10 Red Flags Somebody Is Attempting To Manipulate You and You May Not Know It

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There are many people whom you will come across, during the course of your life, who will try to manipulate you.  Everyone from your child or spouse, to your boss or a salesman.  People manipulate because “they want what they want, when they want it!”  They are looking out for their best interest, not yours.

The truth is, we all attempt to manipulate others at some point in our lives, by playing on their emotions.  It is the extent that people go to, in manipulating others, that becomes a problem in relationships.  If it is a pervasive part in your interactions with someone, then you have a serious toxic problem that can hurt you emotionally.

The VIDEO you are about to watch below, does a very good job of discussing 10 WARNING SIGNS that you are involved with a MANIPULATIVE PERSON. This means that someone is trying to exert undo influence or control over you, or is attempting to have a situation turn out the way they want it by using unfair, crooked or abusive behaviors.

The 10 WARNING SIGNS that raise a RED FLAG that you are involved with a MANIPULATOR are discussed in detail in the VIDEO BELOW.  These individuals may:

1. ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS: This will help them to ascertain your strengths and vulnerabilities. 2. THEY LIE OR TWIST THE TRUTH: This helps them to get you to believe that they know the best outcome, and leaves you questioning yourself, and what you believe to be true.

3. THEY TALK FAST and THROW A TON OF INFORMATION AT YOU: This can cause you to be confused and just go along with what they say. 4. THEY BECOME AGGRESSIVE: Shouting or physical aggression can cause you to just do what they want because you feel intimidated, and just want the intimidation to stop.

5. THEY ARE OFTEN JUDGMENTAL AND TEND TO CRITICIZE: This may be done in an overt or more passive-aggressive way, which lowers your self-esteem and puts you at their mercy. 6. THEY BLAME YOU OR TRY TO MAKE YOU FEEL GUILTY: Never taking responsibility for their part in things, the manipulator tries to always make you feel THAT IT IS YOU who has done something wrong.

7. THEY USE DEROGATORY HUMOR OR SARCASM: This negative language undermines your feeling of safety, and leads you to feel “less than” in the relationship. 8. THEY MAY ISOLATE YOU FROM YOUR FRIENDS AND LOVED ONES: In this way they become the most important person in your world, and any concerns you may have about being manipulated doesn’t get shared with others, which might give you perspective.

9. THEY USE YOUR OWN WORDS AGAINST YOU: This is an attempt for you to see the manipulator as the victim in the relationship. 10. THEY MAKE THEIR PROBLEMS SEEM MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOURS: The ultimate sign that you are involved with a manipulative NARCISSIST!

Be sure to watch the discussion of these signs to the end.  It may give you food for thought about some of your relationships may be troublesome, because you are being manipulated in a coercive manner.  Let us know your thoughts after watching the video.

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The FDA Is Now Advising Parents To Immediately Stop Giving THIS Food To Babies!

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Although there have been serious health concerns about inorganic arsenic found in rice as a whole, and in particular in infant rice cereal, the rice industry has continued to deny the potential dangers.  As they have insufficiently lowered the levels of inorganic arsenic in infant rice cereal, which is one of the first solid foods introduced to infants, the Food and Drug Administration have issued serious warnings about severely limiting the amount of this food regularly given to most American babies.

Because infants are so small, they are regularly taking in 3 times the amount of rice most adults consume.  This is despite the fact that inorganic arsenic has long been known to be carcinogenic.  It is not only dangerous to infants, but to children in utero during pregnancy. In 2016 the FDA concluded from a great deal of evidence, that  high exposure to inorganic arsenic during pregnancy, resulted in children having significant developmental and cognitive deficits.

Although traces of inorganic arsenic are found in other foods, such as fruits and vegetables and grains, it seems that  the level of absorption in rice makes it far more of a potential health hazard.  The FDA recommendations for safe levels of inorganic arsenic in rice cereal (a mainstay of most infant’s diets at around 8 months) is being met at less than one half of the rice cereals still on store shelves.

The video you are about to watch from Consumer Reports, stresses the point that this arsenic level, although somewhat improved in infant cereals still remains unregulated in ready-to-eat cereals consumed by children and adults alike. It is their recommendation, that any rice-based food be severely limited or avoided completely until the FDA strictly meets the levels that will no longer pose such disastrous health risks.

The FDA advises that parents choose oat, barley, and multigrain cereals to avoid arsenic exposure.  After watching the video from Consumer Reports

Let us know what you think.

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This Boy Lost 75% Of His Vision Because Of This Popular Toy That Almost Everyone Owns!

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Many people have laser pointers in their homes, and don’t think twice about leaving them around, where kids of any age could play around with them.  Although lasers are frequently used in toys, they have been regulated so that they do not have the same radiation as laser pointers.

However, you will hear in the video you are about to watch below, that even those lasers have inherent dangers when toys are broken. A warning to all parents, has recently been issued from optometrists in Australia, saying: laser pointers ARE NOT toys.

This warning came about after a 14-year-old boy was seen after he pointed a laser pen into his eyes for only a short period of time. His vision was permanently damaged, losing 75% of his 20/20 vision forever!

The laser had burned his retina near the back of the eye, but as is common, no pain was experienced.  The reason medical help was sought, was because macular damage was immediate, which caused severe visual impairment.

