This Man Passed Out In The Middle Of A Busy Road. But Just Keep Your Eyes On What His Dog Does.

When a man fainted on the street in Guizhou, China, his loyal dog stayed right by his side. Amidst the busy and bustling crowds the small cream colored pup kept up his guard against any and all who approached the unconscious man. Even when the police and paramedics arrived he stayed put, and tried to fend them off, but was driven away so they could attend to his owner’s urgent medical needs. The poor dog wanted only to guard and protect his best friend but as long as he was still within sight it was okay that he be forced to back off.

Understandably, the man’s best friend was distressed at the sight of him sprawled out on the ground. The confusing turmoil surrounding them must have been overwhelming. Between the strange people staring, approaching, and trying to help and the loud sirens, lights, and men in uniform, any animal would be stressed by the sudden turn of events. Thankfully, the anxious puppy was allowed to ride in the ambulance and accompany his owner to the hospital. It would have been so sad if he wasn’t and the two were separated.

The dog’s reaction and how he stood guard over his helpless owner is further evidence that dog’s are intensely loyal, unfalteringly protective, and man’s best friend. It makes me wonder if my cat would do the same….Check out the video to see the dog’s heartwarming behavior.

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He Escapes Duct Tape With One Simple Trick. The Result Could Save Your Life One Day

Although we hear the worst news through the media on a daily basis, the statistics of actually being a victim of an abduction is extremely low.  However, it certainly can be said that people are more frightened of abduction than they ever have been.  Many men and women have gone to learn different forms of self defense.

One common thing used to incapacitate people in an abduction, is duct tape.  It is commonly and quickly wound around a person’s wrists, leaving them helpless to fight back or escape.  The following tutorial shows you a fast and surefire way to break out of duct tape hand restraints.

Being armed with such knowledge, should you ever be a victim of abduction, will keep you from the psychological devastation of giving up.  Knowledge, that can be implemented, will keep you alive in such a devastating predicament.

By watching the spy expert in the video tutorial below, you will learn the 3 easy steps to rapidly escaping from duct-tape bound hands.  We hope that no one ever has to go through such a terrifying ordeal, but learning how to escape is so important in staying alive, should this ever happen.

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This Man Found A Dead Shark But Realized Something Was Strange. When He Cut It Open THIS Came Out!

The Cordell family was spending a nice relaxing day at the beach when they noticed something odd.  A shark was washed up on the sand and it looked to be dead. When they got a closer look, they noticed something was moving inside its belly.

The man quickly grabbed a knife and made a v-shaped incision across its abdomen and did an emergency C-section.  Then a miracle occurred, after a bit of a struggle one baby shark came out of it’s mother’s stomach.  Then when they thought it was over, they were shocked to find out that two more babies were on their way out!

The video was filmed by the Cordell’s 13 year old son.  The sharks were later released into the water and given a second chance of life.  Their survival depends on how close the mother was to term.  If she was ready to give birth soon the little shark pups actually have a pretty good chance of surviving.

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In Case Of An Emergency This Is The Easiest Way To Break A Car Window. The Result Could Save Lives!

Car windows are made to be as safe and strong as possible and can resist a great amount of force before they break. Safety standards call for automobile windows to be made from laminated and tempered glass. Laminated glass is what your windshield is composed of, while side and back windows have tempered glass. Laminated glass is far superior and stronger than tempered glass, it has to be since front windshields get hit with a variety a projectiles, from rocks and debris kicked up by other cars to larger and crazier things we hear on the news.

While tempered glass used on side windows is comparatively weaker, it is nonetheless practically impossible to break without the right tools. If you ever need to break into a locked car to save a trapped child or animal, as often is the case, watch this video. It teaches how to properly break a window and is useful for when every second matters.

Brian Brushwood, host on the National Geographic show Hacking the System, explains that you need a very fine, hard point to fracture tempered glass. The safety glass is made to withstand blunt forces, like pounding fists or a rubber mallet, but not the focused energy and force from a sharply pointed object. That is why taking a spark plug and smashing a bit of porcelain off of it worked so well in the video. The sharp point on the porcelain created a tiny fracture which then spread out and caused the glass to shatter.

Many cars have spark plugs right under the hood, diesel powered vehicles do not, and they just need to be broken in order to use this hack. Check out the video for more information and pass the knowledge along!

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This Guy Mixes Butter and Toilet Paper. The Results Could Save You In An Emergency!

Grant Thompson AKA ‘The King Of Random’ is at it again with another MacGyver like Life Hack.  He came up with this original idea one day when he was making candles with vegetable oil.  Then an idea flashed in his head that maybe he could make a candle out of melted butter that would be a perfect light source for an emergency situation.  WARNING: before starting this project be aware that an open flame is a fire hazard, do not us near anything explosive or flammable.  Use this video tutorial at your own risk.

So to get started you will need some rolled up toilet paper which will be used as a wick.  You next take the toilet paper and push it down into the middle of a block of butter.  At this point you have just created the world’s most simple candle.

When you ignite the toilet paper, the butter under the wick will start to melt and soak up the toilet paper.  The liquid butter is then vaporized and it is the vapor butter that is the flammable part.  In this video Grant uses an 8 oz piece of butter and he cut it into two pieces.  Each half of the butter burned for almost 4 hours!

If you ever are in an emergency situation, with no light source or heat try out this awesome life hack. You never know when you might need to utilize this awesome technique!

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