He Sticks His Tongue In a Venus Flytrap. Seconds Later He Realizes He Made a Big Mistake!

People are always testing the limits to see what happens when they try something new. Often no major breakthroughs are discovered and further attempts are abandoned. These endeavors are usually thought to fall in line with the old saying “it is better to try than to not try at all.” However, sometimes people are better off not attempting something new. Like sticking one’s tongue into a Venus fly trap.

A YouTube user by the name of Freeman uploaded a video of a man doing exactly that- sticking his tongue into the plants spiny, barbed trap. He cries out seeming to be in pain as it snaps shut on his tongue, effectively ensnaring him as he invades it’s space. The plant uses the end part of it’s leaf-lobes to catch prey which it then makes into a tasty meal.

When an insect steps onto the leaf it senses the movement via tiny hairs that line the surface. These trigger the trap to close in an instant and BOOM!! Dinner is served! The plant then secretes enzymes which break down and digest the prey; similar in fashion to how a human stomach works. In this video the man’s tongue is not going to make a hearty meal for this Venus fly trap. He can easily pull it out, and regardless of that, the plant could never digest it.

The slow motion version in the second half of the clip is also a great comical touch! It makes the trapping seem so much more dramatic and made me chuckle. What about the blood we are shown in the aftermath? It looks like the plant tore the guy’s tongue up. Do you think it is real or added for theatrical effect?

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