They Walked Outside and Saw A Puppy Who Escaped From A Dog Fighting Ring. What Follows Is INCREDIBLE

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A five month old pit bull puppy ended up in a rescue shelter after he was found wounded on a porch this past May. The punctures to his neck and face are thought to be from illegal dog fighting. Lovingly called Jax, the pup was in rough shape.

His head was swollen, eyes shut, with a big gash on his neck. Jax showed his appreciation for being taken in by loudly thumping his tail at the approach of a person, despite his painful state. Nightly visits to Jax revealed perseverance and recovery. His tail wagged a little longer, his eyes opened a little wider.

Jax began showing interest in play and even began to smile. The poor thing spent two weeks in emergency care before he was released to foster. The young lady who was the recipient of the porch pup thought he was going to die on the way to the hospital. She confessed being angry when she saw what had happened to him. She felt saddened and needed to help.

A victim of dog fighting, Jax was fully recovered after three weeks. He was allowed to go to his self appointed home by the magic of Grace. This heart breaking story serves to send the message that dog fighting is detrimental.

If you suspect this sort of animal treatment anywhere, it should be reported immediately to your local authorities. Don’t let animal abuse go without penalization! There are animals everywhere suffering and you can save them.

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