The Woman Puts An Empty Cup Over A Square Of Butter But The Reason Is GENIUS!

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Have you ever started to whip up a recipe and then suddenly noticed it calls for softened butter, but all you have is cold, rock-hard sticks in the refrigerator? It’s too late to take them out so they can soften up to room temperature and you can’t microwave the sticks because they’ll melt. What do you do?

Most of us caught in this position have either stopped baking altogether or resorted to slicing the sticks up into small pads. The idea behind that method is the butter will soften faster in smaller chunks because they give it more surface area. Or maybe your mother simply taught you it and passed the age old trick down.

While this last ditch effort does work, it’s not the best or the fastest way to soften butter to the desired consistency that works for baking and recipes.¬†Instead, you should employ the technique covered in this video short where he goes over how to soften hard butter sticks in a clean and easy way that takes just 2 minutes. Simply take a piece of cold, hard butter and set it on a plate.

Grab a glass, fill it with hot water, and allow it to stand for at least one minute or a little longer. Pour the water out, dry the glass completely, and place it upside down over the butter. After about a minute or two the butter will have softened and now it’s ready for cooking and baking.

Hopefully this tip will come in handy the next time you find yourself facing this all too common baking conundrum, so please pass it on and spread the love!

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Apparently THIS Is Why You Should Be Placing Butter In Your Coffee Every Morning!

Butter was once vilified for being a large contributor to obesity rates and people’s ever expanding waistlines. Even just a year or two ago it was a major no-no for anyone who considered themselves to be health conscious or on a diet.

Now it’s all the rage and there’s a growing trend in which people are putting a spoonful of the fatty stuff in their morning coffee and calling it ‚ÄúBulletproof‚ÄĚ coffee. It now seems that butter is an acceptable, even healthy, replacement for standard coffee additives like cream and sugar.

This all may sound very strange, but once you learn why, it makes much more sense. First and foremost, even medical professionals and doctors say that drinking butter coffee is acceptable.

They only warn against it if you have high cholesterol levels and urge people to get a check up before they start downing the drink. Secondly, you absolutely must only use grass fed, unsalted butter. No other type will give you the same type of health benefits and without it your coffee is going to be worthless.

Grass fed butter is superior because it contains certain types of fats that actually help to regulate cholesterol levels rather than add to them. The omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio is ideal and can actually help reduce overall body fat.

It’s also comprised of the short-chain acid butyrate which has been linked to increased energy levels and the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases and heart disease because of it’s ant-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, grass fed butter not only provides your body and brain with healthy fats, it’s also an excellent source of vitamin k.

If bulletproof coffee now sounds slightly more appealing, here’s how you should prepare it. Melt one or two tablespoons of grass fed butter in your morning coffee plus a tablespoon of MCT oil and stir until well blended and frothy.

MCT oil is shorthand for ‚Äúmedium chain triglyceride‚ÄĚ oil and its derived from the healthy fats naturally found in coconut oil. These help our bodies make ketones, which are things that are produced when the body makes energy from fat instead of carbohydrates.

Drinking one cup of enhanced coffee a day is supposed to be more of a meal replacement, rather than a type of supplement, and if used properly it can help you lose weight.¬†Check out the accompanying video for much more interesting and informative details on the science behind the coffee and why it’s being called ‚Äúbulletproof.‚ÄĚ

You may just find it’s the right kind of change you’ve been needing to make in your diet.

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Her Cake Looked Like A Mess At First But By The End I Was Drooling!

Want to taste the rainbow in cake form? If you answered yes then this Skittles poke cake recipe and instructional video will make your day. And the icing on the cake is exactly that; there is an accompanying Skittles butter-cream icing to compliment the cake. Are your taste-buds tingling yet? The cake is relatively simple to make and will come out looking kind of psychedelic as the different Skittles colors will bleed into each other all throughout the cake.

By boiling the Skittles down into a syrup the flavor is preserved and that is what makes the cake truly taste like Skittles. It all adds up to the perfect cake for a birthday party, special occasion or candy lover. The delicious video comes from the Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio YouTube channel. For quick and easy reference the recipe and instructions for making it have been written below. Make sure to check it out, share and enjoy!!

