  It is hard to believe that he was able to pull it out by himself, without passing out from shock or pain. He was able to slowly remove the entire creature!  Even more unbelievable is that his mom watched him pull this grotesque thing from his ear, without passing out herself.

She had the presence of mind to bag this centipede and bring it to the hospital, where her poor son was rushed, in unbearable pain.  At Saline Memorial Hospital, Grant was examined by the doctors, who found abrasions in his ear drum that was causing the continued pain.

It is believed that the centipede entered his ear canal while he was swimming. Thankfully, Grant did not sustain any permanent physical damage.  Hopefully, he and his family have gotten over the psychological trauma of this disturbing and painful event.

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