He Notices a Strange Shape Forming In The Clouds He Looks Left But Then Things Quickly Get Terrifying!

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Every year 100’s of tornadoes form in the skies above our planet. The rapidly rotating columns of air tunnel down from the clouds, turning and twisting until they meet the ground. These extreme weather events can quickly become extremely destructive, destroying whatever stands in their path, and many of these tornadoes can become fatal.

While tornadoes have been documented on every continent and can occur practically anywhere, North America boasts the most on average with the United States coming in at number 1. The area south of the US-Mexico border is also where strong tornadoes commonly form and the Mexican state of Chihuahua is no stranger to tornado danger.

That is where the accompanying clip was filmed and the dramatic footage that the person behind the camera managed to capture is unbelievably terrifying to watch. This jaw dropping video shows a guy filming a strange looking cloud formation in the sky above.

The dark clouds swirl around quickly in a spiral motion as a funnel begins to emerge from the center of it all. In a matter of mere seconds a tornado touches down on the ground off to his left and as he pans over you can see just how close it actually is. Check it out and see for yourself how crazy this is! If you were the person filming, how scared would you be?!

The man was so entranced by the dramatic scene above him that he either forgot possibly in some type of trance or overlooked, how dangerous a situation he was actually in. Instead of filming this surreal sight he should have run for shelter and taken cover somewhere safer than directly out in the open.

Experts recommend that everyone under a tornado warning should immediately go to the lowest level of their house or whatever building they are in.Windowless rooms are the best because most injuries caused by tornadoes are from flying debris and so basements, storm cellars, bathrooms, and closets are often the safest places.

In addition, it’s advised that you protect your head and can do that by either getting underneath a heavy piece of furniture or wrapping your arms around your head and neck. In the end, this short clip shows a scene that is truly a testament to mother nature’s absolute power; it’s insane, dangerous, crazy, beautiful, and terrifying all at once.

The events unfold so quickly that it’s easy to see why the man filming didn’t even notice the tornado barreling down towards him. Hopefully he got away and was safe!

Let us know what if you have ever seen anything like this before in your life!

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