VIDEO: Grandpa Kept Wandering Off Till His 15 Year Old Grandson Came Up With THIS

Holding his hands, fifteen year old Kenneth Shinozuka sings as he guides his grandfather’s steps. Due to his alzheimer’s, he is no longer able to walk, eat or carry out day to day activities unassisted, something that most of us take for granted.

One night, Kenneth’s family was awoken by a knock at the door. A police officer had brought the elderly man home after finding him on the freeway. Concerned for his grandfather’s safety, and unable to find a suitable solution, the youth decided to come up with one of his own.

The result of his hard work has the potential to improve the lives of innumerable people suffering from the disease, and will allow their caretakers to rest easy knowing they are safe. The device consists of a small sensor that is able to be placed on a sock and links to a smartphone.

When pressure is detected, as would happen when the wearer steps on the ground to get out of bed, the linked smartphone sounds an alarm. Caretakers could then use the accurate tracking to find their lost love one and return them to safety.

At the nursing home, where Kenneth has been fine tuning his device with the help of some of the residents and staff, he places a sock with the device on one of his helpers, Ida. He explains to her that she has been very helpful in the development of the device.

Staff members chime in, stating that the device is very accurate and makes their lives easier. Kenneth hopes that one day he will find a cure for alzheimer’s, but until then, he will be improving the lives of countless patients and their caring families and caretakers.

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Punk Teen Steals Granny’s Spot At The Last Second. Now Watch How She Gets Revenge.

Parking is a frustrating issue in many places, from big cities to busy shopping centers, and when spots are had to come by it can be super stressful. If you have ever spent way too much time circling around the block or lot in search of a space to park, then you know just how annoying it can really be. With each passing minute spent aimlessly driving in circles your anxiety and tension builds, yet once you finally find a spot it all disappears.

As magically as that sense of relief comes over you, it can also be suddenly torn away, and replaced with a sense of fury instead. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of some jerk stealing a spot from right under your nose, then you’ll definitely understand this grandma’s angry reaction!

The woman had pulled up to a spot and was waiting patiently in her car for another driver to pass on by so that she could turn into it and park. Instead of continuing past the old lady, the driver of the SUV that she was waiting for decided to swoop in and steal her space!

It was clear that the woman was waiting and aiming for that particular spot and there were even plenty of other spaces the SUV driver could have parked in. Then, as if to add insult to injury, when the older woman said something to the young punk as he exited his car, he appeared to flip her the bird!

The man’s behavior and gesture was rude and uncalled for all around. Not taking it lightly, this grandma decided to teach the offending driver a little lesson about respect. Once the guy disappeared from sight she hopped out of her car and moseyed on over to the driver’s side of his vehicle.

Then she suddenly pulled out a bat, raised it up over her head, and started swinging at the windshield! After raining a few hard blows down on the windshield it was definitely smashed and shattered. There was no way the guy could have driven his car legally after that. This grandma was not messing around and she exacted some instant revenge on the driver who crossed her!

We’ll never know how the owner of the SUV reacted when he returned to his crippled vehicle but it’s safe to say he was really, really ticked off. One thing is for certain however, this grandma taught him a lesson and perhaps the next time he goes to steal a parking spot right from under someone, he’ll think twice about it!

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This Teen Was Feeling Extreme Neck Pain. When The Doctors Diagnosed Her, Her Parents Were Horrified!

I don’t know about you, but I have become used to constantly looking down at my phone, iPad or computer, but not as much as my teenage and young adult children.  Sometimes I have to ask them the same question 3-4 times until they hear me.  You can see a table of adults and kids out to eat at a restaurant, where everyone is looking down at their phone!

You may think that what I am getting at here is the antisocial aspects of social media absorption. That, however, is a side issue.  Something far more dramatic and physically damaging is occurring to young people, like this 14-year-old girl in the video you are about to watch below.

It is called “Text-Neck”.   Doctors have found that excessive looking down at tech devices is causing pain in the neck, that usually doesn’t occur until middle or old age! Not only are really young people experiencing this pain, but when x-rayed their spines show “reverse curve spinal damage!”

This damage turned up on 14-year-old Sarah Aitchison’s x-ray. You will see her meeting with Dr. Chad Cotter who speaks about the alarming number of high school students he is seeing with generalized neck pain, migraines, tension across shoulders and even numbness and tingling down their arms.

Watch the footage below to hear further discussion of this syndrome, it’s treatment and what lack of treatment will result in.  Not only young people, but all of us need to be aware of what this posture can do in affecting premature aging of the spine.

Believe it or not there is actually an App that can be utilized to warn you when you have been in “Text-Neck” position for too long!

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Teen Runs Downstairs To Her Mom In Excruciating Pain. The Reason Is Scary

What you are about to hear, should serve as a warning for all users of cell phones.  Jackie Fedro, a mom from suburban Chicago, has shared this extremely scary story that happened to her 13-year-old daughter, Gabbie.  Her dream came true when her parents got her a cell phone for Christmas.

She received the T-Mobile LG d500.  It should be noted that cell phones vary in terms of potential dangers, however as you will see in the video below, what happened to Gabbie was not an atypical occurrence specific to the LG.  She was using her phone in her room one day, when Jackie heard a bloodcurdling scream.  Gabbie came running down the stairs grabbing her neck in agony.

What Jackie saw was a severe burn around her neck.  Gabbie had been using her cell phone while it was plugged into a wall charger; the wire touched her necklace, transmitting an electrical current which resulted in second degree burns.  They have posted this on Facebook to warn others about this potential danger when using a cell phone and wearing metal.

There have been multiple stories about electrical hazards and cell phones.  Gabbie was actually lucky, as you will see after watching the footage below, where you will hear about a young Chinese woman who was electrocuted while using a charging iPhone 5.   There are quite a few other stories about such electrocutions, that people should be made aware of.

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