This 17 Year Old Built His Own Mortgage-Free House. But When You Step Inside Whoa!

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One boy’s school project turned into a new lease on life, or actually mortgage-free life, when he ended up building a tiny house for himself. Austin Hay began building his tiny home when he was a fifteen year old freshman in high school and finished it at age seventeen. It all began when he was assigned to do a research project on anything he was passionate about.

His interest in the tiny house movement was already budding and after looking more into it he decided this would be perfect for his assignment. To start, he bought a used trailer for around two thousand dollars and the rest was built up from there. Money he had saved from summer jobs and basic knowledge gained from one woodworking class he had taken were all applied to the project.

After he had framed and put a roof on it he began work on the interior and design elements that would make it compact, comfortable and perfect for what he needs. Many of the items he used in building the house were found at junk yards and are second hand parts, such as the doors, windows and flooring.

He put in a lofted bed and even fit a complete bathroom with a hot water shower and composting toilette. By the time he finished his tiny house, Austin had spent around twelve thousand dollars and gained a lot of knowledge about construction, materials and building in general. He even had an open house for people to come by and check out the finished project.

In the future he plans on living in it through college and beyond, taking it with him wherever he ends up. The video gives a guided tour of the tiny house and shows it in various stages of completion. It includes reactions and interviews with his friends and family as well.

Austin’s sense of pride and joy at accomplishing the home is well earned, and shared by his grandfather, whose interview in the clip is especially touching. Check it out!

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