Woman Steals His Shovel After a Big Snow But Is Caught On Camera. He Proceeds To Get An Epic Revenge

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Revenge is a dish best served cold, so its been said, and one Chicago man took this advice to heart both literally and figuratively. David Welles kicked it up a notch and took getting sweet revenge to the next level when he served up a heaping platter of frigid iciness on a neighbor of his who was more than well deserving of it!

It all began after a winter storm dumped a lot of snow on Mr. Welles’s neighborhood, burying and trapping cars all over the streets. An unknown neighbor of his needed to get her car out but didn’t have a shovel, so she walked up to the front door of his house and borrowed his.

After she used the snow shovel to dig out her car, she never returned it to its rightful owner, like any good neighbor or decent person would have done. By stealing the shovel the woman not only became a thief, she also incited Mr. Welles’s wrath and that’s what led to her eventual take down (of sorts!).

When David went to finish building an igloo that he had started making for his two-year old daughter, he noticed that his snow shovel was missing. Being the owner of Tunnel Vision Technology, a provider of home security camera systems, he had his house wired and everything was captured on video. He knew exactly who took his shovel, and more importantly, where the woman was parked!

Rather than confront the neighbor, he opted to take a less direct approach to the situation and as David himself describes it “I got a little ahh, I guess passive aggressive.” That’s the best way to sum up what he did next because he busted out his new snow blower and went to work burying the shovel thief’s car under a mound of ice cold snow! The best part about this whole entire story is that everything was captured on film and so we get to see it all play out from beginning to end.

In the end, the lady had to dig out her car all over again, and if you’ve ever had to shovel a car out of that much snow, you know how much work and exhausting it can be. Of course she still had the shovel she stole, so she did have that going for her. Either way, that’s what originally led to her eventual dilemma so maybe she figured it all out and ended up returning it. I guess it’s also true what they say; what goes around comes around!

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This Guy’s 101-Year-Old Mom Forced Him To Stop The Car Because She Saw Something and Decided To Do THIS

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There is something about a beautiful winter snowfall that brings out the inner child in all of us. A fresh coating of snow instinctively draws people in and beckons them to play with the cold glittery flakes. This seems to ring true for a lot of people, and if you’re one of them then you’ll appreciate this heart warming video.

The sweet moment was captured by Armand Foisy when he was recently traveling through the countryside with his mother, who is 101 years young! The pair had been in town on a rainy day and could see that further up in the mountains it had began to snow. They decided to go check it out and hopped in the car. As they made their way up the windy mountain road the snow began to come down heavily and the roads were quickly becoming treacherous, so Armand decided to turn the car around and head back. He pulled off onto the side of the road to swing the car around and just as he was about to get back on his mother opened the car door and got out.

The magic of the falling snow had drawn her in and proved too beautiful and tempting to ignore. Armand’s mother wanted to experience the weather firsthand and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a little fun in the winter wonderland landscape they were in. Knowing that this was a special moment, Armand grabbed his camera and captured it for memories sake. Thankfully he decided to share it with the world because this video is awesome and a pleasure to view.

Watching his mother play in the snow, as if she were a little girl again, is wonderful to witness. It brings back memories and it made me nostalgic when she gingerly bent down to pick up a handful of snow and started to pack it into a perfect snowball. Then, with a smile lighting up her face, she threw it over the side of the bank and into the woods. The whole time she looked absolutely thrilled and delighted to be out in the snow. It goes to show that for some people age is just a number. If you feel young at heart, like Armand’s 101 year old mother, you can live life to the fullest and always find beauty in the smallest and simplest of things.

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Baby Plays In Her First Snow! But Keep Your Eye On The Right Side Of The Screen For THIS Unexpected Surprise!

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Those of us who have had kids, know about all the “FIRSTS” that we try to capture on video.  There is baby’s first solid food, first step, first word etc.  For those of us who experience true winters, there is baby’s first snow! Luckily my parents caught my first snow on video and it’s so nostalgic to look back on it today!