Skittles syrup ingredients: – ¬ľ cup of red, orange, yellow, green and blue Skittles – ¬ľ cup of water for each color Place 1 color of Skittles and water in small saucepan. Heat over medium-low and stir continuously until completely dissolved.

Remove from heat and place syrup in small jar. Set aside and repeat for all other colors. A waxy film may form atop the syrup while it cools. You can remove it with a fork or by pouring it through a fine strainer. It is simply what they coat the Skittles with and is safe.

Skittles Butter-cream frosting ingredients: – 1/2 cup powdered Skittles from one color – 1/2 cup butter – 3 cups powdered sugar – 2-3 tablespoons milk Grind Skittles into a fine powder using a food processor. It is difficult to get them to grind down 100% to powder so do your best and use a fine sieve to strain any chunks out.

Fit a stand mixer with the paddle attachment and cream the butter in the bowl until it is fluffy. Add Skittles powder and 2 cups of powdered sugar. Mix on low speed. Gradually add 2 tablespoons of milk and continue mixing. Add the remaining 1 cup of powdered sugar, mix, and add in the remaining tablespoon of milk if desired for a softer butter-cream.

Making the Poke cake: Place one 8‚ÄĚ cake layer on a cake board, securing it with a small drop of butter-cream. Take a sharp, narrow, round object and poke holes throughout the cake layer. You can use a fork for this but the holes will not show the syrup as well as a larger utensil will. Spoon 1-2 tablespoons of syrup over the top of the cake into the holes, repeating with each color until all the holes have syrup.

Spread a thin layer of butter-cream on top of the first layer and place the second cake layer atop that. Repeat the poking and syrup pouring on the second layer. Cover the entire cake with more frosting. Your done!! (this cake can be stored in the refrigerator for 2-3 days)

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This Guy Mixes Butter and Toilet Paper. The Results Could Save You In An Emergency!

Grant Thompson AKA ‘The King Of Random’ is at it again with another MacGyver like Life Hack.¬† He came up with this original idea one day when he was making candles with vegetable oil.¬† Then an idea flashed in his head that maybe he could make a candle out of melted butter that would be a perfect light source for an emergency situation.¬† WARNING: before starting this project be aware that an open flame is a fire hazard, do not us near anything explosive or flammable.¬† Use this video tutorial at your own risk.

So to get started you will need some rolled up toilet paper which will be used as a wick.¬† You next take the toilet paper and push it down into the middle of a block of butter.¬† At this point you have just created the world’s most simple candle.

When you ignite the toilet paper, the butter under the wick will start to melt and soak up the toilet paper.  The liquid butter is then vaporized and it is the vapor butter that is the flammable part.  In this video Grant uses an 8 oz piece of butter and he cut it into two pieces.  Each half of the butter burned for almost 4 hours!

If you ever are in an emergency situation, with no light source or heat try out this awesome life hack. You never know when you might need to utilize this awesome technique!

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He Takes a Cup and Places It Over Butter. The Reason Is Genius.

Whether you use a stick of butter or the whipped variety, when baking or spreading it on a piece of toast in the morning, it is usually hard enough right out of the fridge, to make spreading a frustrating task. While we all know butter should be used in moderation, for health reasons, it definitely is a delicious addition to whatever use it gets added for.

Often I will keep sticks of butter frozen fresh in the freezer, so cutting through it is even a more laborious task than out of the fridge. A sharp knife with some muscle can sometimes make the cut for the amount you want used, but you are still left with a frozen small brick. So now what do you do, if you just want it softened but not melted?

The video you are about to watch below offers the easiest, foolproof method for getting the butter to just the right softness for spreading ¬†within 30 SECONDS! All you will need is a glass, and you will find out what to do with it that will give your butter just the¬†right consistency, without spoiling the rest of the stick from the fridge or freezer. Sometimes it’s just the small things that make life a little bit easier, that make all the difference!

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