Woman Escapes Duct Tape With One Easy Trick. The Result Could Save Your Life One Day!

Self-defense technique classes are given all around the world.  In martial arts training, self defense is one of the cornerstones of their teachings.  Besides for martial arts training, there are courses given that specifically deal with real world situations and how to defend yourself.  There are a large number of of self defense classes taught commercially and many are targeted to specific audiences, for example, how to defend yourself using self defense for kids, teens and moms.

Some of us carry mace or pepper spray and always lock our doors, but it couldn’t hurt to be extra prepared for a circumstance we would never expect to be in it would probably be a good idea to learn this woman’s technique to get your hands out of being stuck together by duct tape.

With all being said we really hope you never find yourself in a situation where your hands are duct taped together, however the following video will show you a quick and easy technique to escape. You will need to place your hands above your head, then in one quick movement, swing them down and to your sides with a ton of force.  The duct tape will split and you will be free!

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