Video: The Blue Parrot Sneaks Up Behind The Green Parrot. What The Bird Says? OMG!

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You are about to watch the interaction of two fabulous brothers, Fabio and Gabriel, who are Indian Ringneck parrots.   IRNs have had a bad rap of being difficult to keep as pets, and not being affectionate with their owners.  Both of these stereotypes have proven to be false in many instances; parrots, like humans, are individuals with distinct and varying personalities.

While their affection toward their owners may vary, they are usually fabulous pets to have as a pair, as they require minimal attention as their affection and playfulness with each other (as you will see) is boundless!

These adorable brothers are incredible talkers, and like other ringnecks they began talking around 7 months of age; though both males and females talk, the males are more gifted in the speaking department.

While many parrots are capable of mimicking human speech, ringnecks have an intrinsic desire to learn!  How socialized they are with their owners will determine their interactions and character. Gabriel is Fabio’s older brother; as you will see in their HILARIOUSLY ENTERTAINING interactions with each other and their owner (who monitors Gabriel’s alpha male tendencies), these pals are never bored and have endless things to discuss and affection to express!

You literally will not believe what you are about to witness! Enjoy!

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Parents Try To Get Their Baby To Say Mama. But Listen To The Dogs Unexpected Response!

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Anyone who has been a parent, knows how persistent they will be, in order to get their baby to say their first words.  They will repeat the word endlessly until the baby’s garbled sounds turn into an intelligible version of their first word.  That word is usually “mama” or “dada.”  When the word finally is uttered by the coaxed babe, jubilation abounds at the achievement.

The parents in the video you are about to watch below, captures an attempt at such a moment.  They keep repeating the word “mama” to their baby boy, dangling a fork-full of his favorite food to reward him.  Next to the baby is his pal, the family dog, who is an Australian Shepard.  They are both eyeing the fork filled with the delicious treat.

Both the baby and the Shepard are licking their chops as they look at the fork, hearing the constant prodding of “Say Mama!” What happens next is truly hilarious and hard to believe.

You will have to watch this a few times to verify what you have seen and heard!

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This Guy Says Hello To These 2 Pups. Now Watch The Small Ones Unexpected Response!

We are SOOOO attached to our dogs, that we often project human-like characteristics to them.  Dogs are certainly loving and are definitely capable of being trained to understand commands, however the question often remains as to whether they actually understand our words, or is it our tone of voice?

Personally, when it comes to my little pup being asked in a lively voice, “Do you wanna go for a walk?”, his wagging tail,  jumping up with excitement and heading towards the door, leads me to believe he knows what the word ‘WALK’ means. Comprehension is one thing, but actually having the ability to mimic and produce words is another!

In the video you are about to watch below, two friendly neighborhood dogs are hanging out, when a man passes by and greets them with “Hello!”  A Boston Terrier and his buddy look up, and as his buddy seems to smile, the terrier’s barked response makes you think you’re hearing things…

As the interchange continues you will be laughing out loud, along with the incredulous people around them.

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Mom Asks Her Baby To Say ‘Mama’ In Exchange For Some Food But The Dog Steps In First and Does THIS

Dogs are incredibly observant and learn quickly from the world around them. All day long they watch their surroundings and the people in their lives and interpret all the new things that they hear, see, taste, feel, and smell. Some dogs are so adept at picking up on signals and have such strong senses that they make ideal working dogs.

The smartest and brightest are molded into bomb, cadaver, or drug sniffers, guide dogs, K-9 officers, guard dogs, and other types of roles that serve highly specific purposes. Nonetheless, lots of dogs who aren’t trained or specialized can still be just as clever.

One such dog is the adorable and feisty canine in this short video clip uploaded to YouTube on the AFVApproved channel. It starts off with a mother trying to coax her toddler into saying “mama.” She has a plate of food nearby and holds some of it up on a fork as though she is offering it to the dog and infant who stand in front of her.

The mother’s attempt at encouraging her child to speak has definitely caught the dog’s attention as he whines and begs aloud for a tasty bite. Her baby stands beside the furry dog looking up at the camera, then back and forth at the dog, switching his attention between the lens and the pooch throughout the clip.

Her bribe does not end up working on the toddler but the eager dog is another story. After what sounds like a few attempts to say “mama” the dog actually ends up speaking the word successfully!

He caught on to what the mother wanted to hear and worked at saying it until he blurted it out! This family pet succeeded where the young child failed and definitely earned a bite of human food. He must have really wanted it and either way, how could you resist that face?

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This Guy Claims His Dog Can Talk. When She Begins To Sing The Entire Audience Loses It

Meet Marc Metral and his talking dog Wendy.  These two hail all the way from Paris France.  When they first come out on stage, everyone seems pretty skeptical about this dog actually being able to speak. Marc insists this dog has a special talent and really can actually speak. The judges and the crowd obviously think he is full of it, but they are soon quite surprised!

Then the act begins, and somehow it seems as if this pup can actually speak!  Then the dog breaks into song and the entire place explodes.  All four judges are left with their mouths wide open, and they just can’t believe how impressive this act is.  Even the world’s toughest job revealed later on that he had to call his girlfriend and explain how amazing this dog is!

Marc the ventriloquist is world renowned for his skills and was even asked by Princess Diana to perform at Buckingham Palace back in 1988. Not only can Wendy talk and sing, she can also speak 7 languages.  This pup is quite impressive.  Enjoy!

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She Says I Love You To Her Bulldog Puppy. Now Listen To His Response.

OK, so we know all dog lovers make claims about the incredible antics and talents of their fur babies…some true, some slightly exaggerated! What you are about to view in the video below, is a baby French bulldog in the loving hands of it’s owner…and if she told you the story of this interaction, without your actually seeing it, you would never believe it!!

This adorable pup is being hugged and cradled in his owner’s arms, when she looks into his eyes and says “I love you”, in a really sweet voice. His usual response to that tone of voice is to lick her face or nuzzle into her. How he responds on this occasion left the owner, initially speechless, and then squealing with amazement and delight.

Watch the video, which is being taped by her husband, to see this precious pooch’s response to his owner’s declaration of love. If he had done it one time you might be able to dismiss this as an aberration…but he repeats it several times to their absolute astonishment. Let us know what you think.

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