Her Dog Died 2 Days After She Gave Him A New Toy. This Is Something Every Dog Owner Needs To Read

Dog owners everywhere need to be aware and on the lookout for a potentially dangerous toy that has already been linked to the death of at least one dog. Recent posts on social media have brought attention to certain toys that have a hole in one side of them. Dogs tongues can become trapped in the hole because it creates a vacuum effect that sucks their tongues in.

When the toy is yanked and pulled on, to try and remove it, the tension becomes tighter since there is no second hole that would relieve the pressure. The dogs who were injured from these toys had to be brought to the vet to receive emergency care and have the balls removed.

In one case a Rottweiler named Maximus ended up passing away from complications related to a Kong brand ball toy that suctioned to his tongue. His heartbroken owner, Jamie Stumpf, took to Facebook on August 19 writing, “The Vet hopes the tissue does not die in the amount that would require removal of the tissue. I will not choose to allow a major portion to be taken. It’s not in his best interests.” Sadly, just one day later, Maximus died.

The exact same toy related issue popped up again the very next day on August 20 when Vergi 24/7 posted a photo of a dog named Rooney with his tongue stuck in a ball. Vets at the Houston, Texas emergency animal hospital sedated the dog and used a needle to carefully release the suction. Only after all that and sustained effort did they finally get the ball off.

While the Kong toy called “The Beast” has specifically been named as the brand and type of toy that caused these dog’s injuries (and has only one hole) there are countless others on the market sold by different retailers and brands. ANY toy that has a single hole opening can create a suction that can lead to an animal getting their tongue trapped in it.

Please take a moment to inspect your pets toys, and in the future examine any new ones you pick up as well. If you happen to have a toy with only one entry point, and no secondary hole anywhere else, either dispose of it right away or modify it. You can drill a hole in the other end to take away it’s ability to hold a suction, and thus make it safer.

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