Are You Intelligent Enough To Create a Square By Moving Just 1 Match?

This puzzle will put your knowledge and analytical skills to the test. The picture of four matchsticks arranged in a plus-sign shape with the red coated heads facing outwards contains a logistical problem that is stumping people left and right. The challenge posed by the image is the following; can you move only one match to make a square?

At first glance it looks simple and seems very straightforward, but once you start to try and solve the puzzle it becomes clear that this is not the easiest puzzle to figure out! The accompanying video that shows the match puzzle gives you only twenty seconds to try and figure it out before the solution is shown, so if you need more time be sure to pause the clip.

For those of us who can’t seem to come up with the solution, and there will be many people who are baffled by this one, try approaching the puzzle from another perspective. Think beyond the obvious routes you may have already tried to solve it with and focus deeper on any other possible alternative ways to go about making a square.

Puzzles just like this one are fun and entertaining ways to challenge your brain and mind. They can help to keep you sharp, engaged, and occupied so if you ever need something to do look them up because there are all sorts of brain teasers, riddles, and similar types of puzzles and problems online. Also, they work wonders for keeping young children busy and they actually have an easier time solving puzzles like this. That’s because kids are more simplistic in their approach to things like this and look at challenges posed from different angles, whereas adults look for sequences and patterns to automatically jump out at them. When nothing stands out and they can’t figure it out, older people give up and skip ahead to the solution without even really ever having tried to solve it!

Take a look at the image now and put in a good faith effort to see if you can figure out how to make a square with just the four matches shown. Good luck and pass it on!

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He Takes 6,000 Matches And Lines Them Up. After He Lights 1 Match The UNTHINKABLE Goes Down!

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When we get hit with a really great snowstorm, I get inspired to build a beautiful fire, and hunker down to watch it grow with my family.  Once I get going on building the fire, I’m a bit of a pyromanic…consumed with the beauty of the flames, and compelled to have it reach that burning crescendo!

This brings me to this MESMERIZING video that I found, that you are about to watch below.  6,000 safety matches were lined up, by a very patient person to form a square.  What makes this footage so amazingly cool , is that safety matches, (aside from being safe), have the added advantage that their tips burn more slowly than the average match.

Because of this relative slowness, when the first match is lit, the flame travels in a domino-like effect across all 6,000 matches.  If you are patient enough to keep watching after it reaches it’s maximum flame, you will see it reverse the domino-effect as it methodically burns out, down to it’s very last match.

It is hard to explain the beauty of this little science experiment, but if you want a few minutes of Zen watch the video all the way through.  Even the black tendrils that remain at the end have an artistic composition.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did…Let me know.

Watch the video below and enjoy the chain reaction!

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This Guy Mixes Butter and Toilet Paper. The Results Could Save You In An Emergency!

Grant Thompson AKA ‘The King Of Random’ is at it again with another MacGyver like Life Hack.  He came up with this original idea one day when he was making candles with vegetable oil.  Then an idea flashed in his head that maybe he could make a candle out of melted butter that would be a perfect light source for an emergency situation.  WARNING: before starting this project be aware that an open flame is a fire hazard, do not us near anything explosive or flammable.  Use this video tutorial at your own risk.

So to get started you will need some rolled up toilet paper which will be used as a wick.  You next take the toilet paper and push it down into the middle of a block of butter.  At this point you have just created the world’s most simple candle.

When you ignite the toilet paper, the butter under the wick will start to melt and soak up the toilet paper.  The liquid butter is then vaporized and it is the vapor butter that is the flammable part.  In this video Grant uses an 8 oz piece of butter and he cut it into two pieces.  Each half of the butter burned for almost 4 hours!

If you ever are in an emergency situation, with no light source or heat try out this awesome life hack. You never know when you might need to utilize this awesome technique!

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