Nobody Believed Him When He Described THIS Dog’s Nightly Ritual. So He Got a Video and Caught THIS

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Cuddling up with a soft, furry, loving animal is one of the best things a person can do to make themselves happy. Dogs, cats, and other pets make us feel good, calm, relaxed, and even healthier. There is something about our pets that just magically makes life better and causes all of our worries and problems to melt away.

It’s a fact that any animal lover knows to be true and science and research on the topic back up that sentiment. Psychologists and animal researchers have found evidence that pet owners who share meaningful relationships with their animal companions are mush better off in terms of health and mental stability than those who lack such relationships.

The positive energy and feel-good vibes go both ways as well, because pets often purr and rumble in response to the snuggles they receive. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved! Of course, not all animals and pets are so outwardly affectionate, but the ones who are usually cannot get enough one-on-one time with their human counterparts.

The adorable Bulldog puppy in this video is a good case in point. The big, wrinkly, tan and white furry ball of joy just wants more kisses from her daddy. When he stops showering her with love attention, she makes her feelings clear by gently pawing at his face, asking for more.

Each time he stops she puts a paw up and gets more kisses. The strange, yet oddly comforting, rumbling noises coming from her mouth and chest seem more pig-like than canine, but a cute, sweet pig and not some mean nasty one. The Bulldog’s lazy grumbling sounds make her dad smile and laugh in delight.

If he was in a bad mood prior to their cuddle session he definitely no longer is! The two are so happy and content in each others company and the love between them is beautiful to see.

Do yourself a world of good when you get home to your fur baby(s) tonight and cuddle up and snuggle with them. It’ll help you relax and unwind, and they’ll be grateful for the affection. If you want to smile and be instantly in a better frame of mind, don’t forget to check out this sweet Bulldog’s weirdly comforting noises.

Spread the love and enjoy! 🙂

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