THIS Dog Holds Bread Under Her Mouth At The Lake. What She Pulls Out Of The Water Is UNTHINKABLE!

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There are lots of smart dogs out there in the world and one of them is named Rani. She is a lovable Golden Retriever who happens to also be a service dog in training. She was undoubtedly picked for the profession because of her intelligence, as she’s clearly one smart puppy. Beyond brains, Rani also possesses a few other key qualities that will make her a great service dog one day, patience and focus.

Those two things are on display in this awesome footage of her fishing. Yes, that last line is correct. She enjoys fishing and, as you can see in this video clip, she’s really good at it! According to the information provided by her owner on the post, she has “caught dozens of fish as well as some turtles.”

That’s quite an impressive feat for a dog who can’t even use a pole or net. Instead, Rani uses bread as bait to lure unsuspecting fish closer to her. She wades chest deep into the water and then sits completely still and as motionless as possible. The bread floats soggily on the surface all around, right under her nose and mouth, as she intently stares down into the water below.

Then, when the time is just right, she expertly snatches a fish right out of the water with one lightning quick move. She is a better fisherdog than any of the fishermen I know!

In this clip she ended up catching a bluegill and she is pleased as punch about it. Right after she snagged it a woman’s voice can be heard in the background saying “She got one, it’s a big one.” Then Rani walks back along the dock, proudly swishing her fluffy tail as she goes, with her catch securely held in her mouth. What a sweet, smart, beautiful dog!

Have you ever seen a dog fish before? Watch the awesome pup do his thing in the video below!

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described How Her Cat Gets Back In The House. So She Caught THIS

If you have a cat who loves going outside to get some fresh air and explore, then it’s likely you’re always opening the door to let kitty in and out. Unless, of course, you have a cat door installed that allows your frisky feline to come and go as he or she pleases, but most people lack such conveniences.

While most cats usually wait patiently to be let in at the door, some are less than patient and will claw or meow up a storm trying to get your attention. Life would be so much easier for both cats and their human companions if they could just learn how to ring the doorbell when they’re ready to be let inside!

Such type of action is not entirely outside of the realm of possibility, as is evidenced by one cheeky orange cat named Bruno. When Bruno wants to get back in the house he simply rubs the side of his face on the doorbell button and waits for it to open. He has this down to an art and kills two birds with one stone when he does it because he scratches his cheeks in the process.

His owner, Patrick Dougherty, uploaded footage of his smarty cat in action and it’s easily one of the coolest, most intelligent, and quirky things a kitty could ever do. Patrick also noted in the video’s description that Bruno only rings the bell during appropriate times when someone is present and awake to let him in and never does it at nighttime when everyone’s fast asleep. Not only is he smart, he’s thoughtful and considerate of others too!

If only all cats could ring doorbells… it wouldn’t just make life easier for everyone, it’d also make our feline companions a lot more independent and therefore probably happier as well. Please share this video with all the other cat lovers you know who can truly appreciate it for how awesome and remarkable it really is.

After all, it’s hard not to love a clever cat!

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Mom Starts Putting Glue On This Sponge. The Reason Is Brilliant!

If you have young children, or are now a grandma, the following Mom Hacks in the video below will be a literal “Godsend!”  We know how important craft time is to a developing child’s creativity and even emotional development, but if we are being honest, sometimes we hesitate with the messy process because the cleanup is overwhelming!

Well, the moms from the YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms have come up with a whole slew of tips to remedy the mess and dreaded clean-up; allowing our kids the freedom of the fun of messy crafting without picking up on unneeded tension from the adult supervision.

This fantastic edition of Mom Hacks includes fingerprinting in an extra large ziplock, using hand soap dispensers for kids paint, ingenious clean up tips for overuse of glitter and instant clean up for the dreaded “wall artist!” One of my personal favorites is putting excess glue on a sponge that will contain the mess while allowing the child to meet their “glue needs”.

These and many other invaluable solutions are brilliantly illustrated in the footage that follows.  I can honestly say that I am one of those moms that dreads all the mess, and am really grateful to have come upon such great solutions.  Let us know what you found most helpful!

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He Couldn’t Figure Out How His Pup Kept Escaping So He Set Up A Hidden Camera and Caught THIS Surprise!

Would you expect that an 11-week-old pup could figure out how to take down a safety gate in a house? Unlikely, right? Well not if he’s a Corgi. This little, adorable breed is indeed known to be very smart, crafty and confident. In fact, they don’t even view themselves as being small and thus are quite assertive.

Corgis are part of the herding breeds who are strong-willed. The cute Corgi pup, Beau, seen in this video, displays all of the typical traits of his breed . What makes the video so astounding is his young age and strength. His new owner sets up a doggy gate to keep the little pup in the kitchen when he has to go out.

Whenever he returns Beau has escaped. His human can’t figure out what in the world is going on. To get to the bottom of how Beau is escaping through the “dog-proof” gate, his owner sets up a camera to record this crafty little pup’s shenanigans, when he leaves the house.

Watch what happens within a few minutes after he leaves. Hanging out in the kitchen clearly isn’t Beau’s thing. What you are about to watch is just amazing! This little Corgi pup sure makes his breed proud!

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VIDEO: Grandpa Kept Wandering Off Till His 15 Year Old Grandson Came Up With THIS

Holding his hands, fifteen year old Kenneth Shinozuka sings as he guides his grandfather’s steps. Due to his alzheimer’s, he is no longer able to walk, eat or carry out day to day activities unassisted, something that most of us take for granted.

One night, Kenneth’s family was awoken by a knock at the door. A police officer had brought the elderly man home after finding him on the freeway. Concerned for his grandfather’s safety, and unable to find a suitable solution, the youth decided to come up with one of his own.

The result of his hard work has the potential to improve the lives of innumerable people suffering from the disease, and will allow their caretakers to rest easy knowing they are safe. The device consists of a small sensor that is able to be placed on a sock and links to a smartphone.

When pressure is detected, as would happen when the wearer steps on the ground to get out of bed, the linked smartphone sounds an alarm. Caretakers could then use the accurate tracking to find their lost love one and return them to safety.

At the nursing home, where Kenneth has been fine tuning his device with the help of some of the residents and staff, he places a sock with the device on one of his helpers, Ida. He explains to her that she has been very helpful in the development of the device.

Staff members chime in, stating that the device is very accurate and makes their lives easier. Kenneth hopes that one day he will find a cure for alzheimer’s, but until then, he will be improving the lives of countless patients and their caring families and caretakers.

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