If You Ever See THIS Fuzzy Creature Do NOT Touch It. The Reason Is Scary!

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The furry looking caterpillar you see in this video, that looks like a walking mini-toupee, is highly toxic. Its looks are deceiving and many people have learned that the hard, painful way. The unassuming insect appears to be harmless and its fuzzy hairs make it seem like it’d be soft to the touch. Any young child, or even an adult who didn’t know any better, likely wouldn’t hesitate to reach out and touch it!

If you ever happen to come across one of these caterpillars you should avoid them at all costs. They’re known as puss caterpillars and over time they change dramatically as they transform into adults. After they finish developing they turn into furry winged insects that are commonly known as the southern flannel moth, and sometimes they’re called puss moths.

The bugs only pose a threat to humans when they are in their caterpillar form and contact with them should be avoided if possible. However, it’s their soft and fuzzy appearance that’s highly deceiving and the hair-like spikes draw children to them and encourage kids to reach out and pick them up.

Leslie Howe, a mother of three from Georgia, captured video of the furry caterpillar in action at a local playground she brought her kids to. The older two were off playing while she sat with her infant son, when suddenly she spotted one crawling nearby.

Intrigued by the sight of it, she whipped out her cell phone and recorded it so she could look it up later. When she found out that the hairy bug was highly venomous she was shocked, and happy that none of her kids touched it or were hurt.

The caterpillars can also come into contact with skin when they fall out of trees or somehow land on people from above. They favor citrus, sycamore, oak and elm trees, as well as plants like roses and ivy. The puss caterpillars are found in southern parts of the United States and throughout Mexico and Central America.

Up until recently they’ve gone largely unnoticed, but now the caterpillars are in the news because of increased reports of them injuring kids and causing extremely painful reactions. What makes them so fearsome and nasty is exactly what makes them so cute; their fuzzy exteriors.

The furs are actually venomous spines which cause excruciating pain when they come into contact with people’s skin. Reactions to the stings can be severe, with radiating pain, burning, nausea, vomiting, swelling, rashes, blisters, and numbness in the affected area.

Sometimes people develop chest pains or have difficulty breathing, and hives or welts may turn up on the sting site. The sting feels worse than any comparable type, beating bees, scorpions, jellyfish, and wasps. Some people have even started to convulse and reported that their pain went deep, causing even their bones hurt.

To lessen your chances of running into one of these bugs and to avoid any pain, stay vigilant and be mindful of the tiny creatures. Make sure that young children know the dangers of them and if you or someone you know does get stung, seek immediate medical attention.

You can also lessen pain by covering the area with tape and then ripping it off. That helps to remove any embedded spines and decreases the pain. Stay safe and away from this creature!

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The Top 10 Roller Coasters Which Have Been Permanently Shut Down and BANNED That You Can Never Ride Again!

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Some people are adrenaline junkies and there is no better way to get that adrenaline flowing than a terrifying roller coaster ride at an amusement park. Every year millions of people flock to different amusement parks all around the world thrill seeking and trying to find that perfect ride! People are willing to wait on lines for hours under the hot sun just to take a 3 minute ride on an extreme and scary roller coaster that will make all the waiting totally worth while!

Sometimes rides can be designed to be so scary that they can actually be quite dangerous. In today’s story this is exactly what we will be covering. You’ve probably read about rollercoasters coming to a complete halt on the loop de loop while innocent passengers are suspended upside down for minutes and even sometimes for hours. Or maybe the freak stories where the carts fly off the track due to some type of fault in the tracks design or it is just run down!

These stories are enough for me to stay clear of any ride that could potentially put me in this precarious position. However thrill seekers from all around the world don’t seem the least bit worried when they hear about these malfunctioning rides and continue seeking out the most terrifying and scary rides they can find!

Many of these massive rides can take years to build from start to finish. First the blue print, then figuring out the physics, then somehow coming up with the money to build it, then the actual building process. Sometimes these epic rides can cost millions and millions of dollars to build, so after all that money and time is put into making the perfect ride for thrill seekers/adrenaline junkies it better not malfunction and it should run smoothly 100 percent of the time!

Many roller coasters actually have a certain life span regardless of if they malfunction or not. There are only so many times the carts and rails can handle the massive speeds, twists turns and weight of the passengers. Sometimes these rides are just shut down because they are too old, the nuts and bolts are just too worn down, and the amount of money to renovate the ride just doesn’t make financial sense. For the life a roller coaster this is probably the best way for it to end its career. No freak accidents, no fatalities, just worn out to the point of no return.

Sadly, this is not always the case with many of these wild rides. Sometimes these roller coasters will run perfectly for years until suddenly one day, a freak accident will occur whether, passengers get stuck upside-down for hours or even worse they fly off the rails at high speeds injuring and sometimes even leading to multiple fatalities.

The following video will cover the top ten roller coasters that have been shut down and banned due to being way too risky and dangerous! You have probably taken a ride on some of these intense rides before and maybe surprised to hear they have been shut down for good. So consider yourself lucky for still being here being able to read today’s article!

Watch the video below for the full list of the top 10 banned roller coasters ever:

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If You Use Scented Candles In Your House You May Want To Stop Right NOW! The Reason Is Scary!

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Many people love having candles on hand around the house. Scented ones make the air smell wonderful and certain types, such as citronella ones, help to keep the bugs away. People often use them to add a little warm ambiance to a room or they keep a few close by in case the power goes out.

Some people love candles so much they burn through several a week and place them everywhere, they just can’t get enough. Chances are you have a few candles somewhere in your house and if they are scented you may want to think twice before lighting them up.

A recent study has found that many scented candles contain dangerous ingredients which are harmful to human health. Professor Alastair Lewis of the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of York carried out the study which uncovered the disturbing results.

