He Skins THIS Watermelon In a Strange Way. But When He’s Done My Jaw Dropped!

When life hands you watermelons, go to town on them and carve them up. Better yet, skin one and then stick it in another for a really cool party-melon trick! This video will show you exactly how to do just that and it’s really not that hard. It’s the perfect way to go about bringing food to a party with a little extra pizzazz.

So step up your food game, quit being so boring and bland, and give this a try. All that it requires is two watermelons that are similar in both shape and size, a sharp knife, and a brand new dish scrubbing pad. When it’s all done you’ll have the perfect snack to bring to any picnic or party.

Start with one of the watermelons and skin it by making a bunch of cuts along the sides to remove the rind and any green pieces. Basically, at this part you want to cut it in a similar fashion to the way you would cut up a pineapple.

Go over it a second time with a sharp knife to further remove any white spots and to even out the surface. In order to make it really smooth you will need to take a brand new dish scrubbing pad and sand down the fruit until it is all nice and pink.

For the second watermelon, simply cut it in half and gut it. Make sure to thoroughly remove and scrape all the pink from the insides so that the other watermelon can fit inside of it.

Now all that’s left to do is to make sure the two fit together. If they don’t, make any necessary adjustments and carve down the fruit further, then try again to see if it fits. Also, be sure to refrigerate the whole piece if you are not eating it until later.

Now you can wow friends, family, and strangers with your neat, skinned, watermelon type-egg creation. Not only is it cool to look at, it also cuts down on the mess later on. Once you slice it and eat it up there aren’t any leftover rinds to deal with. Make one today or for this next weekend!

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