Can You Find The 7 Hidden Words In This Picture?

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The kids are soon getting back in school and will will be more time indoors and that means they need fun things to do and occupy their time with.  Crosswords, video games, puzzles, play-doh, art and much more will be taking up lots of their indoor time. When you were a kid, on a rainy day or whenever you were stuck inside, there likely wasn’t anything better to do than to play with whatever you had on hand.

For many of us, that meant building awesome forts out of couches, blankets, brooms, pillows, and all sorts of other things that we gathered up. All that it took was a little imagination and ingenuity and in no time at all you could build a super sweet set-up to play in for hours on end. Fort building was, and remains, one of the best ways to entertain yourself and even though kids have computers and a lot of other stuff to play with, it will never go out of style or cease being fun!

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In homage to wonderful fort building memories of our past, we present to you this entertaining picture-word-search-puzzle. In the cartoon image below of two children playing and constructing a blanket fort while their cat looks on, there are a total of seven hidden words concealed among the details. However, this is not just an image, it also happens to be a video and once you click on the play button your challenge begins.

From start to finish you will have just under two minutes to find all seven words before they are highlighted and revealed towards the end of the clip. To be more precise, at exactly 1:58 all of the words will begin to appear in yellow, so if you can spot them all before that, you will pass the challenge.

Illustrations like this are great for passing time and keeping either yourself or kids occupied. So please pass it along. Don’t forget to work quickly, stay focused, and see if you can pass the challenge and find all seven words before time runs out. Good luck!

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She Paints 3 Used Tires White Then Stacks Them. Then She Reveals The Unexpected Surprise!

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AHHHH…the joys of a great DIY for something unique for gardening lovers, is brought to life with great enthusiasm in the video you are about to view below. Tanya Visser, a spirited and fun-loving South African “Guru of the Garden”, has come up with a brilliant idea. It’s a great thing to do with your kids, or simply to tap into your “inner child”, to create for your yard or garden this summer.

Tanya’s project uses a few old tires to create large garden planters. Her self-deprecating humor makes this idea all the more inviting…you don’t have to be a Martha Stewart to have this turn out pleasing to the eye for the whole season!

In the video, Visser takes you step-by-step in this easy to follow tutorial. She uses PVA primer as a base coat for the tires, which is great for you and your kids, because it washes out of clothes easily. She shows you how to place the tires, and how to prepare them for planting once all the decorating is done.

A plastic outdoor garbage bag, other color paints for drawing fun images, some drainage pebbles, good potting soil and bone meal, are the remaining things you will need. Watching the fun she has decorating with bright colors and choosing hearty plants to complete the project, has inspired me!

Have fun watching and HAPPY PLANTING!

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He Takes 6,000 Matches And Lines Them Up. After He Lights 1 Match The UNTHINKABLE Goes Down!

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When we get hit with a really great snowstorm, I get inspired to build a beautiful fire, and hunker down to watch it grow with my family.  Once I get going on building the fire, I’m a bit of a pyromanic…consumed with the beauty of the flames, and compelled to have it reach that burning crescendo!

This brings me to this MESMERIZING video that I found, that you are about to watch below.  6,000 safety matches were lined up, by a very patient person to form a square.  What makes this footage so amazingly cool , is that safety matches, (aside from being safe), have the added advantage that their tips burn more slowly than the average match.

Because of this relative slowness, when the first match is lit, the flame travels in a domino-like effect across all 6,000 matches.  If you are patient enough to keep watching after it reaches it’s maximum flame, you will see it reverse the domino-effect as it methodically burns out, down to it’s very last match.

It is hard to explain the beauty of this little science experiment, but if you want a few minutes of Zen watch the video all the way through.  Even the black tendrils that remain at the end have an artistic composition.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did…Let me know.

Watch the video below and enjoy the chain reaction!

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He Skins THIS Watermelon In a Strange Way. But When He’s Done My Jaw Dropped!

When life hands you watermelons, go to town on them and carve them up. Better yet, skin one and then stick it in another for a really cool party-melon trick! This video will show you exactly how to do just that and it’s really not that hard. It’s the perfect way to go about bringing food to a party with a little extra pizzazz.

