Nobody Believed Her When She Said Her Horse Does THIS. So She Caught It On Video!

When all the other horses are tired and not in the mood for fun and play, whats a horse to do? The only thing he really can do is entertain himself. The one in this video can be seen doing just that. His name is Buster and according to his owner he is a young colt who loves to play with virtually anything.

At the start of the film he grabs a blue ball by the teeth and gallops around the field with it. Every now and then he shakes it back and forth while stealthily dodging the other horses. They all seem oblivious to his antics and are more interested in continuing their grazing than a silly ball game.

Whenever the ball falls out of Buster’s mouth he quickly manages to pick it right back up and continues on having fun with it. He even gets in a few kicks and head butts throughout the short clip. By the end the ball has taken quite a beating, and looks like it popped, as it becomes deflated.

The whole scene is truly adorable. It seems as if the horse had seen a dog playing with the ball before and is mimicking that behavior. How Buster plays with the ball is in-line with how a dog typically plays with one. Or perhaps he is just a natural and likes playing a spontaneous game of pick up ball. Either way he clearly is having a great time, or more appropriately – he is having a ball!

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