Mom Asks Her Baby To Say ‘Mama’ In Exchange For Some Food But The Dog Steps In First and Does THIS

Dogs are incredibly observant and learn quickly from the world around them. All day long they watch their surroundings and the people in their lives and interpret all the new things that they hear, see, taste, feel, and smell. Some dogs are so adept at picking up on signals and have such strong senses that they make ideal working dogs.

The smartest and brightest are molded into bomb, cadaver, or drug sniffers, guide dogs, K-9 officers, guard dogs, and other types of roles that serve highly specific purposes. Nonetheless, lots of dogs who aren’t trained or specialized can still be just as clever.

One such dog is the adorable and feisty canine in this short video clip uploaded to YouTube on the AFVApproved channel. It starts off with a mother trying to coax her toddler into saying “mama.” She has a plate of food nearby and holds some of it up on a fork as though she is offering it to the dog and infant who stand in front of her.

The mother’s attempt at encouraging her child to speak has definitely caught the dog’s attention as he whines and begs aloud for a tasty bite. Her baby stands beside the furry dog looking up at the camera, then back and forth at the dog, switching his attention between the lens and the pooch throughout the clip.

Her bribe does not end up working on the toddler but the eager dog is another story. After what sounds like a few attempts to say “mama” the dog actually ends up speaking the word successfully!

He caught on to what the mother wanted to hear and worked at saying it until he blurted it out! This family pet succeeded where the young child failed and definitely earned a bite of human food. He must have really wanted it and either way, how could you resist that face?

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