Baby Plays In Her First Snow! But Keep Your Eye On The Right Side Of The Screen For THIS Unexpected Surprise!

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Those of us who have had kids, know about all the “FIRSTS” that we try to capture on video.  There is baby’s first solid food, first step, first word etc.  For those of us who experience true winters, there is baby’s first snow! Luckily my parents caught my first snow on video and it’s so nostalgic to look back on it today!

The video you are about to watch below was taken by a mother, who wanted to capture her adorable toddler’s first experience in the snow.  The little girl is bundled up in an adorable pink snow suit, and seems to be very interested in a big tire that is just sitting there.

Her mom starts to comment on her interest in the position of the tire, but what she ends up unexpectedly capturing in this footage is hilarious! In a million nears I’d never think to see this.. Watch the video below and enjoy!

Let us know what you think of this baby’s first snow experience!

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