This Dog’s Human Tells Her It’s Time To Clean Her Ears. Her Reaction Is Hysterical.

Lots of dogs hate being groomed, whether it’s taking a bath or having their nails trimmed, they just don’t like it. The one thing that all dogs seem to absolutely loathe above everything else is having their ears cleaned, and who can blame them. Having liquid squirted into sensitive ears is a very uncomfortable, weird, and strangely disconcerting experience!

This puppy’s reaction upon hearing that it’s time for her to get her ears cleaned says it all about how it makes them feel. The adorable Labrador Retriever’s name is Denver and if she looks familiar you’ve probably seen her before. Back in 2011 her owner uploaded a video of her titled Denver the Guilty Dog which quickly went viral and has since amassed over 46.7 million views!

Every once in awhile new video updates come out and in this one we get to see Denver making her signature funny faces. Her dad is about to clean her ears and can be seen holding the bottle of cleaning solution up for both her and us to see. In the video caption he wrote that “Denver hates getting her ears cleaned and medicated from all the creek play time. Here’s what we get…” Check it out and watch her unique reaction it’s hilarious!

She looks absolutely adorable in a way that only she can pull off as she huffs and bares her teeth with a goofy grin plastered across her face. That’s her trade-mark expression, it’s not her being aggressive at all, and as you can see her tail is wagging the entire time. Denver knows whats coming and does not like it one bit but having her ears cleaned is necessary to keeping her clean and healthy.

There’s something oddly special and cute about Denver’s facial expressions and the reaction seen here is the same one she sports in her guilty-looking video that originally made her famous. Maybe she thinks it will get her out of whatever is coming next. Either way you can’t help but smile when you see her reaction!

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