He Had A Strange Pain In His Ear And Thought It Was A Bad Earache. But They Pull Out This Unexpected Surprise!

We have all heard that ear wax can build up and become impacted in the ear canal, causing eventual pain and even hearing loss.  What you are about to watch in the following video, that was causing this boy’s distress, is far worse than ear wax. What came crawling out of his ear is just beyond belief!

Fourteen-year-old, Grant Botti, woke up in excruciating pain coming from his ear.  In a state of panic, after feeling something moving, he reached inside his ear to see if he was just imagining the movement.  Incredibly, what he pulled out was so disgusting and startling, that I feel the need to forewarn you.

He grabbed onto the tail of a 4-inch centipede that had become lodged in his ear!!!  It is hard to believe that he was able to pull it out by himself, without passing out from shock or pain. He was able to slowly remove the entire creature!  Even more unbelievable is that his mom watched him pull this grotesque thing from his ear, without passing out herself.

She had the presence of mind to bag this centipede and bring it to the hospital, where her poor son was rushed, in unbearable pain.  At Saline Memorial Hospital, Grant was examined by the doctors, who found abrasions in his ear drum that was causing the continued pain.

It is believed that the centipede entered his ear canal while he was swimming. Thankfully, Grant did not sustain any permanent physical damage.  Hopefully, he and his family have gotten over the psychological trauma of this disturbing and painful event.

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