Baby Plays In Her First Snow! But Keep Your Eye On The Right Side Of The Screen For THIS Unexpected Surprise!

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Those of us who have had kids, know about all the “FIRSTS” that we try to capture on video.  There is baby’s first solid food, first step, first word etc.  For those of us who experience true winters, there is baby’s first snow! Luckily my parents caught my first snow on video and it’s so nostalgic to look back on it today!

The video you are about to watch below was taken by a mother, who wanted to capture her adorable toddler’s first experience in the snow.  The little girl is bundled up in an adorable pink snow suit, and seems to be very interested in a big tire that is just sitting there.

Her mom starts to comment on her interest in the position of the tire, but what she ends up unexpectedly capturing in this footage is hilarious! In a million nears I’d never think to see this.. Watch the video below and enjoy!

Let us know what you think of this baby’s first snow experience!

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Video: The Blue Parrot Sneaks Up Behind The Green Parrot. What The Bird Says? OMG!

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You are about to watch the interaction of two fabulous brothers, Fabio and Gabriel, who are Indian Ringneck parrots.   IRNs have had a bad rap of being difficult to keep as pets, and not being affectionate with their owners.  Both of these stereotypes have proven to be false in many instances; parrots, like humans, are individuals with distinct and varying personalities.

While their affection toward their owners may vary, they are usually fabulous pets to have as a pair, as they require minimal attention as their affection and playfulness with each other (as you will see) is boundless!

These adorable brothers are incredible talkers, and like other ringnecks they began talking around 7 months of age; though both males and females talk, the males are more gifted in the speaking department.

While many parrots are capable of mimicking human speech, ringnecks have an intrinsic desire to learn!  How socialized they are with their owners will determine their interactions and character. Gabriel is Fabio’s older brother; as you will see in their HILARIOUSLY ENTERTAINING interactions with each other and their owner (who monitors Gabriel’s alpha male tendencies), these pals are never bored and have endless things to discuss and affection to express!

You literally will not believe what you are about to witness! Enjoy!

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These 4 Fathers Step Out Of The Garage With Major Swag. But When The Music Drops Hilarious!

The hysterical video you are about to watch below, is just the thing to honor dads whose lives get transformed when they become family men.  They men perform an original song called “DAD’S LIFE”, in which they rap about the “uncool” stuff they do, making them all the cooler for their ability to be self-deprecating in such a clever way.

This bit is laugh-out-loud funny, from the lyrics, to the physical humor of them barbecuing, on lawnmowers, being tough about their gardening etc.  These four dads dressed in their tucked in polos, dockers, muscle shirts paired with knee-high white athletic socks…RAPPING!

Of course the humor lies in the exaggeration of the truth of their lives, being paired with their attempt to repackage themselves as some tough dudes, who are not to be messed with.  We all love our dads…their goofiness and devotion to our families is what we cherish about them…but it’s really fun to have a laugh WITH them through this hysterical footage. Trust me, this one will make your day!

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Video: She Can’t Find Her Pair Of Glasses. Then She Realizes Her Dog Did THIS

Oh, internet, what a preponderance of silliness you have brought to our daily lives. Before you came along, we were left to our own meager devices, scrounging scraps of humor from wherever we could find them. We told each other terrible jokes and searched the newspaper in desperation, holding on to the last tendril of a vain hope that maybe, just maybe, one of the comics will be kind of funny today. It was a rare event when we were not left in disappointment after scanning the scant offerings.

But then, suddenly precipitating out of the misty webs of technological interconnection, came the magnificent beast that would one day be dubbed simply, “The Interwebz”. And here, oh reader, we stand, floating in a pool overflowing with hilarious things and entertaining stuff.

It wasn’t always like this, you might recall. Even in the early days of the glorious world wide web, the process of actually finding something worth perceiving was daunting enough to discourage almost everyone, except those who were quite literally dying of boredom.

Presently, we find ourselves offered content on a silver platter, curated by the people themselves as we work together to glean content, searching every hidden corner of the vast web of interconnection that now forms our group mind.

The daunting weight of the search for entertainment is now being carried by 3.17 billion people, making the effort required to entertain oneself nearly nonexistent. If there continues to be an exponential increase in both the number of interconnections and the rate of technological advancement, our present relationship with the internet may be a mere infant.

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Cat Sees a Fan For The First Time Ever. Now Watch His Friends Hilarious Next Move!

The world through the eyes of a cat is likely a weird and wonderful place. They must look around our houses and think what the heck is all this stuff for?! We can only guess at what they imagine all of our knick knacks and furnishings to be. It seems that some cats think our clothes are for sleeping on, carpets are for throwing up on, and plants are for chewing.

From their vantage point they are always looking up at our taller positioned furniture, counters, windows, doors, and so on. It’s no wonder that cats like to jump up on things and be at a height, so they can scan the room and see everything in it and what’s going on.

When people bring home new things their feline companions often have to thoroughly sniff and inspect it all. This is most often true when something new gets taken out of the box it came in. Expect a cat to jump right in and take it over. Boxes are familiar and user friendly to cats, they know exactly what they have to do when they see one.

However, there are some other items around our houses that randomly pique their interests and a few sometimes even shock and amaze them! Such was the case when two cats were introduced to a common ceiling fan.

The odd fixture suddenly coming to life, slowly rotating faster and faster until it was spinning around swiftly, was almost too much for the cats to take in. The sight transfixed the kitties as they stared up at it in curious wonderment.

It was almost as if they could reach out a paw and touch the fan, and so they both tried to do exactly that. The cooling breeze and rush of air it provided was also a thrilling new experience. The cats seem mystified and it’s as if they are wondering how this strange thing could magically move the air around.

The cute duo look quite perplexed and adorably innocent in the short clip. If you were a cat imagine how it would feel to see such a sight, not knowing the use or purpose of a fan. It would be very strange indeed.

It’s more than likely that five minutes later the cats had forgotten about the fan and moved on the more interesting stuff, like food or a new box. Thankfully, their owner captured this adorable moment on film and shared it for everyone to see, because we all love a good cat video!

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