This Guy Says Hello To These 2 Pups. Now Watch The Small Ones Unexpected Response!

We are SOOOO attached to our dogs, that we often project human-like characteristics to them.  Dogs are certainly loving and are definitely capable of being trained to understand commands, however the question often remains as to whether they actually understand our words, or is it our tone of voice?

Personally, when it comes to my little pup being asked in a lively voice, “Do you wanna go for a walk?”, his wagging tail,  jumping up with excitement and heading towards the door, leads me to believe he knows what the word ‘WALK’ means. Comprehension is one thing, but actually having the ability to mimic and produce words is another!

In the video you are about to watch below, two friendly neighborhood dogs are hanging out, when a man passes by and greets them with “Hello!”  A Boston Terrier and his buddy look up, and as his buddy seems to smile, the terrier’s barked response makes you think you’re hearing things…

As the interchange continues you will be laughing out loud, along with the incredulous people around them.

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