He Escapes Duct Tape With One Simple Trick. The Result Could Save Your Life One Day

Although we hear the worst news through the media on a daily basis, the statistics of actually being a victim of an abduction is extremely low.  However, it certainly can be said that people are more frightened of abduction than they ever have been.  Many men and women have gone to learn different forms of self defense.

One common thing used to incapacitate people in an abduction, is duct tape.  It is commonly and quickly wound around a person’s wrists, leaving them helpless to fight back or escape.  The following tutorial shows you a fast and surefire way to break out of duct tape hand restraints.

Being armed with such knowledge, should you ever be a victim of abduction, will keep you from the psychological devastation of giving up.  Knowledge, that can be implemented, will keep you alive in such a devastating predicament.

By watching the spy expert in the video tutorial below, you will learn the 3 easy steps to rapidly escaping from duct-tape bound hands.  We hope that no one ever has to go through such a terrifying ordeal, but learning how to escape is so important in staying alive, should this ever happen.

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He Couldn’t Figure Out How His Pup Kept Escaping So He Set Up A Hidden Camera and Caught THIS Surprise!

Would you expect that an 11-week-old pup could figure out how to take down a safety gate in a house? Unlikely, right? Well not if he’s a Corgi. This little, adorable breed is indeed known to be very smart, crafty and confident. In fact, they don’t even view themselves as being small and thus are quite assertive.

Corgis are part of the herding breeds who are strong-willed. The cute Corgi pup, Beau, seen in this video, displays all of the typical traits of his breed . What makes the video so astounding is his young age and strength. His new owner sets up a doggy gate to keep the little pup in the kitchen when he has to go out.

Whenever he returns Beau has escaped. His human can’t figure out what in the world is going on. To get to the bottom of how Beau is escaping through the “dog-proof” gate, his owner sets up a camera to record this crafty little pup’s shenanigans, when he leaves the house.

Watch what happens within a few minutes after he leaves. Hanging out in the kitchen clearly isn’t Beau’s thing. What you are about to watch is just amazing! This little Corgi pup sure makes his breed proud!

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They Walked Outside and Saw A Puppy Who Escaped From A Dog Fighting Ring. What Follows Is INCREDIBLE

image via – youtube.com

A five month old pit bull puppy ended up in a rescue shelter after he was found wounded on a porch this past May. The punctures to his neck and face are thought to be from illegal dog fighting. Lovingly called Jax, the pup was in rough shape.

His head was swollen, eyes shut, with a big gash on his neck. Jax showed his appreciation for being taken in by loudly thumping his tail at the approach of a person, despite his painful state. Nightly visits to Jax revealed perseverance and recovery. His tail wagged a little longer, his eyes opened a little wider.

Jax began showing interest in play and even began to smile. The poor thing spent two weeks in emergency care before he was released to foster. The young lady who was the recipient of the porch pup thought he was going to die on the way to the hospital. She confessed being angry when she saw what had happened to him. She felt saddened and needed to help.

A victim of dog fighting, Jax was fully recovered after three weeks. He was allowed to go to his self appointed home by the magic of Grace. This heart breaking story serves to send the message that dog fighting is detrimental.

If you suspect this sort of animal treatment anywhere, it should be reported immediately to your local authorities. Don’t let animal abuse go without penalization! There are animals everywhere suffering and you can save them.

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She Escapes Duct Tape With One Simple Trick. The Results Could Save Your Life One Day!

Self-defense classes are popular around the world. The personal protection techniques are a cornerstone part of martial arts training and teachings. You don’t need to take a martial arts class to learn self-defense since there are countless courses given that specifically deal with how to defend yourself in real world situations.

These are usually offered commercially for profit and target a specific audience, such as self-defense for kids, pre-teens, teens, adults, women, and so on. Some of us also take alternative steps to stay safe.

We lock our doors, park in well lit areas, and carry mace or pepper spray along with us wherever we go. Even with all these precautions and more, it cannot ever hurt to be extra prepared for circumstances we never expect to be in; like tied up with duct tape.

While we hope you never actually find yourself in a situation where your hands are duct taped together, knowing how to escape such a scenario will give you a one up on whoever put it there. The following video shows a quick and easy technique to help you escape.

Start by bringing you hands high above your head. Then, in one quick movement, swing them down and off to your sides with as much force as you can muster. That’s it. The duct tape will split and you will be free.

In the rare event that this doesn’t work the first time simply try it again until the tape splits. Also, it only works if your hands are taped in front of you and you’re able to raise them high above your head.

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Woman Escapes Duct Tape With One Easy Trick. The Result Could Save Your Life One Day!

Self-defense technique classes are given all around the world.  In martial arts training, self defense is one of the cornerstones of their teachings.  Besides for martial arts training, there are courses given that specifically deal with real world situations and how to defend yourself.  There are a large number of of self defense classes taught commercially and many are targeted to specific audiences, for example, how to defend yourself using self defense for kids, teens and moms.

Some of us carry mace or pepper spray and always lock our doors, but it couldn’t hurt to be extra prepared for a circumstance we would never expect to be in it would probably be a good idea to learn this woman’s technique to get your hands out of being stuck together by duct tape.

With all being said we really hope you never find yourself in a situation where your hands are duct taped together, however the following video will show you a quick and easy technique to escape. You will need to place your hands above your head, then in one quick movement, swing them down and to your sides with a ton of force.  The duct tape will split and you will be free!

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No One Understood How This Puppy Kept Escaping Her Kennel. So A Hidden Camera Revealed This Footage.

23ff32f323ff2332f232323f3fimage via – youtube.com

Who let the dog out?! That was the question one owner was asking herself when her little Maltese kept escaping from its kennel. The woman would place the one year old white puppy in the cage and moments later the dog would be running around the house freely alongside her other dog, a big German Shepherd named Twitch.

The woman was sure that she always latched the kennel door shut, and so she just couldn’t figure out how her Maltese was breaking free. Determined to find out what was really going on, she set up a camera to record any suspicious activity.

With the lens trained directly on the kennel she placed the puppy inside, covered it with a towel, and latched it securely closed. Twitch was right beside her the entire time and he stayed behind when she left the room. He stood over the cage and glanced towards where his mom had gone a few times before getting to work.

First, the smart German Shepherd pawed at the towel and moments later he pulled it completely off. Then he finagled the latch, headbutting and pawing at it, until the kennel door popped open and little Sophie came strutting out.

Mystery solved! Twitch is quite the crafty dog and his canine ingenuity was all caught on camera so check it out.

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