Video: The Blue Parrot Sneaks Up Behind The Green Parrot. What The Bird Says? OMG!

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You are about to watch the interaction of two fabulous brothers, Fabio and Gabriel, who are Indian Ringneck parrots.   IRNs have had a bad rap of being difficult to keep as pets, and not being affectionate with their owners.  Both of these stereotypes have proven to be false in many instances; parrots, like humans, are individuals with distinct and varying personalities.

While their affection toward their owners may vary, they are usually fabulous pets to have as a pair, as they require minimal attention as their affection and playfulness with each other (as you will see) is boundless!

These adorable brothers are incredible talkers, and like other ringnecks they began talking around 7 months of age; though both males and females talk, the males are more gifted in the speaking department.

While many parrots are capable of mimicking human speech, ringnecks have an intrinsic desire to learn!  How socialized they are with their owners will determine their interactions and character. Gabriel is Fabio’s older brother; as you will see in their HILARIOUSLY ENTERTAINING interactions with each other and their owner (who monitors Gabriel’s alpha male tendencies), these pals are never bored and have endless things to discuss and affection to express!

You literally will not believe what you are about to witness! Enjoy!

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