The video you are about to watch below was taken by a mother, who wanted to capture her adorable toddler’s first experience in the snow.  The little girl is bundled up in an adorable pink snow suit, and seems to be very interested in a big tire that is just sitting there.

Her mom starts to comment on her interest in the position of the tire, but what she ends up unexpectedly capturing in this footage is hilarious! In a million nears I’d never think to see this.. Watch the video below and enjoy!

Let us know what you think of this baby’s first snow experience!

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If You Are Driving Behind Someone And Notice Cargo/Snow On The Roof Move Away Or THIS Can Happen!

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The video you are about to watch is truly startling.  The driver in the footage, happened to have installed a dash cam in his car in case he was ever involved in an accident, and needed proof of what happened.

Jeffrey Cote was driving along on highway I-495 when out of nowhere he experienced a shock that he never thought would be caught on his dash cam.  He is lucky to be alive, after an ice sheet flew off the roof from an SUV in front of him, and slammed into his windshield.

You will actually see this occurring as it shatters his windshield into hundreds of pieces.  As he saw the ice sheet flying towards him he thought it was going to hit the ground in front of his car, never trying to avert the unexpected hit.

As he is being interviewed, Cote is still shaken but grateful that he hadn’t sustained serious injuries, although quite a bit of the “safety glass” did shatter onto him.  He talks about the importance of drivers taking the time to clean off snow and ice from all parts of their cars.

People often omit cleaning off their roof; it is clear from the following footage how potentially dangerous this can be.  In high speed driving it has the capacity to injure or kill other drivers on the road.

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He Straps A Piece Of Wood Onto The Tire Of His Truck. But The Reason Is Actually Brilliant!

By definition, when things get “stuck” it usually means they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Unless, of course, something is done to get them un-stuck. When it comes to freeing a car or truck trapped in mud, the process of getting out can be a really messy pain in the rear.

If you have ever experienced this yourself then you know the scene and it isn’t pretty. Mud gets kicked up every which way, while people trying to push the vehicle out get covered in it, and tires end up spinning even deeper into a rut. But it doesn’t have to be like that…

If you ever have the misfortune of having your car ending up bogged down in mud or snow try this simple trick. Take a piece of wood and secure it to a tire. In the accompanying video they used a tow strap to secure the board to the tire but any other similar type of cord, rope, or strap will do so long as you are able to tie it tightly.

When you go to move the car, slowly inch forwards or backwards until the tire grips the board, and then resume a steady, slow pace. When a car gets stuck it is because the wheels have no traction. Thus, when you press on the gas the tires just spin around without going anywhere and dig the car deeper into a rut.

Snow, ice, and mud all reduce the amount of traction on car tires and when the traction is super low the car won’t go anywhere. The best thing you can do when you notice your car is stuck is to stop pushing your foot on the accelerator because rapidly spinning wheels reduce traction even further and will cause your car to slide.

Instead, try moving the tires as slowly as possible, press gently on the gas and see if that helps. You can also dig out the area around the wheels. If your car is front wheel drive dig out the front tires because they are the ones that move when you press the gas.

Cover the ground in front of each tire with stuff that can provide traction, such as gravel, stones, dirt, branches, a car mat, boards, or kitty litter. It’s best to wedge certain objects, like the car mat and board, under the tire a little so that the tire can better grip it when you start to slowly drive.

Finally, if you have a rear wheel drive car, or a lighter one, try putting heavy objects like rocks, bricks, or bags of cement in the trunk to weigh it down. That automatically gives better traction to the rear tires, which are the ones that spin when you press the gas.

Also, if you use cat litter make sure it is the type that stays hard when wet. Certain kinds of cat litter break down and become pasty when they get wet and won’t be of any help. They just end up making a bigger mess, create more mud, and further reduce the traction and increase tire slippage.

Overall, the board method shown in this video is one of the cleanest and most effective ways to get a car or truck out of mud. If used in conjunction with some of the other points mentioned above, it can work even faster and more effectively.

Hopefully your car will never get stuck in a rut, but if it ever does, make sure this video sticks in your head and you’ll be good to go!

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