So step up your food game, quit being so boring and bland, and give this a try. All that it requires is two watermelons that are similar in both shape and size, a sharp knife, and a brand new dish scrubbing pad. When it’s all done you’ll have the perfect snack to bring to any picnic or party.

Start with one of the watermelons and skin it by making a bunch of cuts along the sides to remove the rind and any green pieces. Basically, at this part you want to cut it in a similar fashion to the way you would cut up a pineapple.

Go over it a second time with a sharp knife to further remove any white spots and to even out the surface. In order to make it really smooth you will need to take a brand new dish scrubbing pad and sand down the fruit until it is all nice and pink.

For the second watermelon, simply cut it in half and gut it. Make sure to thoroughly remove and scrape all the pink from the insides so that the other watermelon can fit inside of it.

Now all that’s left to do is to make sure the two fit together. If they don’t, make any necessary adjustments and carve down the fruit further, then try again to see if it fits. Also, be sure to refrigerate the whole piece if you are not eating it until later.

Now you can wow friends, family, and strangers with your neat, skinned, watermelon type-egg creation. Not only is it cool to look at, it also cuts down on the mess later on. Once you slice it and eat it up there aren’t any leftover rinds to deal with. Make one today or for this next weekend!

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This Guy Drills A Hole Into A Flower Pot. The Unexpected Final Result Will Save You A Ton Of Money!

This version of a do-it-yourself home candle heater is claimed to be the most efficient and simple design out there. With its adjustable base you can customize the efficiency by controlling heat loss and allowing for candle space. The fact that the heater is hanging keeps it from getting too hot and ruining adjacent surfaces. The apparatus is visually more appealing than other kinds like it, which makes it nice to use even when you have company at home.

Start by gathering your materials; a six inch clay pot, with its base, a similar five inch pot, a length of chain with an odd number of links, 14 half inch nuts, 11 half inch washers, and a foot or so of half inch threaded rod. Now, put two nuts on the end of the rod, about an inch from the end.

Place the two end links of the chain onto the rod distal to the nuts, secure the chain with one more nut on the end of the rod, and tighten the two bottom nuts by twisting in opposite directions. Next, slide a washer and the big pot onto the opposite end of the rod and push it up to the secured nuts.

Insert another washer, followed by a nut, onto the rod inside the pot. With the nut tightened, top it with a washer and the small pot. Add a washer and two more nuts, again with the nuts threaded in opposite directions so that you can fasten them against each other.

Alternate placing the rest of the washers and nuts on the rod in order to create mass for the candles to heat. Save one nut and washer for the assembly of the base, and make sure you have drilled a hole in the bottom before you slide the rest of the heater onto the rod. Hang the heater from the top chain and place candles on the tray to light, and voila, you have heat!

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This Waterslide Seems Normal But Once You Get To The Bottom You Have Never Seen Anything Like THIS

This is the coolest water slide I have ever seen, it looks like so much fun! When I was a kid, I looked forward to three things: Christmas, candy and water parks. I’ll never forget the adrenaline rush I felt when the slide dropped suddenly away and only air could be found beneath me, or the crushing g-forces as I flew around a blind curve in a tunnel.

I would be so excited the few times a year I was lucky enough to go that I would ride all day without even stopping to eat. Now that I am older, I haven’t gone to a water park in years, but this water slide has breathed new life into the spark of wonder that still remains from my childhood days.

This magnificent slide is located in Waco, Texas at BSR wake park. In addition to the awesome waterslides, they operate a wakeboard park that pulls riders on cables for a boat-free experience.

What sets this slide apart from the rest is its thrill-inducing ramps that launch the rider high into the air, where many of the braver and more acrobatic enthusiasts perform flips and shit. The park, which was voted the #1 wake park in the US in 2013, built the slide with three channels side by side, each with a different sized ramp at the end.

The largest of the three chutes, dubbed “Royal Flush”, is touted as the world’s longest and tallest chute water slide. Adrenaline junkies rush down the slide in all manner of ways: head first, feet first, on tubes and even on a bicycle, finishing in a spectacular, gravity defying arc before hitting the water with a splash.

I don’t know about you, but after seeing this video I know where I’m headed the next time I’m in Texas! Let us know how cool you think this slide is in the comments.

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