They Find a Helpless Newborn Fawn Lying In The Middle of The Street. But Then They Notice THIS.

Baby animals are just about the most precious little things in the world and fawns are no exception. The adorable tiny deer can be hard to spot because of their naturally camouflaged fur but thankfully that didn’t prevent Steve Knoop from noticing one in the middle of the road.

Steve and his friends had been driving down a scenic country road when they came across the newborn laying right in the middle of the road. It was mushed down in an odd, seemingly uncomfortable position that made it look like it’d been hit by a car and injured. Nevertheless, the men pulled over to the side so they could get a closer look and check it out and that’s when they noticed it wasn’t dead or hurt, it was healthy and had likely just been born!

The men deduced from the scene that this fawn was maybe just a few minutes old. The fact that its mother was nearby and the way it was positioned all pointed to this conclusion. Now the fawn was simply trying really hard to blend in with the pavement and not be noticed but instead it ended up sticking out like a sore thumb.

The men debated what they should do, leave it in the road or move it to safety, and end up deciding on the latter option. They don’t want to risk it getting run over by a car so one of them, Paul, gently scoops the newborn up and moves it off to the side of the road. Before he can even set it down the baby immediately jumps up and runs back to its mother’s side. The group erupts with joy at seeing the baby safe and reunited with its mother and one of them sums it all up best with the remark “That was awesome!” Agreed, yes it truly was.

Here’s a little more information on fawns and what to do if you should ever come across one: Fawns are easily identifiable since they’re born with white spots that dot their fur. These help to camouflage and keep them safe from predators all day long while their mothers are away foraging for food. If you ever see a baby fawn alone during the daytime the best thing you can do is leave it alone and not touch it. It’s almost guaranteed that the fawn is not orphaned or abandoned and mom is probably somewhere close by, she returns later in the day after it gets dark outside.

If you do need to handle or move the fawn for its safety, as in the video, you should use gloves and not move it very far. If you touch the fawn you should wipe the area off with a clean towel to remove as much of your scent as possible because it could cause the mother to reject the baby. Rub the towel in dirt first to lessen the human scent before wiping and then leave the fawn alone. Its mother will only come back to it when she feels completely safe and that could take well over a day, so give it plenty of time. Hopefully you learned something from all this but won’t ever have to use the knowledge!

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