Damage to the macula from laser burning, glasses nor surgery can ever restore this boy’s central vision, which allows for visual acuity needed for reading, driving etc.  Laser pointers should never get in the hands of children, as is discussed in the following footage.

Broken toys which have FDA approved laser strength, can become just as dangerous when broken.

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8 Signs You Had a Stroke and Might Not Know It. Don’t Ignore These Signs.

The brain requires blood flow to function. When a blood vessel is blocked in the brain (Ischemic-known as a TIA) or starts to bleed (Hemorrhagic-a full on Stroke), you are at risk for severe and potentially permanent damage to the brain or death, if you do not act quickly.

As with many health issues, SYMPTOMS of a STROKE are often thought to be something else and get IGNORED.  As strokes can cause serious brain damage, and is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S., NOT IGNORING THE SIGNS OF STROKE is key to survival.

The VIDEO you are about to watch below, does a great job of explaining what actually happens when a stroke occurs, lifestyle modes that will help to prevent a stroke from happening, and most importantly it offers the acronym F.A.S.T. that will alert you to seek medical help immediately!

While certain symptoms such as: 


(2) SUDDEN ONSET OF EXTREME FATIGUE can be a part of the onset of a STROKE, these signs can often be overlooked.  However, the more concrete SIGNS of STROKE put out by “The American Stroke Association” symbolized by F.A.S.T. are:


(4) A for ARM NUMB: if you have NUMBNESS OR WEAKNESS IN ONE ARM, for more than a few minutes, this is a critical warning sign.  Strokes tend to affect one side of the body.

(5) S for SPEECH DIFFICULTY: When one side of the brain is affected by a Stroke, lack of blood supply can cause speech to be SLURRED or completely GARBLED.  You may think that you are speaking clearly, but if someone with you says they can’t understand your speech, take it seriously!

(6) T for TIME: Time is of the essence; calling 911 immediately can mean the difference between PERMANENT BRAIN DAMAGE OR NOT, and LIFE or DEATH.


(7) VISION DIFFICULTY IN ONE EYE: Seeing double or blurred vision in one eye often occurs when the brain is affected by a Stroke.

(8) CONFUSION or DIFFICULTY THINKING: When a stroke occurs, a part of your brain does not receive blood flow and therefore is STARVED OF OXYGEN which can cause you not to be able to think straight or to speak intelligibly.

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If You Notice A $100 Bill On Your Windshield. This Is What It Means!

With all the good cheer around during the holiday season, it might be reasonable to believe that you would receive a random act of kindness.  Thats what Kyri Viehman thought, as she was driving home from doing some Christmas shopping with her mom.

From St. Louis, MO, Kyri noticed something flapping on the passenger side of her windshield, which she at first thought was a flyer for something. When she looked again she saw that it was $100 bill that was tucked under her wipers.  Later she wrote on Facebook:

Being a dedicated listener to the Bobby Bones Show, I thought someone was ‪#‎pimpinjoy‬ for this single mom wrestling with a crabby toddler around the holidays,” she wrote on Facebook. “That’s where my naivety came into play. I pulled over to the side of the road to retrieve this miracle money that came into my life at the perfect time.

The bill was placed under the wipers where you had to get out of your car, walk around front, and grab it (you could not just roll down your window). I opened the bill, and it read something similar to ‘Ha you thought this was real didn’t you?

This is a cautionary tale for all of us, who are out shopping this season, or really any time!  After doing some research on the internet, Kyri learned that she had, indeed, “dodged a bullet”!  This is a common carjacker scam used to get the driver out of the car before driving away.

The fake $100 bill is placed on the passenger side in order to get the driver on the other side of the car, so that the carjacker can get in the driver’s seat of the car that most probably has the keys in the ignition at this point!  Not only do the thieves get the car but the gifts that are in it.  In Kyri’s case her toddler was locked in his carseat in the back!

This is extremely frightening and dangerous.

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If You See This Black Line On Your Nail Or Someone Else’s THIS Is What It Means!

We have all been taught that any changes in a freckle or mole, with respect to color, size or shape, should be checked out immediately.  A dermatologist will know whether the changes are suspicious looking, and require a biopsy.  Waiting to have such changes checked by a professional, leaves you open to the possibility of a skin cancer going undetected and becoming potentially life-threatening.

Most people, however, are unaware of the warning signs of cancerous tissue under the fingernails.  Melanomas in the fingernail area is more common amongst African Americans, but is possible in every demographic of the population.

What are the warning signs to look for?  The following video will go into greater detail about these potentially deadly masses.  The typical manifestation of such a cancer appears as a black stripe in the nail.  Although such a streak may not be cancerous, it should be checked by a dermatologist, particularly if it gets larger or darker.

If cancerous cells are found early enough, a removal of the nail and the cancerous tissue underneath may be sufficient.  Waiting too long may result in amputation of the tip of one’s finger.  The worse case scenario, as with any unchecked cancer cells, is that it metastasizes to other organs, which can result in deadly consequences.

In the following footage, Dr. Dana Stern who specializes in cancer of the nails, discusses what to look out for in more depth.  She says that the nail matrix is affected by this  type of cancer.  I found this video to be most informative in understanding what to look out for, when it comes to nail health.

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