At First It Was Odd When He Wrapped Duct Tape Around a Jar Lid But The Reason Is Unexpectedly GENIUS!

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It happens to everyone. There comes a time in life when you just cannot seem to open a jar. No matter how hard you try, it just won’t budge. The lid may be stuck or twisted on too tight, and so your hands just slip hopelessly and ineffectively around the top. While the experience isn’t really that jarring, it’s a real pain to have to deal with, especially when you really need that specific jar opened for a recipe or snack.

There are several different ways to get around a stuck lid. Some people bang on one end of the jar or slam it down on a counter top to try and loosen it. Another approach is to run the top under hot water for a short while. Many others, myself included, stick a butter knife under the lid edge to pry it open and break the vacuum seal.

Then there are those who use something, such as duct tape, to really grip the lid good with and that’s the method we are focused on here. This video shows you how to use a small strip of duct tape to quickly and easily open a stuck jar, without hurting yourself!

Simply tear off about a foot long strip of duct tape and place it on the lid so that it wraps around and covers the side of it. Press it firmly into place and then fold the first few inches or so down on the top of the lid. Take the remaining portion of tape and fold it in half, this will make it sturdier for the next step.

Hold the jar securely with one hand while simultaneously pulling the folded duct tape with the other hand. At this point, the lid should loosen and open up. Some jars may be very, very stuck and so your tape may break. If this happens just double the amount of tape you’re using, or triple it in the rare occasion that it becomes necessary.

Watch the video to see exactly how it is done and the next time you run into a stuck jar, break out the duct tape!

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He Escapes Duct Tape With One Simple Trick. The Result Could Save Your Life One Day

Although we hear the worst news through the media on a daily basis, the statistics of actually being a victim of an abduction is extremely low.  However, it certainly can be said that people are more frightened of abduction than they ever have been.  Many men and women have gone to learn different forms of self defense.

One common thing used to incapacitate people in an abduction, is duct tape.  It is commonly and quickly wound around a person’s wrists, leaving them helpless to fight back or escape.  The following tutorial shows you a fast and surefire way to break out of duct tape hand restraints.

Being armed with such knowledge, should you ever be a victim of abduction, will keep you from the psychological devastation of giving up.  Knowledge, that can be implemented, will keep you alive in such a devastating predicament.

By watching the spy expert in the video tutorial below, you will learn the 3 easy steps to rapidly escaping from duct-tape bound hands.  We hope that no one ever has to go through such a terrifying ordeal, but learning how to escape is so important in staying alive, should this ever happen.

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She Escapes Duct Tape With One Simple Trick. The Results Could Save Your Life One Day!

Self-defense classes are popular around the world. The personal protection techniques are a cornerstone part of martial arts training and teachings. You don’t need to take a martial arts class to learn self-defense since there are countless courses given that specifically deal with how to defend yourself in real world situations.

These are usually offered commercially for profit and target a specific audience, such as self-defense for kids, pre-teens, teens, adults, women, and so on. Some of us also take alternative steps to stay safe.

We lock our doors, park in well lit areas, and carry mace or pepper spray along with us wherever we go. Even with all these precautions and more, it cannot ever hurt to be extra prepared for circumstances we never expect to be in; like tied up with duct tape.

While we hope you never actually find yourself in a situation where your hands are duct taped together, knowing how to escape such a scenario will give you a one up on whoever put it there. The following video shows a quick and easy technique to help you escape.

Start by bringing you hands high above your head. Then, in one quick movement, swing them down and off to your sides with as much force as you can muster. That’s it. The duct tape will split and you will be free.

In the rare event that this doesn’t work the first time simply try it again until the tape splits. Also, it only works if your hands are taped in front of you and you’re able to raise them high above your head.

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Woman Escapes Duct Tape With One Easy Trick. The Result Could Save Your Life One Day!

Self-defense technique classes are given all around the world.  In martial arts training, self defense is one of the cornerstones of their teachings.  Besides for martial arts training, there are courses given that specifically deal with real world situations and how to defend yourself.  There are a large number of of self defense classes taught commercially and many are targeted to specific audiences, for example, how to defend yourself using self defense for kids, teens and moms.

Some of us carry mace or pepper spray and always lock our doors, but it couldn’t hurt to be extra prepared for a circumstance we would never expect to be in it would probably be a good idea to learn this woman’s technique to get your hands out of being stuck together by duct tape.

With all being said we really hope you never find yourself in a situation where your hands are duct taped together, however the following video will show you a quick and easy technique to escape. You will need to place your hands above your head, then in one quick movement, swing them down and to your sides with a ton of force.  The duct tape will split and you will be free!

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