If You Notice a Bottle Stuck In Your Tire Don’t Touch Or Try To Remove It! Just Call The Police Immediately!

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There seems to always be a new con or scam being reported in the news.  Criminals are constantly adapting their ways and trying different things in an effort to benefit themselves and cheat innocent people out of their hard earned money or possessions.  

The creativity and ingenuity behind some of these tricks can be unbelievable, but usually it’s the simpler ones that people end up falling for. Police are sounding the alarm and trying to get the word out about one such scam involving a plastic water bottle.  

Apparently, criminals will stick a regular old empty plastic water bottle in between a car tire and the wheel well. When the car owner turns their vehicle on and goes to drive, they’ll hear the water bottle breaking as it gets crushed, causing them to stop so they can investigate the terrible noise.  

Part of the trick is placing the water bottle on the passenger side, so that when the driver gets out, they must go around the car to have a look. Not really thinking or expecting to be held up for more than a brief moment, the driver more than likely will leave the car on when they exit.

That’s when the criminal springs into action, hopping into the driver’s seat and taking off.  In a matter of seconds, a car can be stolen without the driver even knowing what really even happened. There are variations of this crime that involve a number of different items meant to distract the driver.  

Sometimes money is placed under the windshield wipers or a random article of clothing is stuck on the front/rear windshield so that it blocks the driver’s view just enough to make them get out and move it.  Most people are completely unsuspecting or unaware of these tricks and so think nothing of it until it happens to them.

For more details and information on the plastic bottle ruse please refer to the accompanying video.  Don’t forget to pass this warning on and get the word out so more people know and can protect themselves as well.

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She Paints 3 Used Tires White Then Stacks Them. Then She Reveals The Unexpected Surprise!

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AHHHH…the joys of a great DIY for something unique for gardening lovers, is brought to life with great enthusiasm in the video you are about to view below. Tanya Visser, a spirited and fun-loving South African “Guru of the Garden”, has come up with a brilliant idea. It’s a great thing to do with your kids, or simply to tap into your “inner child”, to create for your yard or garden this summer.

Tanya’s project uses a few old tires to create large garden planters. Her self-deprecating humor makes this idea all the more inviting…you don’t have to be a Martha Stewart to have this turn out pleasing to the eye for the whole season!

In the video, Visser takes you step-by-step in this easy to follow tutorial. She uses PVA primer as a base coat for the tires, which is great for you and your kids, because it washes out of clothes easily. She shows you how to place the tires, and how to prepare them for planting once all the decorating is done.

A plastic outdoor garbage bag, other color paints for drawing fun images, some drainage pebbles, good potting soil and bone meal, are the remaining things you will need. Watching the fun she has decorating with bright colors and choosing hearty plants to complete the project, has inspired me!

Have fun watching and HAPPY PLANTING!

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He Straps A Piece Of Wood Onto The Tire Of His Truck. But The Reason Is Actually Brilliant!

By definition, when things get “stuck” it usually means they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Unless, of course, something is done to get them un-stuck. When it comes to freeing a car or truck trapped in mud, the process of getting out can be a really messy pain in the rear.

If you have ever experienced this yourself then you know the scene and it isn’t pretty. Mud gets kicked up every which way, while people trying to push the vehicle out get covered in it, and tires end up spinning even deeper into a rut. But it doesn’t have to be like that…

If you ever have the misfortune of having your car ending up bogged down in mud or snow try this simple trick. Take a piece of wood and secure it to a tire. In the accompanying video they used a tow strap to secure the board to the tire but any other similar type of cord, rope, or strap will do so long as you are able to tie it tightly.

When you go to move the car, slowly inch forwards or backwards until the tire grips the board, and then resume a steady, slow pace. When a car gets stuck it is because the wheels have no traction. Thus, when you press on the gas the tires just spin around without going anywhere and dig the car deeper into a rut.

Snow, ice, and mud all reduce the amount of traction on car tires and when the traction is super low the car won’t go anywhere. The best thing you can do when you notice your car is stuck is to stop pushing your foot on the accelerator because rapidly spinning wheels reduce traction even further and will cause your car to slide.

Instead, try moving the tires as slowly as possible, press gently on the gas and see if that helps. You can also dig out the area around the wheels. If your car is front wheel drive dig out the front tires because they are the ones that move when you press the gas.

Cover the ground in front of each tire with stuff that can provide traction, such as gravel, stones, dirt, branches, a car mat, boards, or kitty litter. It’s best to wedge certain objects, like the car mat and board, under the tire a little so that the tire can better grip it when you start to slowly drive.

Finally, if you have a rear wheel drive car, or a lighter one, try putting heavy objects like rocks, bricks, or bags of cement in the trunk to weigh it down. That automatically gives better traction to the rear tires, which are the ones that spin when you press the gas.

Also, if you use cat litter make sure it is the type that stays hard when wet. Certain kinds of cat litter break down and become pasty when they get wet and won’t be of any help. They just end up making a bigger mess, create more mud, and further reduce the traction and increase tire slippage.

Overall, the board method shown in this video is one of the cleanest and most effective ways to get a car or truck out of mud. If used in conjunction with some of the other points mentioned above, it can work even faster and more effectively.

Hopefully your car will never get stuck in a rut, but if it ever does, make sure this video sticks in your head and you’ll be good to go!

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This Is How Con Artists Are Making Old Unsafe Tires Look Brand New. Everyone Should See THIS

Hardly any vehicle owner looks forward to the inevitable day when they have to buy new tires for their car. The whole process is confusing and involves a number of different factors that need to be considered. Tire buyers have to determine what weather, climate, and season they will be driving in, the proper size, speed rating, tread design, and life expectancy or mileage of the tire, all while sorting through the many brands and prices that fit their needs.

Proper tires are essential for safety and getting the most out of your vehicle, but brand new quality ones can cost around $150-200/tire on average.  The high cost of new tires is why so many people often buy used ones that sell for much less. Every year in the US alone some 30 million used tires are sold. Most often they end up replacing a single tire that was damaged or went flat.

The problem with buying used tires is that they are not subject to any industry oversight. There are no legal standards set for them, or even a universal method of inspection that ensures consumers receive safe, quality used tires.

This has led to many scam artists taking old, worn out tires and re-grooving them into newer looking ones that they can sell as used for more money. These con artists re-condition tires by cutting new grooves into the tire, then they pull out the old rubber, and they even shave down the grooves on the edges or shoulders to make it look all the more unused and uniform.

The video shows how easy and quick it is to make an old tire, that should be scrapped as junk, into one that can be sold second hand to an unsuspecting buyer. These stripped tires are completely unsafe and are much more likely to blowout or be punctured. The scam artists selling them don’t care if the buyer gets hurt, kills someone, or dies, they are only concerned about getting more money.

If the price of those used tires you may be eyeing sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t jeopardize your family’s health and safety, not to mention everyone you encounter on the road, for the sake of saving a few dollars. It’s just not worth it. Instead, buy from a reputable dealer or an authorized used tire retailer, and make the best, most informed, and safe decision possible.

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