These 4 Fathers Step Out Of The Garage With Major Swag. But When The Music Drops Hilarious!

The hysterical video you are about to watch below, is just the thing to honor dads whose lives get transformed when they become family men.  They men perform an original song called “DAD’S LIFE”, in which they rap about the “uncool” stuff they do, making them all the cooler for their ability to be self-deprecating in such a clever way.

This bit is laugh-out-loud funny, from the lyrics, to the physical humor of them barbecuing, on lawnmowers, being tough about their gardening etc.  These four dads dressed in their tucked in polos, dockers, muscle shirts paired with knee-high white athletic socks…RAPPING!

Of course the humor lies in the exaggeration of the truth of their lives, being paired with their attempt to repackage themselves as some tough dudes, who are not to be messed with.  We all love our dads…their goofiness and devotion to our families is what we cherish about them…but it’s really fun to have a laugh WITH them through this hysterical footage. Trust me, this one will make your day!

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