Cops Drive Over a Bridge During a Torrential Downpour. Then They Notice THIS On The Road!

You are about to watch an incredible rescue recorded by a police car dash cam.  In a deluge of a thunderstorm, bridges can become very slick and dangerous.  Such was the case in Kansas City, as two police officers were driving over a bridge, when they noticed a deer struggling to maintain it’s footing while trying to get across!

It is heartbreaking to watch this deer, as the footage begins, completely lose all traction and end up rolling onto it’s back with little chance of getting up.  It hits the concrete divider, and as it seems unable to stand, you will see the officers  come out of their car to help.

Not only was the slickness of the bridge a disorienting obstacle course, but as the officers came close enough to see the deer’s condition, they found that one of it’s feet was stuck.  Dislodging the foot the officers said they expected the deer to bolt, which also could have resulted in tragedy.  You will hear Sergeant Steven Sandusky report to KMBC, his surprise, that the deer followed him like a dog would do, without a rope or to keep it by his side.  Watching this amazing rescue, as he guides the deer to safety, was such a relief and so touching.

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