Cat Sees a Fan For The First Time Ever. Now Watch His Friends Hilarious Next Move!

The world through the eyes of a cat is likely a weird and wonderful place. They must look around our houses and think what the heck is all this stuff for?! We can only guess at what they imagine all of our knick knacks and furnishings to be. It seems that some cats think our clothes are for sleeping on, carpets are for throwing up on, and plants are for chewing.

From their vantage point they are always looking up at our taller positioned furniture, counters, windows, doors, and so on. It’s no wonder that cats like to jump up on things and be at a height, so they can scan the room and see everything in it and what’s going on.

When people bring home new things their feline companions often have to thoroughly sniff and inspect it all. This is most often true when something new gets taken out of the box it came in. Expect a cat to jump right in and take it over. Boxes are familiar and user friendly to cats, they know exactly what they have to do when they see one.

However, there are some other items around our houses that randomly pique their interests and a few sometimes even shock and amaze them! Such was the case when two cats were introduced to a common ceiling fan.

The odd fixture suddenly coming to life, slowly rotating faster and faster until it was spinning around swiftly, was almost too much for the cats to take in. The sight transfixed the kitties as they stared up at it in curious wonderment.

It was almost as if they could reach out a paw and touch the fan, and so they both tried to do exactly that. The cooling breeze and rush of air it provided was also a thrilling new experience. The cats seem mystified and it’s as if they are wondering how this strange thing could magically move the air around.

The cute duo look quite perplexed and adorably innocent in the short clip. If you were a cat imagine how it would feel to see such a sight, not knowing the use or purpose of a fan. It would be very strange indeed.

It’s more than likely that five minutes later the cats had forgotten about the fan and moved on the more interesting stuff, like food or a new box. Thankfully, their owner captured this adorable moment on film and shared it for everyone to see, because we all love a good cat video!

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