His research suggests that a common ingredient used to give candles their scent, called limonene, changes into formaldehyde when burned. The potential for danger here is great, because Formaldehyde is highly toxic and the levels at which it was found to be present were alarming.

Limonene is most often found in citrus-scented candles where it’s used to give them a lemony lime type of smell. You’ve probably smelled limonene before because it’s commonly used to scent air fresheners and cleaning products and it’s even safe enough to flavor food with.

However, the problem is that when its molecular structure is altered, it can easily turn into formaldehyde. This occurs when limonene is released into the air, where it comes into contact and reacts with the naturally occurring ozone.

This contact is what alters the limonene molecules and changes them into Formaldehyde. Because modern homes are tightly sealed up, there is little to no air circulation, and the formaldehyde gets trapped indoors.

Over time it lingers in the air and builds up, causing long term harm and damage to any people who may happen to breathe it in. The effects of formaldehyde on human health are toxic. It’s thought to be carcinogenic and is known to be corrosive, poisonous, and combustible.

Exposure to it can damage our respiratory tracts and cause sore throats, nosebleeds, coughs, and a burning, stinging sensation in eyes. It’s best to avoid it all together, and that means not burning any scented candles that may contain limonene.

If you absolutely must or feel the need to burn scented candles, open a window and get some air flow going. That greatly reduces the build up of formaldehyde in the room and cuts down on the amount you may end up breathing in.

Hopefully candle makers will change the way they make scented candles now that this study is out and people are gaining awareness of it. Please spread the word and pass this along to friends and family so that they also know how bad these candles can be.

Watch the footage below for further information.

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Teen Girl Is In A Very Dangerous Position With An Older Guy. But Watch The How The Bystanders React.

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If you saw a 16 year old girl meeting up with an older man she didn’t know, would you step in and say something? That’s exactly what an ABC News show focused on in a recent episode. The television news magazine show, Primetime: What Would You Do? (WWYD?), features actors who publicly act out different scenarios while a hidden camera captures bystanders reactions.

The background for this episode is that Maria, a 16 year old girl, has been texting and chatting with a boy named Brian that she met online. Brian told her that he was also 16 and they decide to meet for the first time in person at a cafe in New York. When Brian arrives he is clearly much older than 16 and starts to pressure Maria to leave with him.

How do fellow diners react to this sketchy situation?  The first couple, a man and woman seated nearby, stay silent until the two are about to leave. The woman pulls Maria aside and offers her a ride home, saying that she is a mother and the man she’s with is a police officer.

She refuses to let Maria leave with the creep, then directs her to sit on the inside of the booth. The whole time she remains adamant that the girl will not be leaving with the older man, even when he challenges her and begins to argue. Finally the host, John Quiñones, comes over to explain the situation and interview the couple.

The woman, upset and shaking, gives her take on the situation and says to never trust anybody. The second set of diners sit down and the scene replays. Maria and the older man get up to leave, and the woman bystander steps in saying, “Don’t go with him. Don’t. You don’t know him.”

Another couple ask Maria her age, learn she is 16, then threaten to call the police. Over and over, the customers step in to stop Maria from leaving with the man. They all voice warnings and every woman reports having the same reaction; they are so upset they shake. They see the young girl as if she were their own child, and simply react in the way that they’d want other strangers to, if it were their child in Maria’s place.

They want to protect the young girl and stop her from leaving with the man. The last segment involved seeing what would happen if teenagers were in the cafe, instead of adults, and overheard the situation. Two teen girls sit nearby, giggling and joking, before growing worried as they figure out what’s happening.

After the man gets up they ask Maria if she’s all right and let her sit with them. They warn her about how dangerous the situation is and say that the man is likely a pedophile. He returns and they confront him, and when he grabs Maria and tugs her towards the door they call the cops, follow him outside, and do whatever they can to stop him from taking her.

It appears that every single person spoke up and intervened, would you have?

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Her Dog Died 2 Days After She Gave Him A New Toy. This Is Something Every Dog Owner Needs To Read

Dog owners everywhere need to be aware and on the lookout for a potentially dangerous toy that has already been linked to the death of at least one dog. Recent posts on social media have brought attention to certain toys that have a hole in one side of them. Dogs tongues can become trapped in the hole because it creates a vacuum effect that sucks their tongues in.

When the toy is yanked and pulled on, to try and remove it, the tension becomes tighter since there is no second hole that would relieve the pressure. The dogs who were injured from these toys had to be brought to the vet to receive emergency care and have the balls removed.

In one case a Rottweiler named Maximus ended up passing away from complications related to a Kong brand ball toy that suctioned to his tongue. His heartbroken owner, Jamie Stumpf, took to Facebook on August 19 writing, “The Vet hopes the tissue does not die in the amount that would require removal of the tissue. I will not choose to allow a major portion to be taken. It’s not in his best interests.” Sadly, just one day later, Maximus died.

The exact same toy related issue popped up again the very next day on August 20 when Vergi 24/7 posted a photo of a dog named Rooney with his tongue stuck in a ball. Vets at the Houston, Texas emergency animal hospital sedated the dog and used a needle to carefully release the suction. Only after all that and sustained effort did they finally get the ball off.

While the Kong toy called “The Beast” has specifically been named as the brand and type of toy that caused these dog’s injuries (and has only one hole) there are countless others on the market sold by different retailers and brands. ANY toy that has a single hole opening can create a suction that can lead to an animal getting their tongue trapped in it.

Please take a moment to inspect your pets toys, and in the future examine any new ones you pick up as well. If you happen to have a toy with only one entry point, and no secondary hole anywhere else, either dispose of it right away or modify it. You can drill a hole in the other end to take away it’s ability to hold a suction, and thus make it safer.

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