Video: She Can’t Find Her Pair Of Glasses. Then She Realizes Her Dog Did THIS

Oh, internet, what a preponderance of silliness you have brought to our daily lives. Before you came along, we were left to our own meager devices, scrounging scraps of humor from wherever we could find them. We told each other terrible jokes and searched the newspaper in desperation, holding on to the last tendril of a vain hope that maybe, just maybe, one of the comics will be kind of funny today. It was a rare event when we were not left in disappointment after scanning the scant offerings.

But then, suddenly precipitating out of the misty webs of technological interconnection, came the magnificent beast that would one day be dubbed simply, “The Interwebz”. And here, oh reader, we stand, floating in a pool overflowing with hilarious things and entertaining stuff.

It wasn’t always like this, you might recall. Even in the early days of the glorious world wide web, the process of actually finding something worth perceiving was daunting enough to discourage almost everyone, except those who were quite literally dying of boredom.

Presently, we find ourselves offered content on a silver platter, curated by the people themselves as we work together to glean content, searching every hidden corner of the vast web of interconnection that now forms our group mind.

The daunting weight of the search for entertainment is now being carried by 3.17 billion people, making the effort required to entertain oneself nearly nonexistent. If there continues to be an exponential increase in both the number of interconnections and the rate of technological advancement, our present relationship with the internet may be a mere infant.

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